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Deadman Creek Waterfall, near Kamloops BC… Peace on earth, Center of the Universe

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Life is good. Photo by Sherry Robinson

Life is good. Photo by Sherry Robinson

Peaceful at the top of 200 foot falls. Photo by Sherry Robinson
Peaceful at the top of 200 foot falls. Photo by Sherry Robinson

To sit on top of a 200 foot waterfall, and feel like it is the most peaceful place in the universe is quite an extraordinary adventure.  So much so,  that it seems I don’t have the words for the post. Alas, it’s been well over a month and I still don’t have the words.  It’s  okay, though,  because my co-hort in adventure, Sherry Robinson, wrote a beautiful inspiring post.

When you get there, do peruse her blog “Notice quiet nature.”  It is profoundly peaceful, yet wisely informative on the secrets of ecology, environment, spirit.

Deadman Falls is near Vidette Lake, near Kamloops BC Canada. It is also within walking distance of the  location deemed by  Buddhist Monks to be the Center of the Universe.

Pretty sure I wrote a post about THAT spot a little while ago…

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  1. Reagan Koivisto

    You should go in the winter. I grew up in that valley. If you go just downstream a bit from the falls, 150 feet or so. There are thermal vents that don’t look like much in the summertime, but when it’s cold out, you can get some amazing pictures of long icicles hanging off the trees around them. Just a thought for your next trip.


  2. Great shots! I stood on the very spot and to the Left near the pine tree where there is a nice little safe pool. My daughter who was 10 at the time thought I was crazy, but I felt safe and in awe of this piece of heaven on earth. We stayed at the cabin just near the centre of the universe. We will never forget the feelings of serenity and being enveloped by nature’s beauty at it’s finest. We both long for the day we are able to return. I also have a picture of the falls from the side looking up. The picture sits on my bedside table. When we move back, we will certainly be visiting in winter in a 4×4. I can send you my picture, if you wish?



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