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It also becomes okay to cruise the seaside on a motorcycle with a greek man… and a ride home with the police.

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Wild and Free Motorcycle Ride

Wild and Free Motorcycle Ride

hmmm… first writing of this post disappeared. Maybe I’m not supposed to tell everyone about the handsome young greek man with long hair? WHATEVER! Of course you want to know!

It may be a bit odd to relate this to the toilet paper post, but it’s the same ‘spirit” that had me saying Yes to an invitation to cruise the coast with a stranger. Not exactly a complete stranger.. I’d met him the night before. And well, you know, he had dreamed about me and all…. Okay, I’m laughing! The whole previous evening and day could be a perfect movie scenario.. but I won’t go into all that detail.

I couldn’t help but say Yes… Remember I had mentioned wanting to go kiteboarding? Imagine my disappointment when I learned there is no kiteboarding available. I think the universe offered me a motorcycle ride, helmetless, instead. That’s fair… it’s something I’m a little nervous about and required me to be brave to do it. Manolis drove like I would.. safe but fast. I felt so free and relaxed cruising the roads long the seaside hearing the waves pound into the shore even above, the roar of the motor and the songs Manolis sung. oh my gom, this really does sound like a movie.

In the manner of “I create my day” I had decided I would meet someone magical that day. With magical meaning ” exploring the visible and the invisible” .. and so the conversations were quite extraordinary really. Of course I had to say Yes to the invitation, and the octopus and squid and beer lunch, (who is this madwoman? Okay, the beer isn’t that odd… I’ve always enjoyed beer in tropical/mediterranean countries… I passed on the moonshine raki though) and of course, I had to say yes to the playtime at the edge of the crashing waves. My playtime. Manolis is greek. He wears a coat because he thinks it’s cold out now. He thinks I was crazy playing in the waves.

Manolis went to work later in the day, hoping I’d stop to see him later. But instead I got trapped in Starbucks. This is when it is good to see a Starbucks in a foreign country: when you are being followed by a man, who will not leave no matter what turn you take. So I went to Starbucks, where I knew someone would speak English. I had a lovely caramel macchiato while we waited for the man who was ‘waiting for me” to leave. But he didn’t go, despite the waiters trying to make him feel uncomfortable, by letting him know they were watching him. Finally they called the police. It was a total of 2 hours I think waiting for the man to leave or the police to come. Just before the police arrived, the creepy man left… but the police drove me home in a round about way, just in case he was watching for where I lived.

Ya, quite a day. Jeanette, I thought of you.. being one whom I’ve enouraged to feel safe to travel on their own. I thought, “hmm, now what do I tell people?”” My ‘make myself invisible” trick failed miserably… in fact, the creepy man appeared to be able to see me through a shelf full of starbuck mugs

Now I have asked locals (woman) and police if this is a common concern in the area, and they have assured me that it is generally quite safe.  Usual precautions for women…  keep a starbuck’s nearby and such.  (hee hee)

next post.. wedding dress treasures.


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