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Just got back from the Centre of the Universe. Seriously

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For quite some time I’ve been thinking I ought to go to the Center of the Universe, especially with it being so close by.  I decided to move this ‘ought to’ to a ‘will do’ when I was passing time in Athens airport, and I browsed through a Lonely Planet guide on Canada.  I looked up my town, thinking “What on earth will they say about Kamloops?”  I was thrilled to see in the Text in a Box (meaning ‘this is going to be interesting’) the title The Center of the Universe.   And right there, in Lonely Planet, amongst maybe two hotels, a couple of restaurants and not much else to say about Kamloops, is the Center of the Universe.. how to get there, and what it’s all about.  Given that I suspect the large majority of Kamloopsians don’t know this exists, it was quite a delight and surprise to see it Lonely Planet.     But I had never seen it in person!  Today was the day!

You will find conflicting histories when you google it… mostly around when this location was deemed to be the center of the universe.  But the gist is that a monk came in search of the Center of the Universe .. somewhere between 10 – 25 years ago, (depending on the story)   He found it, brought a group of monks who performed the required tests.. which includes some tests like that things will self ignite.   The location passed the test and was deemed the Center of the Unverse.   At the time, apparently the owners of the property wouldn’t sell to the Buddhists.   The current owners will allow you on the site, for a small fee, which I’m sure just helps them to deal with things like maintaining the area and the occasional vandalism and such.   I really enjoyed meeting Ruth, who owns the resort, and I look forward to going back for tea one day!

I’ll make no judgements on whether this is the Center of the Universe or not.   One must remember that quantum science intrigues me…  and the concept of one spot that is the center of one universe almost seems limiting.  However, there is something rather unusual about the spot…  The energy on the ‘outskirts’ of it feels chaotic… but as you get closer to the location, it really is a lovely energy.. and very beautiful scenically.   It was a delightful place to do a ‘visualization’.. and what I saw made me laugh with joy out loud.  (My family gets to hear the details though, before I throw it out into the wild blue public.)

It is a place I’ll joyfully go back to and I highly recommend this excursion to the Center of the Universe.  If you’re a Kamloopsian, doesn’t this make you curious?  If you had a Lonely PLanet guide for a different country and it had a BOXED TEXT about a place you were at… bet you’d seriously consider going to check out what that was all about.   And here we are, in little Kamloops, with our very own BOXED Text in Lonely Planet.  Cool.  But don’t go if you feel like you’re going to check out the circus, just to say you’ve been. Do go if you feel like you would like to be in a place that Buddhist Monks have deemed the Center of the Universe.

The other thing to note: as we drove up there, the landscape was extraordinary.  Think ‘similar – ish to Cappodocia, Turkey’.  Sort of.  Amazing castle- like hoodoos, in an array of colours.  I hope that travellers to Kamloops do go on this adventure.  It’s definately something to write home about.  Imagine the letter:  “the most amazing magical hoodoos that look like a hundred wizards walking out of the mountain, and some that look like a castle at the top of a waterslide.. and then, Ma and Pa, I came to the Center of the Universe….”   ( At which point Ma and Pa are emailing you to say, “perhaps you should come home now, dear)

Also mentioned in Lonely Planet, not boxed, although it could be, is Squilax Hostel, owned by the delightfully unique owner/operator Blair Action… It’s not quite ‘Kamloops’.. It’s on shuswap Lake, on the water, where one can stay in cabooses, or a converted boathouse, and pet Llamas  It’s a very cool place.  That would add an interesting touch to the letter home… “and I’ve been spending my nights in a caboose.”

I would adore talking to others who have been to the Center of the Universe.. and hear what they thought, sensed, wondered…
Did you hear the choir that some hear?   Been there?  Please share your comments!


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Artist/writer with a tall ship and mystical twist, Certified Professional Life Coach (ICA), Master Creativity Coach (KMCC), Curator/owner of Writerly Kits, workshop leader and creativity group facilitator trainer. Outdoor enthusiast and Tall Ship sailor. Been through breast cancer and found her own tools of play, lightness, creativity, nature, thinking differently and visualization assisted healing through and after treatments. Ever ever so grateful for all the wondrous people she is surrounded by.

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  1. As you have found out Janet, the centre of the universe is a wonderful location situated atop a grassy knoll surrounded by pine trees. Magnificent views that overlook Vidette lake down in the valley and the many miles of surrounding forests. The Buddists who visited there must have been very pleased at finding such a peaceful place.

    When we were there a simple flat stone noted you had arrived at the spot and was used as some form of altar were visitors had left coins, tokens, a mans pipe, and various other pins etc. I suspect many left these items as we did, in turn making a wish in the process.

    A very beautiful place, so quiet in its tranquillity and definitely worth the effort to see first hand.
    We did not hear anything that day other than the wind whistling through the trees and a few screeches from the family of red tailed hawks we saw circling from above, probably wondering who these intruders were to thier most special spiritual home.
    We will never forget the opportunity to be allowed the chance to become one with this space, even for a short period.
    Very cool!


  2. Thank you for sharing, Tom! Yes, the pipe is still there and although I don’t know the story behind it, it certianly gave me a feeling of ‘warmth’ and ‘wondrous.’
    It is a place for wishes, isn’t it? As the sun went down, and the ‘first stars’ showed themselves, I couldn’t help but be tossing wishes out into the universe for the universe!

    No doubt this place becomes more special, because of the lovely energy of the special people who do show up there. I look forward to booking the little cabin one night and just enjoying this magical space.


  3. I too have been to the ‘Centre of the Universe’. It was back in 2002 during the Fall Equinox in September. A wonderful group of women gathered to celebrate the Equinox atop the grassy knoll. It was wonderful starlit night at Midnight. There was no separation of depth between us and the stars. There is something magical about lying down and staring up into the Universe listening to women tell their stories, laughing and sending energy out amongst the stars and galaxies! :0)

    I love the way you describe the Deadman Valley to the likes of Cappodocia. I agree it has a wonderful ‘other worldly’ feel to it! Did you hike up to the Castle Butte on the way to the Centre of the Universe? Someday I will write of my experience there on my own blog.


  4. I didn’t hike up, but I certainly was in awe of it! Will ‘someday’ be soon? I love how you write, and would love to read of your experience there!

    I think another gathering of people is brewing… I’d love to go up there with you!


  5. Well looky where I ended up! Back on your Blog!

    I am busy prepping for a photo shoot this weekend and location scouting up at Deadman Falls and Vidette lake and area !!

    Too funny, and fun to be surprised!




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