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Two year old child invites her Papa (who has passed away) to Pirates of the Caribbean

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Now that’s a headline. And it’s true.  I’ll skip all the prelude details of my recent trip to Disneyland for the moment.. except to say, everyone ought to have the opportunity to experience Disneyland through the eyes of a two year old.  Okay, you know I”m going to tell you more, but I’ll get to the headline story first.

On our last of five days playing in Disneyland, I decided that I must go just once more on Pirates of the Caribbean.  I’d gotten to go a couple of times earlier in the trip.. Once with grandaughter Evalee and her parents.. and once with my daughter –  after we realized we might have pushed the limits of what a two year old can take on scary rides, and so chose to give Evalee a break from the noisy dark spooky rides.

Those last few days however, Evalee and I were on our own.. and I simply couldn’t leave Disneyland without going on Pirates again.

So I said, “Evalee we are going on the Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a little scary, but it will be okay. We have to go because it’s Nana’s favourite ride.”

IMG_4820As I carried her in the line up, she said to me, “open locket”

I don’t often wear the locket but had put it on that day. Inside is a picture of my wonderful Dad who died 3 years ago.  I opened the locket as instructed.

Evalee said, “Papa can come with us on Pirates!”

Do note that Evalee has probably only ever seen the locket open once before, making this even more surprising.  I knew the moment she invited him, that she and Papa had conspired to make sure I knew he was nearby.  Two year olds are still connected to the ‘much more than we can see’.  The world hasn’t taught them yet that “it’s just your imagination” or simply said,  “don’t be silly.” 

I could feel my Dad smiling as Evalee invited him on the ride.  No doubt Papa would join us on what was always his favourite ride too.  Whether I knew it or not, I think he would have joined us…he simply made sure I knew it. And I suspect, Evalee feels safer with him nearby on scary rides.

What happened next also surprised me. Evalee got very excited about going on the ride.  As our boat headed into the pitch black before the first big drop, I calmly explained to Evalee what would happen next .  Well, before we even ‘landed’ at the bottom of the drop, Evalee started to sing, “Yoho Yoho, a pirate’s life for me”   She adored the whole ride and insisted we go back again!

Precious.  And precious that my Dad joined us.


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