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Oh sooo much I didn’t say! The Intentions List worked…

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Hmm.  With my good old Canadian-style Coffee in hand, sitting at my computer with a keyboard that actually works, I perused my blog quickly.  Wow.. there’s so much I didn’t say!!! 

Like, did I even mention how expensive coffee is in Turkey and Greece?  And that when I did find a Starbucks in Hania… the coffee was cheaper than the Instant Nescafe being sold elsewhere!  And that on this round of being overseas,  I did not bond with Greek or Turkish coffee –  Little cups of gritty coffee pudding just wasn’t as appetizing as when I was 21, I guess.  So, this home brewed coffee in hand is appreciated now much more than it was 7 weeks ago.

Prior to leaving on this trip I made a list of intentions.  One of my intentions was to learn more about a question that plays in my mind often: “When did we give our power away?”  At what point in history did we as individuals give our power away to gods, goddesses, world leaders, religious leaders? ”

I am delighted to report that my journal is quite full of thoughts that came to me, (‘the rewritten history’ I have mentioned in this blog), and there’s much more in my head not yet on paper.   I’m fascinated by the story, that not only revealed itself in my thoughts, but surprised me in the sketches I did.  Ya, there’s a lot more to goats than what history says there is.  (Who knew I could even draw a goat, let alone a flying goat!)   I think the whole story is worth sharing one of these days… just as soon as my coach coaches me into making time to finish these books in progress!   I feel a bit of overwhelm at the amount of stories I have that are anxious to be told.  This can be a problem for the overactive right brain dominant creative person!  I’ll call on my ‘muses’ to help me with this!

Another intention on the list was to paint… and I actually have quite a collection of paintings finished,  The Cretan days were all about nature, seaside, ships, craggy rocks, a meal in town, and painting.  A tough life, that.

The Wedding Attire, Art Supplies, and Me.How impressed are you that I packed art supplies, a wedding attire, and what I needed for travel in a backpack and a small suitcase?  You can guess that I brought very few clothes.  That’s why my clothes and I became friends in the shower.  But that’s another blog post further down the list. 

Would I recommend packing all of this to others?  ya. no. In fact, on a day prior to me having to pack all of my goodies for a long day of travelling.. I wrote the recommended list of ‘things to pack’.  It’s pretty short.   And is pretty good.. considering it was being written in the middle of a trip, at a moment when one was thinking… “seriously, what does one really need?”  Of course, I don’t think a lot of people are going to pack a wedding dress and wedding party attire around a couple of countries.  If you are considering it..My advice? Budget for the extraordinary costs of shipping priority.  BUT THEN… you’d miss the opportunity to gather the magical energies, now wouldn’t you? 

On my list of intentions was to be aware of potential retreat opportunities.  Well!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the most exciting ideas for travel retreats!  I look forward to offering these to you in the not too distant future.  Travel that allows you to discover your most creative, gifted soul; that allows you to let go of fears and discover your independance and strength; travel that results in you finding a clarity about yourself and your future that you never thought possible.  And it will come with a really short list of ‘things you need to bring.”

Ya, I’m excited.    

If you want to be notified of the future retreats and are not currently on the newsletter list, please do stop by my website.. and sign up for the newsletter.  Or simply click here  and ask me to put you on the newsletter list.  Newsletters come out on a rather random schedule (or an ‘inspired schedule” one might say) – usually about once a month.

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