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Person slammed for believing they are amazing. Oy

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A series of unfortunate answers to a kick butt great, and fun, question on “Yahoo Answers.”  Absolutely love the ‘asker’s’ response to answers.. this person IS freaking amazing!  Being ‘slammed’ doesn’t stop them:


Why am I so damn freaking amazing?

I can’t help but notice how freaking amazing I am. Just yesterday, this guy on the radio sent a personal message to me; he was singing it “Because you’re amazing, just the way you are.” And I was like “Omg, I’m so amazing that even random people on the radio who I’ve never met just know I’m so amazing.” So why am I so amazing? Please tell me.
  • 3 months ago

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Shut the hell up
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Asker’s Comment:
Ahh, ok 🙂 Please join me in my journey to find the most amazing people in the world. I think You’d be amazing at being amazing. I would even ask that guy to sing his amazing song to you.

Other Answers (5)

  • Well the reason you are so freaking amazing is because of your many accomplishments.  Surely they eclipse those of Niel Armstrong or Mother Teresa.  Their accomplishments pale in comparison, probably.  What have you done again?
  •  OMG, since you posted here all of YA is so much more vibrant and alive, even all the trolls left because they can’t stand your amazing prrsance. I don’t know why but please stay here forever.
  • You’re not
  • i have a friend just like you, he’s a bit of a douche as well


Why does the general population still think it’s so  ‘absurd’ to feel frickin’ amazing and (OH MY GOD) ANNOUNCE it?

If the asker had asked “Why am I so damn frickin’ depressed and miserable?” they would likely have gotten a bunch of advice.. probably not good advice, but at least advice with some compassion.  They’d also have probably gotten a lot of “So am I”s.

It appears it’s okay to talk about being miserable and needing help (which I’m not saying is a bad thing, because reaching out is valuable)… but it is NOT okay to celebrate amazingness.  Isn’t there something innately wrong with that in the big picture of us becoming a more conscious self – actualized collective of humankind?

So, my request to all of you whom I believe are damn freakin’ amazing ( I doubt you’d be here otherwise), if you are in the UK or Ireland, I think you can still answer this person’s question.  The site won’t let me be a member.. probably the Canadian thing.

Just go here!

ps. You are damn freakin’ amazing. So am I, gosh darn it.




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