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The Matron of Honour’s shoes are purchased, and toilets.

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Megan has shoes… we were a little worried that the best she might fine had a bit of an alien look to them, but she soon found some pretty ones that she might not even want to throw away later!  (She’s not ‘silver dress shoe’ inclined)  A person could plan to come to the Islands for a wedding, and arrive completely unattired (but who wouldn’t want to drag a wedding dress through Turkey and Greece??)  …  and then purchase the ‘goods’ here… but really, who wants to shop the whole time on the Greek Islands?  

I love the magical tidbits I have gathered for the dress…  Since Courtney, I”m certain, will not discover my blog, I’ll mention this:   each magical piece will be stitched inside the dress skirt, and I will write the story and wishes that goes with each one.   I haven’t found anything here in  Greece… but each piece  (which I’m not giving details on yet, just in case)  is more than a ‘travel treasure”… so we will see if something shows itself.

Not toilets or shoes, but this is the Bride and Maid of Honour!

Not toilets or shoes, but this is the Bride and Maid of Honour!

Toilets:   I’m glad that my daughter will be doing a presentation in Kamloops  on toilets of the world.  Although it’s a common practise humanity wide… the method is not.   I don’t really love that we can not flush paper in Turkey or Greece.  So toilet paper has to go in garbage cans.  Good thing girls don’t poo.   (Readers, that’s a family inside joke. )

Farsi toilets (squatters) really are brilliant.  (A hole in the floor with porcelain foot placement steps on either side)  They are all over Turkey, but I’ve yet to see one in Greece.  A lot of toilets don’t have lids in Greece.. Cody thought maybe we are supposed to stand on the edge!   ha!  I think he was trying to convince me so that I would do something terribly foolish.

Nice blog, wedding shoes and toilets all in one.   hmmmm…..

Amazing the difference between Greek and Turkish people.  The Turkish are wonderful, friendly, exhuberant about getting you into their stores and hotels.  { I taught one turkish fellow not to say to women walking by: “You are shiny, come come to my place”  I suggested he say, “We have good coffee, american and turkish, you are welcome to come in”}     The Greeks are on their cell phones and don’t seem so thrilled if you come into their stores or hotels.  It’s a funny place, Greece.. I’ve written much more about it in my journal.    A turkish woman said the turkish men even annoy her with their exhuberance, but I told her that in Canada, one is lucky if a store clerk speaks to you when you go in, although generally they don’t look annoyed that you came in (like some Greeks do.. Not all) ….  so perhaps a midway point would be nicer.

Okay, I’m off to hike up the mountain to our room.   And I think we will research the adventurous things we can do… we all want to go kite boarding, but perhaps after the wedding.   Efharesto for reading this!


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