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and this is just one day in Turkey…

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The keyboard is not in great shape where I am at, but the same hotel has asked to contribute to ‘trip advisor’ because today Megan arranged for the cook to teach her a very difficult dish.. it was delicious.  But that is just a part of one day in Turkey…

We are in Selcuk.. a beautiful small city close to the Agean (yay,I dipped my feet in the agean yesterday!)  This morning we took a dolmus (bus) to a small village that was quite extraordinary… it is one that was greek inhabited and still has the flavour of greece.  Picture red tile roofs, and streets of slate and pebble.. fruit stands, fig stands, belly dancing cloth stands (bought a little one for Evalee.. oh, how she will love the sound of the scarf as she dances!)  …  weather is perfect, sunny, warm, but not too warm.  We wandered the streets then had tea in a grapevine covered corner where I proceeded to sketch.  hmmm, maybe I will actually be able to sketch by the time I get back to Canada.

Sketching Medusa, Ephesus, Turkey

Sketching Medusa, Ephesus, Turkey

Upon our return to Selcuk, I went to the MUZE of Ephesis…  (love it!)  I have many thoughts, and stories being told in my head related to these ancient times.  oh, how I entertain myself!  The artworks are extraordinary, as was the trip through Epheses yesterday.  (dedicated entirely to Artemis)   Oh, and I sketched Medusa there!

When I got back to ‘Jimmy’s place hotel”  (ya, really that’s the name)  Megan casually announces she will be cooking our dinner with t he chef.  a Special recipe never made for restaurants, because it takes too long.   ONce it was prepared, it had to sit before final cooking… so we went to the Hammam.. Turkish Bath.  Well, wasn’t that a surprise.  It was old, the people somewhat grumpy, but we were soaped, scrubbed, steamed… and finally  massaged.  (I was, Megan passed only because she is very frugal)    Massaged by a big hairy Turkish man.  Not too sure what to think about this, quite yet…  but i feel clean and relaxed! 

Back at hotel, Megan cooked the meal with the cook, and we sat down with him and his wife and had a wonderful dinner… even when they don’t speak English.    It makes one think of all the barriers we have to what is possible.  Yet, you can be in a foreign country and learn to cook a most complicated meal… without English! 

And to end the day… a walk through this colourful town, tea, and pistachios…    

All this, and it’s only one day on this adventure!

And now I must sign off… early plane back to Istanbul.  So much more to say.. but alas, I must sleep. 

ps. the surrogate ‘wedding dress’ is gathering magic!


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  1. Great to see you’re enjoying your trip so much 🙂



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