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Pammukale at sunrise

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Jumping for Joy, Pammukale Turkey

Jumping for Joy, Pammukale Turkey

Imagine being dropped off at a little tiny town at 6 am, after an overnight bus.. uncertain how to get where you are planning to go, and not knowing yet how to leave this town later in the day…..  and then you discover that Pammukale (the pools of water that cascade down calcified walls of white  (like a cave only outdoors)  and the Hieropolis ruins above these incredible pools of mineral water are open…. so you hike up with your daughter and two other similarly confused travellers…to find that you have the entire site to yourself for hours before the tours come, and you watch the sunrise.  and you run and jump and play through ancient ruins.    ah, life is good.

And the rest works itself out.  It took my daughter’s bit of turkish and a bit of crankiness to arrange for us to get a bus tonight to secuk… but she pulled it off.  It is the day of celebrating the end of Ramadan, and for that we could be easy going, but the bus owners  had assured us that we could get the bus later today.   Anyway, we have a bus and no hard feelings.  In the meantime, we have had lunch dinner in a ‘taverna’ a bit like Costa Rica, Courtney… (what am I saying? She doesn’t know about the blog yet, and she will be on her way with Cody and Evalee today to Amsterdam, anyway!  At least I am assuming so.. communication by email is tough…  I know Evalee had a bit of a cold or teething, but i suspect she can fly)    

Magical Pools of Pummakale Turkey

Magical Pools of Pummakale Turkey

Megan is on the other computer booking our flights for when we return to Istanbul.  She is such a good travel buddy to have.. so easy for me.  But of course, did I know we’d land in the middle of a dark town, backpacks in tow, and nowhere to go?   I smile at this, because sometimes that’s simply the best kind of travel.   THANK GOM  the dress is safely in Istanbul, because our backpacks are often left in shady places.

Temple of Apollo.. oracle site and necromantium… interesting…  Intriguing the unknown of our history, and how uncertain all agree (nowadays) of how little we know.

off i go…  check on the backpack and such.   I’m so in love with travelling!  And Turkey and the turkish people are extraordinary!


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  1. I hope I’m not getting too heavy sitting on your shoulder – I know you’ve got a lot packed in that pack of yours!

    So glad you are shining so brightly!



  2. you fit just perfect


  3. Great blog, i went there a few years ago and it was great!



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