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Linda McRae: “Click goes the Shutter, Click goes my Soul”.

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The Muse A-Fairian Interviews: Inspired people showing up to their inspired lives – there are trials, there are tribulations, but they keep showing up and honouring their passions and purpose.   All are a part of the collaborative second annual Muse A-Fair event in December.

Welcome Linda!

Linda McRae

Linda McRae
Views by Linda Photography

Linda discovered photography when she purchased her first digital camera in 2002 for use in her technical writing work at Nortel Networks in Ontario. She never did get to use the camera for that purpose, but instead found herself on a journey of passion in creating fine art images. Since then, she has shown and sold her work in art shows and galleries, and won several awards (including an Award of Excellence in Photography from Muskoka Arts and Crafts Inc. in Bracebridge, Ontario, and an Honourable Mention from the Kamloops Art Council). In Kamloops, Linda continues to show and sell her fine art images. In addition, she also captures “extraordinary moments” at action events.

Have you always been creative?
I struggle always with this question and usually, my first response was always no. But when I really think about it, yes, I believe that I have always been creative, in some form, but always in the sense of replicating something that someone else had created. I don’t remember much about being creative as a child, but as a teen, I tried a lot of different things, such as reproducing vinyl record album covers freehand, embroidery, and making a beaded belt. I never did finish the embroidery and beading projects, but I did keep them, and I still have them. That belt would make a good choker, now!

As a young adult, I knitted and crocheted lots, and tried my hand at designing and knitting sweaters on a knitting machine and designing and hand-knitting or crocheting bedspreads or afghans. I still have a couple of those unfinished projects too.

Nothing seemed to work for me. Anything I did create always fell short of expectation; it was just never good enough and did not excite me enough to keep going. Until one day in 2002, the digital camera I purchased on eBay (for work) arrived at my door and I used it to photograph the flowers in my garden. My life was changed. All other interests fell to the wayside as my passion for photography was ignited and continues to burn almost 10 years later. Has it really only been that long? It feels like a lifetime because I’ve achieved so much in that time.

And recently, through my friendship with Janet and her Creative Muse students, I’ve discovered a creative ability in doodling and painting too, but photography is where my heart is at.

Kamloopa Pow Wow by Linda McRae

Any stories to tell about what stops you from showing up to your creativity?
I work the equivalent of two full-time jobs 1) technical writing which provides my bread and butter income, creating software configuration manuals in the telecommunications industry, and 2) freelance action event photographer, capturing extraordinary moments of dogs and humans in action which I then offer for sale as prints or digital files; the volume I shoot is very high, and my workload is heavy. I find it hard to justify taking time off to “play”. My friends literally have to drag me kicking and screaming away from my desk, so friends…. please drag me away from my desk more often!

Has small steps or lowering expectations helped you to show up?
I believe that small steps and lowering expectations are a really great way to help one show up, but my mindset has always been that if I can’t spend some considerable time on “something” in one sitting, what’s the point in starting?
But on the other hand, the projects I want to work on are usually so big that sheer overwhelm stops me from showing up. I really need to work on that, to break those really big projects into smaller bite-sized pieces and just keep processing those bite-size pieces a bit at a time. Because I know that all of a sudden, the project will be finished! I need to apply that concept to keeping my house clean too. I can’t remember the last time I dragged my vacuum cleaner out of the closet!

Do you get the feeling of being in the zone when you are in 
your creative process? Can you describe that?
I have experienced being “in the zone” while working behind the lens.
I become quite absorbed in what I’m doing to the point that I lose awareness of time, my environment, and the people around me.  And when I capture an image that really works for me, I feel a kind of “click”  deep inside my core. Interesting… click goes the shutter, click goes my soul.

Band Abstract by Linda McRae

What projects are you currently working on?
The photos of my work here demonstrate some creative photography techniques that I’ve been working on. Some people paint with paint and brush. I am learning to paint with light and motion.

I have in mind to create huge (and I mean “HUGE”) pieces of photographic wall art. They are expensive to produce, and I only have the financial means to create one or two, but first, I have to decide “which images.” I have so many that I like, it’s really hard to choose!

Events/shows that you’d like to tell us about?


*  RIH Craft A Fair, November 6, Interior Savings Centre

*  Christmas at the Square, November 18-19, St. Andrews on the Square

AND of course…
Muse-A-Fair, December 2-3, Pavillion Theatre

I’m one of those last minute decision makers… what I’ll be showing at Muse A Fair will not be revealed until you get there, because right now…  even I don’t know!


Note from Janet: Oh, I think you do so know now… and I’m excited about seeing your works!  ~smile~  Thanks so much for being here, Linda, and helping others to see themselves and know they are normal if they have big projects, and that feeling that one must dedicate huge blocks of time.  Thanks for the reminder that breaking it down and small steps can bring results.  There are many tools to help get to your dreams, and Linda’s? She gives herself permission to  keep showing up.. LOOK at the amazing works she produces!!!!!!! I adore following your “Views by Linda Photography”  pages, Linda. Thank you for the visual wonders that inspire me.

Here’s how  to contact Linda and where to follow her inspired works!

View by Linda Photography




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Artist/writer with a tall ship and mystical twist, Certified Professional Life Coach (ICA), Master Creativity Coach (KMCC), Curator/owner of Writerly Kits, workshop leader and creativity group facilitator trainer. Outdoor enthusiast and Tall Ship sailor. Been through breast cancer and found her own tools of play, lightness, creativity, nature, thinking differently and visualization assisted healing through and after treatments. Ever ever so grateful for all the wondrous people she is surrounded by.

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