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Creative Delivery of a Powerful Message (and my 7 ¢ about ego)

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Video: “If Dr Seuss Met Eckhart Tolle (Oh,The Places Your Ego Will Go!)”
Scott Kalechstein Grace
Video follows my 7¢ worth about ego)

I love this humorous creative video.. many a powerful message here. I’m going to say almost completely love it because I think ego in general has been given a bad wrap and I don’t want to be sharing stuff that might contribute to a world trying to ‘get rid of’ their ego without my 7¢ worth of input.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to get rid of their ego when in fact it’s necessary part of being human and is not going away.  That’s like saying my leg isn’t working right so let’s cut it off instead of healing it.

This is what I see as ideal:  the soul/intuition provides the direction for our living, and the ego wants to be of service to the soul’s wisdom and  implements that wisdom in a way that still keeps us eating and sheltered (at least until we finally figure out how to create our meals by thought)

.. but alas, the ego ended up taking over control when we lost our ability to truly hear our soul.

It had to. Imagine: If we weren’t listening to our soul that may have whispered, “go this way instead”, something had to say Hello! If you don’t start running now, that leopard is going to feed you to her babies!”

I suspect the ego would much rather we’d listened to the intuition, but when it realized we weren’t… well, it just developed like.. say.. a child might without a healtlhy parent.. doing the best it could with what it knew, but fighting and competing with everything along the way.

The ego just needs a new name, a new job description. a little retraining and to be acknowledged for the good work that it is capable of doing.  Ego “in the passsenger seat” IS a cool concept mentioned at the end of the video.

It’s kind of like the term “God” – for some, the image of a judgemental guy choosing our fate of heaven or hell is so ingrained it cannot be changed to an image of a more loving ‘collective consciousness’ or ‘universe’, you know?  So “the universe” or other terms come into play.  Ego needs an alternate name to be more positively noticed for the work it IS capable of doing: keeping us functioning in an environment that still requires us to eat, be sheltered and not play in a leopard’s den.

That’s my 7 ¢.. I thought it was worth more than 2¢.  Now having said all that.. this is a powerful video. And brilliant

If Dr Seuss Met Eckhart Tolle (Oh,The Places Your Ego Will Go!)
Scott Kalechstein Grace



This led me to find Scott’s very funny post about his new ‘fake’ book – a good little reminder to listen to your soul in making a purchase instead of the outrageous promises you’ll hear.

I do love a good discussion about soul and ego.. your thoughts are welcome here!



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  1. I hadn’t quite thought of it that way, but really like what you have to say about how the ego developed and renaming it. I’ve always had a tough one with ego, because it always seems like a fine line between having a good ego (self esteem?) and being egocentric (self-centred). Lately I’ve been thinking about being self actualized (where you wouldn’t care either way). Maybe our vocabulary is just off, like you say. I may have to watch that video again and do some more thinking…


  2. It’s a huge topic.. both ego and soul don’t have a really clear definition, do they? .. or maybe it’s that many people have many definitions (smile) My concern though is this wave of thought that one must not have an ‘ego’.. an unrealistic, even impossible expectation that puts people once again in the position of “Dang, I’ve failed again.” (unless, I suppose, they happen to be clear on what ‘ego’ is for them in a way that they can make it ‘go away’.) It’s interesting that you mention a good ego ( self esteem) because that was a term used more in the past but I think it’s snuck off to the corner in shame as ‘ego’ has evolved into such a ‘bad thing’. One of the guided imageries i’ll be doing is one where you get to meet your soul and ego in whatever way that is for you, and they get to find their way to work well together. It’s pretty darn empowering… and I think your term ‘self-actualizing” is a great one.. it fits with the direction this guided imagery can set up. Thanks for sharing, Coreena. Love your insights as always.



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