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Being audacious!

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Janet’s Dream Job Application – an exercise in being audacious!

How this evolved… I was encouraging so many people to apply, and they didn’t .. then I thought, Hey! I fit the bill!  There was fierce competition for the Island Caretaker job.. so I offered to Coach runner ups 2 and 3 so they, too, could get to Hamilton Island. Tossed in a little art donation for ecology, as well. Both are things I’d love to do.  To top it off, I sing Yoho yoho…. hee hee, that seriously could have scared them off! (No, didn’t make the final 50 out of 34 000 applicants)   I did learn in a hurry some technical skills I hadn’t had before, and I did practise being audacious – not my best skill, but one wouldn’t know that by the blatant self promotion here!

Hmm. It’s snowing. And they have something to say about this.

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The day has that blizzardy feel of wind and tiny snow flakes blowing every which way… yes, like a dance of faeries.  Okay, really it is sooo beautiful. 

But honestly, I think my nature clock is saying “Done! Done! I need more sun! Let the trees bud! Let the flowers bloom! Heck, let the weedlings sprout!  Okay, how about a small step… Let us just see a bit of ground cover that has potential to turn green instead of the crispy, icy, lumpy now grey colour snow (with spots of yellow)  that currently exists after months and months and months of snow and more snow, and slight melts, and more snow.”

BUT WAIT, I hear a chattering of thoughts outside!  Why, it’s the snowflakes:

“I am so done with this.”
“No sh_t, how come we’re still working?”
“I’m tired of all the whine babies looking at us like mosquitoes  instead of the joyous looks of the first snowfalls.”
“They’d be whining more if we hadn’t snowed here at all!”
“Wish I had more density, I’d bonk her in the head.”
“ohh, you’re cranky.”
“I can’t wait to get to our chillin’ vacation land. We so deserve a holiday..”

Hmm. Who knew? 

Well, the good news is that apparently Global Warming has reversed itself in our part of the world this year!  And really, the dance of the snowflakes is quite beautiful, even if they are a bit grumpy.

(hey, I wonder if I took the Christmas tree down if the snow would stop.  snicker)

Interview with Jill Badonsky – everything about her is a “YES”! (you can win a copy of the Awe-Manac!)

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the draw has been done,
the book has been won,
Susanne’s having fun,
being a creative one.    oh, how I love my bad poetry!)

But do read on for the interview!

It is a delightful honour to have Jill Badonsky stop here on her Blog Book Tour! 

Okay, seriously, I’m dancing around the house,  singing “yes! yes! yes!” and the faeries are doing the typing.  (They are getting good at this)  alprpioq * al;sj;f aei  (oops, never mind, now they are dancing on the keys)

awemanac2Jill is the author of “The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder” and “The Nine Modern Day Muses and a bodyguard.”   In my passion for learning and understanding the creative mind, Jill and her works have taught me more than any other person, organization or book.

Welcome wildly funny, brilliant, Jill!  
Here’s the interview!

1.      As I continue to learn and grow in the areas of creative play, coaching play, and spirit play, I’ve developed a concept that ‘Left Brain/ Right Brain’ is the same as ‘Ego/Soul’, and is the same as ‘Mind/ Heart’.  We need them all!  Now it took me until recently to ‘put that together’, but I think you’ve known this forever.  Was there a specific time in your life, or experience that triggered your choice to help the rest of us ‘get it’?
I was blessed with a concoction of DNA that includes teacher-genes, rebelliousness, common sense, eternal kid-fulness, and creative intuition. I think you were too, Janet.

Teacher: The first thing I think of when something works in the creative realm is, “I can’t wait to tell others about this.”  I think that means I’m a teacher.

Rebelliousness: When I sought life coaching, I noticed that the life coach blocked me by providing linear, ego oriented questionnaires like rank your values. How can I rank my values when, depending on the moment they change? Sometimes I want to be creative, sometimes I want to be generous and sometimes I want to hide under my comforter. I had to start telling my coach that she needed to prescribe more intuitive prescriptions.

Back to Teacher: I asked myself “How many other people out there are being told what to do in linear fashion when the development of their soul, heart and intuition could liberate them. I set out to reach them in books, teleconferences and billboards.
Intuition: Trusting the intuition is one of the most joy filled experiences of being alive. The answers are all there in our soul, heart and creativity. Trust is the spiritual part of it.

Eternal Kid-fulness: If it’s not fun.. it’s not very fun and that’s not fun so it better be fun.

None of this came without an obsessional, verging on pathological, preoccupation of self-awareness, solitude and intuited guesses that were employed with on the most part, amazing success.

Common Sense: There are so many people out there advising us what to do who are not coming from a place of common sense or not considering the individual. We have to not only question them, but question our own thoughts that come from being in a society that easily hypnotizes us not to follow the instincts that make sense to us. Some of us have to learn to do that for the first time – when you do you will discover there’s another way to exist that is what being alive is all about.

2.      It’s not easy to be a right brain thinker in a left brain world.  I’m in awe that one page of a book per day can gift us with a gentle, yet oh so powerful way, to be our right brain selves in this left brain world.  How did you do this? Are you magical?

I’m so glad it works for you. I just know I’m easily overwhelmed and putting things in bite-sized portions was more appealing to me. I hear from so many women that they are overwhelmed and wanted to make it possible for them to be dazzled, inspired, and creatively fortified little by little daily.

3.      The hundreds of illustrations in the Awe-Manac are delightful.  Can you describe the feeling when you are immersed in your art?  Does it take you away from any ‘troublesome details in life’, or do you ever find that despite stuff going on, the creations appear anyway?

 I think I channel much of what comes through me creatively because I can’t explain where it comes from and sometimes when I’m in the process, I crack up at what spontaneously combusts! It’s the greatest high of my life and I feel like Dolly Parton when she says, “When I’m inspired, I get excited because I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next.”

4.      Can you come play with me this Summer or Fall?  (Either here in Canada or Australia if I win the $100 000 dream job application (smile) )
YES!!!!! I love your work, your amazingnesses, your creation and your wisdom.  Your readers are blessed to have found you.

 Thank you Jill, for sharing your wisdom and insights!  And now, Readers, here’s today’s page of from the Awe-Manac!   Go play!  (Oh, but don’t forget to leave a comment.  We’ll do a draw and one of you will win a copy of the Awe-Manac.. already packaged and ready to send!)



On Feb 24, Win a copy of The Awe-Manac: A daily dose of wonder.

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You’re invited to Win a copy of The Awe-Manac!

Just plain fun for the Creative Soul!


Join me here at my blog on February 24,
when Jill Badonsky,
author of The Awe-Manac stops by on her Book Blog Tour.

 Know that I will have some unique questions for Jill in this interview
AND that one person commenting that day will get a free copy of
 “The Awe-manac – A Daily Dose of Wonder.”
by Jill Badonsky. 
Just plain fun for the creative soul.
Aha-phrodisiacs and all!

Remember: Leave a comment on Feb 24th  to be entered to win the Book!

check out Jill’s blog:


$100 000 dream job

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I did it!! I got the video application in!   WHOO HOO!   

  IGNORE the following!!!    but if you want to read what my self talk said  to make me feel good about the fact that I had created the video, but technical difficulties on the site seemed to have prevented me from submitting.. read on..

I have had the great honour of advancing my technological skills even more.   I may not have had the great honour to post my application for the dream job in Australia, because .. umm… it kind of looks like I had an upload problem.  Not a huge surprise with 40 billion people applying at the same time.  (smile)

But I will focus on the goodness of advancing my technological skills, spending a week of my time in an area of creativity that I don’t often get to spend, and for the fun of being brave enough to do this.. including sharing it with my daughters, who are my most wise advisors and honest critics.

Of course, they may have approved because they are part of the package we offered in response  to Tourism Australia promotion for “island caretaker.”

Seriously, one must stop and truly admire the brilliance of their promotion. It kicks in a whole new level of creativity in promotion!   I know I’m telling my creative self to think without limits.

hmmm.. wondering …

Hey, what could you do that is completely ‘wayyyyyyy out of the norm?”  That is, if you are in a position of wanting to promote yourself and what you do?

The minute I know if my application was accepted, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can view it.. (I say bravely but with some apprehension, cuz gee, talk about putting oneself out there!).. on youtube.  back in a sec with the link.

Random Conversations between the Left Brain and the Right Brain

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Left Brain: “That’s all well and good to dream but the reality is….”
Right Brain: “Reality? Don’t we create our own reality?”
Left Brain: “I know someone who tried that and failed.”
Right Brain: “ If I connect this to that, and adjusted this, and added a bit of colour here, and oh wait, I have another idea..”  and then adds, “hey, don’t we know someone who tried to make a light bulb hundreds of times?”  
Left Brain: “It has to be done by Friday”
Right Brain: “What’s a Friday?”
Left Brain: “It’s a little late to start a new career, don’t you think?”
Right Brain: “oh goody goody goody, something new to connect more of the little synapses.”
Left Brain: “You have to have money to make money.”
Right Brain: “Oh, shut up. How can I create what we need when you are always nagging at me?”
Left Brain: “The books say I should do it this way.”
Right Brain: “Shhh.. I think I’m getting a message from the universe.”
Left Brain: “Who am I to think I can?”
Right Brain: “How are you even attached to me?  I can do anything!”
Left Brain: “I’ve got to get this report done.”
Right Brain: “I’ve GOT TO PLAY!”
Left Brain: “I’m stumped. I’m going to have to think more creatively to get past this issue.”
Right Brain: “Whoooaaaa, did you just ask me for help?”
Left Brain: “Okay, we can do this if we come up with a plan that makes some sort of sense to me.”
Right Brain: “I don’t know what a plan is. I’m busy connecting the seemingly disconnected.”

Imagine the possibilities when both sides of the brain work together!
Do you have a creative idea that you’d like to move forward on?
Ask your left brain (politely) how it can help that idea come to fruition.

(Or Contact me. I can mediate.)
Left Brain:  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”
Right Brain:  “okay, now that’s just dumb.”

Bumper Car Adventures

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From my journal.. a little story inspired by today’s “Journal Juju”  from The Awe-Manac by Jill Badonsky. 

“In my teal blue bumper car armoured with thick gloss black rubber, I crash mercilessly into Lacka Financy in her pompous little goody two shoe car covered in tiny martyrs and tidbits of rust.

Oh! She crumbles, bumper car and all!

The kindly custodian sweeps her away so I can crash playfully, joyously and with all the glorious adrenalin rush of waterskiing, smack into A.Bund Dancing who cheers enthusiastically “You win! You win!”

Buckets of financial freedom, including good old $1000 bills sprinkle down on me. The kindly custodian sweeps them up and places it all in an enormous bucket labelled “Janet’s” so that I may  continue to crash into FREinD Famly, Ide Ahs and Adven Chures.. having so much fun laughing that tears pour down my face, my tummy muscles hurt (nicely) but I don’t pee my pants.”

Hmmm.. is this going to be a book? My friend Heather thinks so.. hmm.  Okay, please consider it copyrighted.  (smile) Oh, and by the way, for the Creatives out there… I believe our creations are copyrighted the moment they are created.  I think there might even be something about ‘the moment the idea is conceived’.   Definately don’t take my word for it.. Check your country / state/province legislation… but generally we creative sorts are protected! Somebody in politics knows how special we are!

Back to bumper cars:  Feel free to write whatever you are inspired to write based on: If you were a bumper car, who or what would you be bumping into? …. and then go buy The Awe-Manac for more inspiritional triggers!

More about Jill?  
Share your Awe-Manac journalling treasures and insights:

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