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Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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Tatiana the Dog, and her human mommy, Dora made a new video with ideas for Mother’s Day.  Besides sharing good ideas, Tatiana invites us to post more ideas.  Thought I would share Tatiana’s link and a couple of wonderful ideas we have had for gifts.

As my Dad got older, I knew there were still a lot of stories to get into writing.  One day I realized how hard it is for someone to put their stories down, and especially for Dad as  he was aging and in much pain. I created an ‘altered’  book where he could tell us stories here and there and we would write them down. 

I found a used old book on Vancouver, and rewrote the title to “The boy from Vancouver.” using a gold paint pen. (One of my favourite creative tools)  I randomly pasted various rectangular shapes of nice lined paper throughout the book  creating space for us to write his stories, with original text and photos as a background.  In addition, I added some old and recent photos of him and family throughout the book, and made a bookmark from one of our old favourite photos of him:  Dad looking very cool as a teen walking down the streets of Vancouver.   

I do wish we’d gotten more stories written down, but I am glad for what we did get.   The process of having Dad tell stories and not feel he had to keep them chronological, took a lot of pressure off.  Sharing a life in writing is such a huge undertaking that I am certain it stops so many people – yet the stories of these people we love are  important to us.  This book made it simpler, and the time spent with him very special.   The memory of my wonderful father telling me the stories of all his cars will stay with me forever, and now it can be passed down too.

Letter writing.  As suggested in Tatiana’s video, I also once wrote a letter to my Dad. It meant so much to him, he framed it!

One of the best gifts ever was a combined project by the family. My Dad’s wife had written a story after my Dad sold the boat.   The delightful story was written from  perspective of the much loved boat.  Leona never told Dad about the story and we often thought we’d do something with it, but alas.. you know how time can be.  Well, just before his birthday – which sadly was his last birthday – she mentioned the story wishing she’d done something with it.  As inspiration can do, we decided it was time.   So, I ‘shut down’ everything else in life for a couple of days – no calls, no outings, no anything – gathered photos and put together a scrapbook of all the good times in the boat.  The story Leona had written was spread throughout, and other family members contributed their memories as well.   It was an extraordinary gift.  My Dad said to me, “I really have been special to people, haven’t I?”   The comment made me cry realizing  that on his birthday, my Dad recognized how valuable and how loved and how much he had been an inspiration to so many people.

Okay, so now I’m crying.   More ideas for mother’s day soon.. my daughter’s have given me so many wonderful gifts. 

Do pop in to see Tatiana the Dog’s video!  This california girl is wonderful, so is her human mommy.  My dog, Casper is in love with Tatiana. hmm.


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  1. Thank you for so those very special gift suggestions. They are wonderful – and you made me cry, too!


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