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OH, what an extraordinary wedding!!

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The minute Courtney walked down the staircase hanging over the Caldera of Santorini,  we all knew  this adventure was worth every second of planning.. and more.  The minute I go to an  internet place where the  keyboard works, and where I can add pictures I will add some.

The wedding was fabulous!  absolutely amazing… this plan of theirs was perfect..  maybe even especially so.. with Evalee crying in the lead! (pretty cute, and she soon walked her way down with Megan!)  They all looked so beautiful.  and  Cody handsome.   (i unfortunately looked like the haggard mother of the bride…  Evalee spilled her bottle on my dress on the way to the wedding.. i never did get my hair done nice…  fortunately i didn’t know how bad my dress was until i looked in a mirror much later.  photoshop, i guess  (smile)
it was such  an extraordinary day… a highlight was the champagne toast Cody made ,  about when opposites attrace…  we all were crying at his toast,   The dinner  was fabulous – more amazing than any restaurant I’ve ever been to, then we hung out on a roof top, under the ‘day after full moon’ moon, overlooking the caldera and sea where Atlantis may once have been…  and we laughed til after midnight.
Court and Cody are so happy.  Evalee was a hoot!

The Bride is healthy again and ate her wedding feast.  The Baby with   spots that are apparently mosquito bites, is not feeling quite so well.    More soon.    But for the moment, all I can say is this wedding on all levels was a most extraordinary event!

The Bridesmaid got home at 7 am.

And soon the rest of the family will be on their  way to other locations, I’m not sure where I”m going.. but I will then tell the story of the  WEdding Dress Trinkets!

Post trip addendum:   Really there’s so much more to say about a wedding held on the caldera of Santorini.. where some believe Atlantis once existed..and the energy definately has an ancient magical feel.  And more can be said about the Traditional Greek Musicians leading the couple to their dinner reception, and the first dance with Evalee being such a joy wrapped in her Mommy’s skirt, and the sunset, a cake that melted in our mouths, and the dinner of our choice.. pigeon, rabbit, beef,  shrimp cocktails, etc etc in the world famous Selene Restaurant…..

Ya, so much more to say.  Like the baby’s bottle spilled all over my dress on the way to the wedding!  And the speech that Cody made that is likely the best speech I’ve ever heard!   And the wedding games… oh, that was good.     hmm..   yes, much more to say!

Photos and Wedding Dress Trinkets are a few posts later.


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