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Another day, another McDonald’s law suit. But oh! the Opportunity.

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Quick background… may be accurate may be not.. but that’s not the point of my post. Apparently somebody left their cell phone at McDonalds’, someone else uploaded the nude pics of his wife online, and now the couple are suing McDonalds for millions.  I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the huge number of comments on a blog regarding this story.  It made me wonder why stories like this ‘go big’ .. so I also commented:   Here’s my comments. and when you get to the end, I have an idea!


Stories like this ‘go big’ because it is interesting on a number of levels…
1. Absurdity. Really, how bizarre that a corporation can be sued for huge amount of money for something like this.
2. Awakens our imagination: Tickles the imagination in the same way, I’m sure, as imagining winning the lottery.
3. Values. Good story for each of us to reflect on our own values.
For me this story concerns me because it supports and encourages not taking responsibility for our lives. If they win the case, it justifies ‘blaming’ others for what happens to us in our life.

Who ever uploaded the pictures broke a law and the police should charge them. And perhaps the people who left the phone behind can model taking responsibility for their own lives by NOT blaming an entire corporation. Gee, they could even turn this into teaching opportunities – sharing how they took responsibility for the situation, took the steps to move on, and they could even volunteer their time with community agencies who are working hard to instill values for the ‘at risk’ population.

And if they did all this.. they might end up on Oprah and write a book and get rich in positive exciting ways!
Wow, who knew taking responsibilty could be so fun!


SOOO, dear readers.. any thoughts?  What would be cool ways for this couple, who now have the ears of the world.. to make extreme positive changes in the world?    Would love to hear from you!


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