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Farmville Farmer’s passive income, Farmville Labyrinth, Law of Attraction – all in one short post.

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Your farmer can now sit back, drink beer, and do nothing while all the crops are harvested and the pigs truffled.   You, the real person however, become his labourer but at a much much quicker pace.

Farmville beer drinkingNotice the exact spot where your farmer lands when you open farmville.  Then trap him/her!  One friend put a nice hedge squared around farmer, with a lounge chair, a palm tree, and a keg for beer.  

Then go harvest your crops.  The farmer can’t get out, so everything harvests quickly because you are never waiting for farmer to get to the spot.  Saves you time. And farmer now has a passive income – doing nothing but drinking beer and watching his money grow.

This however inspired me to build a labyrinth out of haybales and assorted trees and such.   When anyone arrives at my farm, they only need to click the ground beside  the wishing well and farmer will walk the entire labyrinth.  My purpose is of course to provide a magical event.  Upon arrival you make a wish.  As Farmer walks the labyrinth, you visualize the wish coming true.. imagining the details of the moment it comes true and the farmville labyrinthfeelings when it comes true.  It’s a mini moment of “law of attraction” – visualizing the results you want and putting it out into the universe for it to start its ‘workings.’ 

So, as you can see, I have found value in Farmville.. now justifying the addiction to checking my farm every day.  Farmville now enhances what I do in my personal coaching practise, visualizations for answers and clarity are tools I use regularly.  Once the client is clear on what they really do want, we often employ visualizing in detail the moment that their ‘wishes’ do come true.  Okay, fine. I won’t send them all off to farmville.. but now you ‘get’ how I can justify my being hooked.

So, Farmville continues to be crazy silly game that people are hooked on.  Those smart Farmville Creators keep adding little treasures that get us all excited – like baby elephants.   

If you haven’t read my previous post on Farmville.. you may want to.  Exactly what else is going on in the world, while ’40 million users a month’ are distracted by Farmville?   

At least, perhaps, in our distraction, we can either imagine the moment  of sitting in a lounge chair creating a passive income, or go further to imagine your dreams coming true.   Might as well use the time wisely!

I still must say: If you are not on Farmville, don’t go there. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.

Universal Truths from the Mouths of Babes

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Laying out under the stars with 2 year old Evalee.

Nana: “Aren’t the stars beautiful?”
Evalee:   “Yes. I made them.”
Nana:   “Did you?”
Evalee: ” Yes, I did.”
Nana: “oh, I’m so proud of you!”
Evalee: “Yes. I made that tree, too”
Nana: “You did?”
Evalee:  “Yes, I did. That tree right there.”
Nana: “You did a good job!”
Evalee: “Yes, I did.”

Such a beautiful moment, I wanted to share. Now, we simply to need to help her NOT forget!

101 tips for leaving your current job.

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You could probably google ‘101 tips for leaving your current job” and get all kinds of tips. This is not what this is about. Someone else’s tips might give you some inspiration, but as a life coach, I know you are a creative resourceful being who already has the answers. I just help you find them. This exercise is a stream of consciousness creative exercise. It’s going to allow your right brain – which is full of brilliant ideas, but rarely speaks – to share some of its insights. Really.

Get pen and paper. Computer and new doc works too. Heck, you can even do this in a comment at the end.

Number 1 – 101. OR you can simply number each item as you go, but you must convince yourself that you are obligated to do 101 items.

Now write 101 ways to leave your job. That’s a lot. That’s going to make your logical left brain give up. Your right creative imaginative brain is going to have to take over (as long as you insist to yourself that you will do 101 ideas.)

Give yourself some time… but do not write a few items, go for lunch, come back do a few more, leave again, etc. This just isn’t that type of exercise. When you get to #4 or thereabouts, and you are finding it hard to write more, you can be silly. As soon as it gets hard to come up with the next one, concoct ‘ridiculous’ ideas like ”Fine. I could just walk out right now and not come back.” Or ’silly’ ideas like “I can marry a rich man/woman’ or ‘impossible’ ideas like ‘get a grant for emerging writers and write a book’ or write silly non-idea stuff like “this is just stupid.” or “Janet schmanet” or … well, are you getting the picture? The point is to keep writing. And just watch what emerges. When all is written, you will have some new ideas of how to make changes in your life.

Even better, or if you are still not having an ‘aha’ or two, share the list with a trusted friend – one who supports you and is non-judgemental. Sometimes a friend will ’see’ clearly what you cannot see – right there in your list!

Honour yourself by choosing to take some small step towards your future of not being in a cubicle suffering holiday re-entry syndrome while playacting that you are a good happy efficient employee. Life is good. Live it.

contributed by Janet L. Whitehead. Musings and Mud – The Coaching Studio.

Farmville – how are we so hooked?

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It’s just a little game in Facebook. Pretty much duplicating real lives. Work, get cash, work, get cash, .. oh look, I can buy a mailbox! Oh look, I can grow artichokes!  Work more.  Buy a harvester. It needs gas. Work more. Unlike real life, there isn’t even an option for a passive income.

But alas, I have tried everything to completely unhook myself.  I discovered it only two weeks ago when, in my notifications page,  I found 30 ‘gifts’ from friends for farmville. Little pigs, peach trees, that sort of thing.   So, I accepted.  That was my first mistake.  

I can’t even begin to think what the attraction is.  The graphics are cute.  I was thrilled when I created little sign posts that sent people on treasure hunts.  But the sign posts kept disappearing, making it a pretty rotten treasure hunt.  But I kept working so I could buy wishing wells.  And the tree house! 

I bought a barn and ‘hid’ the animals inside.  That was fun. Some of my friends couldn’t figure that one out.  But when I hit and killed a squirrel in real life (I’m still sad about that), I felt bad for my hidden animals on Farmville and I let them ‘out’.

When I was out camping in real life, I noticed how the fields of real farms were arranged like Farmville farms.  And I’m sure that the fruit trees in the neighbourhood are copies of Farmville trees.

One day, I realized…umm… I was spending wayyy too much time checking my crops. And I kept visiting other farms and leaving messages intended to be funny (I thought they were funny, but it’s a subjective thing) so that I could win AWARDS… red ribbons, blue ribbons! 

So I sold my farm. I sold everything for peanuts, everything I”d worked so hard for.. except the outhouse.  I figured people might like the pit stop. 

Seriously, if you sell everything, there’d be no point starting over, now would there? (Like other game apps on facebook, you cannot actually  delete yourself and your access. Scary)    But people kept sending me gifts.. and if I got 15 unique gifts in the gift box, I’d get an award! AND I could post it and my friends would also get a cash gift!  

But there’s no way I am  going to rebuild the whole farm.. so now I leave the crops in the shape of letters… messages for airplanes that fly over. But there are no airplanes, so I think the messages are for aliens.

My friends buy in… I now have messages from aliens posted on my farm, and I hear I’m going to be gifted an alien transmitter.  (Some people call it a birdhouse, but we know better.)

One friend deleted a duck and is horrified. I suggested she try finding it in her recycle bin.  Not sure she thought that was funny.

I’m okay, really.  The very few crops I planted won’t be ready for harvest for 4 days or so.. so I can go camping.

Is there some sort of conspiracy going on, do you think?  Is there something in the game’s ions/electron/colour that’s addictive? Is there something going on in the real world that ‘they’ don’t want 40,937,105 monthly active users of Farmville to notice?  hmmm…

And then there is FARM TOWN.  What’s up with having TWO very similar applications?  Friends sent gifts and told me it was better.  I started a facebook group called “I will NEVER join Farm Town.”  Nobody joined so I deleted it.  I see that at some point in my facebook history I had actually looked at this application, because I ‘peeked’ and there I was.  It’s okay, though, I haven’t been back. 

But back to Farmville, any psychologists reading this that can explain 40,937,105 monthly active users’ addiction?  This is beyond my field of expertise.

And as for ‘them”… I’m on to you.  I know you are up to something while 40,937,105 monthly active users are distracted.  Don’t feel threatened or anything. I’m not near as ingenious as you.. so I won’t be a danger to your mission. Really.

And I”m okay.  When I click publish on this post, I am NOT going to go check my farm.  The crops aren’t ready, anyway.

Living life creatively

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“Honour the right brain’s random thoughts, aha moments and creative brilliance. Invite the left brain’s logic and planning ability to support that brilliance into fruition.”

                                                             Janet Whitehead.

End of summer holiday blues…

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“‘Life’s too short’ is repeated often enough to be a cliche, but this time it’s true. You don’t have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It’s not just pointless, it’s painful. Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
Seth Godin, from his book, Tribes

Time to playfully concoct a story of your future and take little tiny do-able steps towards it.  Gentle moves forward lead to profound changes.

Creative writing inspired by four random words.

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A voice was coming from the closet, a quiet but intriguing sound.  As I tenuously approached the slightly open door, I could see in the flickering light of a candle, my young daughter stroking a little mutt of a dog. “Do you want something to eat” she crooned and passed him a tidbit from a small plate on the floor. Her old tricycle was right beside her, the pretty handle decorations flashing little sparks of light, reflections of a moment when she had found a great treasure and all was perfect in her world.

by Marilyn Puff

Note from Janet: It’s hard to even remember which of the words were the random words that we concocted for you to write this piece.  Cool.  I love how I can feel that ‘closet moment’ through your words. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Marilyn!

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