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Mother/daughter/sisterhood of the Travelling Wedding Dress, with Papa’s pant leg as surrogate where necessary

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Promises to update the wedding dress treasures after the wedding bring me to this place right now… however, I know I can not do justice in a blog to the story and meaning of the treasures.  The story was written on the Eve of Courtney’s Wedding, as I prepared the trinkets to pin into the inside of her wedding dress skirt….  What I write here can never compare to what was written with so much love from a Mom to her beautiful daughter.  And that story of course is with the newlywed.

To digress… an update:  Emails today have connected all of us again… Courtney, Cody and Evalee are in Athens, and have found a beautiful area of the City.  They leave for Barcelona at 3 am.  That should be fun with the baby, huh?  OH, Evalee has a new milestone for her baby book.. besides now officially sleeping through the night,  she has mastered the art of tantrums!    The funniest part is that it makes her mommy laugh when her baby throws herself backwards and goes completely limp making it very hard to pick her up or do anything with her.  We have some fine pictures!       Digressing, ….  or so much to say?   Megan will currently be on her way home to Canada!   Her birthday is tomorrow.  October 24.  Feel free to send her wishes!  I don’t know where Susan and Lee are!  Maybe I’ll be running into them here?

The treasures… ya, there’s no way I can present here the magic, but I know that those of you who understand will get the ‘fullness’ of these trinkets just by reading what is included here.

It is a long story…   perhaps I will share the whole thing with Courtney’s permission when I am back.

It started in Kamloops by accident.  Cody had given me the wedding shoes to pack, mom’s and babe’s, and I happened to go to the cemetary just to say Hello to Papa.    So I bought a nice coffee and put the coffee and the shoes on Dad’s headstone.. sat back and let our family on the otherside do whatever it is they do to bless wedding shoes.

From a lovely New Zealand couple whom we met in Goreme… a tiny turkish evil eye, heart shaped, that they had purchased .. then gave as a gift for the dress when they heard the story.  The evil eye protects from bad spirits.

From Cappodocia, bracelets made by a beautiful turkish woman.. one for each of us.. Evalee, Megan, Courtney and me.

From Pamukale,  a ‘soapy’ stone from the sacred and healing and mysterious traverns.   (This could have created a $1000 fine if caught, apparently… but since I asked the spirits nicely if I could take it, I am sure they made sure I didn’t get caught and that I didn’t even know about the fine potential at the time!)

From Istanbul.. a tiny persian rug…  much meaning in this.  (For those who don’t know, I have persian rugs from my travels in the 70’s that are treasures to me)

I left the stones alone on the Acropolis, Athens.

From the ancient and mystical site of Delos… where Courtney wanted so badly to see a theatre…  a stone from the theatre where Plato, Socrates spoke, – both masters of rhetoric  like Courtney…  perhaps Artemis and Hecates once spoke there.

If anyone asks, these are just stones from a beach.  on, umm.. Pender Island.   Okay?

The final stone is a piece of lava rock, from the beach where I sat many many years ago …  a symbol of Santorini and sunken Atlantis, and times where people had their power and were joyful.   hmm, did I write that in Courtney’s letter, I wonder.  I hope so.

And of course, a piece of Papa’s favourite blue jeans.. tied in a ribbon and pinned to the dress.  The pant leg was dipped in the Turkish Agean,  the travern pools of Pamukale,  the Greek aegean … and toured every ruin and every step of this magical adventure – acting as surrogate for the dress that ought not to be dipped in a pool of water no matter how magical.    The pant leg also represents all the family.. here and on the other side.   I know you, family,  all understand that.

And so, with treasures stitched in her dress, Courtney read the story just prior to her wedding, and became the wife of Cody Charlton, danced, ate, celebrated donning much magic and love from family, gods, goddesses, the universe, nature.

This was a very good adventure.


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  1. What lucky girl to have her grandpa’s pant leg with all the love, magic and meaning so entwined into that fabric. It’s overwhelming to me. You are so special. The sweetness and genuine love that you bring to life is such a gift and lesson to all of us who are lucky enough to be touched by you.

  2. Thank you wondrous mojo girl! We are gifts to each other, don’t you think?

  3. I agree my kids throw loads of tantrums !!!!!here i found some fashion tips for mothers of grooms who are looking out for wedding dresses on

  4. What an absolutely beautiful story, written fabulously. Thank you for inspiring me.

  5. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  6. Well…..I agree with most of the things you said. Anyway, thanks!


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