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Revolutionary Road: Being ‘realistic’ is the end of the dream

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I wrote a research paper when I was studying to be a coach, called ” imagination vs. reality”.  I won’t go into depth here, but the simple fact is:   The moment a person says, “I have to be realistic” – they have allowed cultural and personal beliefs to stop them dead in their tracks in the pursuit of their dream, passion, and true purpose.  

Coaching ‘limiting beliefs’ is what I do.   ‘Being realistic’ is so ingrained in our society’s perceived values, that it takes some creative coaching to help the client skip past that limiting belief, peer into the possibilities, and find the ways to reach those possibilities.  It works.. it always works.  It’s a tough one to get past on your own – get a good coach to help you.

The movie, Revolutionary Road, is extraordinary on many levels – Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance is so deserving of an oscar, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t even nominated.  The story is one that every person who yearns to make changes, who is certain they are not living to their potential, or who have a dream that so far seems ‘unrealistic,’   will want to see.  Fair warning.. this is not a happy movie.  It is however, thought provoking with a very powerful message.

And it might just make you reconsider living realistically.

Fire spinning, hula hoop, poi.. okay, I’ve finally got my exercise routine!

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MUCH LATER:  okay, I wrote the title quite a while ago.  Then it went to draft.  s000… to update.

Okay, apparently I am not big on routine.  I blame the hhhhhhhhhhhooooooootttttttt  weather,  smokey air, and stuff.  But really, I’m just not ideal with routine. HOWEVER,   the poi, the hula hoop, the firestick are all waiting for me in the shady spot of the yard.  I give myself credit for that step.  AND sometimes, I use one or two.  GOOD for me.  The bike, well, it’s tucked safely waiting, but lately unused. I’m a baby in the heat. I only like to be near water and in water when it is this hot.  Watersports are great exercise… so getting some of that!

The firestick?  No, not lit.  Nobody in their right mind would light a fire stick in hot dry Kamloops.. especially when ones home is surrounded by a hedge.  So lit stick will wait til Fall.

Point is:  tiny steps are underway to develop some sort of routine. I’d like one to fill in when water or winter sports aren’t available.   Tiny steps.  Take a tiny step in the right direction and cheer yourself on…  it gets you to the next step.  But no step doesn’t.

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