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Pre trip planning: Buy a headlamp. Let others do your research.

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As I frantically started researching ancient magical history and sites, I came across a writer who as it happens has written a book on “Goddess sites: 101 destinations”.  I don’t have time to buy her book, so I researched her.. . and found an interview in which she said, “ALWAYS plan your itinerary SIX MONTHS AHEAD”   Whoaaaa… guess I’ll skip this step.  

I want you to know it’s okay to research two weeks ahead, because someone else will already have done your work.  LIke this same lovely author, who has scheduled a group travel tour in Turkey to Goddess sites and kindly put the whole itinerary and info on her website.  Now, there you go,  she did the research for me and I didn’t have to plan six months ahead after all!

I bought a headlamp.  I was delighted when I put the batteries in to discover it functioned well. The last one I bought disintegrated the first day of a boat access only camping trip. It’s a good thing I like the challenge of ‘being’ in the complete dark.  Our bodies seem to respond well to tree roots in pathways, inclines, and rocky paths when it needs to.  It’s almost like a sixth sense kicks in.  However, I think being in Caves in Turkey, there is some wisdom to having an efficient headlamp.  My new headlamp already proved it’s worth… I had to climb in my attic, in search of a linen hankie for the wedding.  I saw the attic like I never have before!  Who knew it went on and on like that!  And how convenient for reading the labels on each box.  I did not find the linen hanky I was looking for.

USUALLY, on previous trips, I book a return flight, and the first night’s hotel.  My upcoming trip has more things preplanned than any I’ve been on.  Somewhat of a necessity, since we are having a wedding in the middle.  That makes it rather important that we have some sort of itinerary… especially when there are 6 adults and one baby, all travelling for extended periods, in different countries, and arranging to be together for the wedding.  So of the 44 nights I’m away, I have 8 nights prebooked in hostels or hotels.   And as of today, I think I’ve booked all my flights. 

I really have to get to bed… I don’t know what I’m thinking… Maybe subconsciously switching myself into another time zone?


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