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One Minute Self Discovery in a Mug

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Part 1. Time ~20 seconds: 

Why is your favourite mug your favourite? If you have more than one favourite, what’s the common theme?

Example: My favourites all remind me of special stories in my life. Either ones I’ve made with messages from the faeries or ones gifted to me.. from Disneyland!

Part 2.  Time ~ 40 seconds:

Write a sentence as if you are the mug beginning with “I am…

♫  Hum de dum ♫ I’ll have a sip of tea while you finish..


We had some fun on facebook when I posted this activity.

Kate:  I only drink coffee out of the Bunnykins mugs

The message she discovered from her mug:   “I retain a sense of childlike wonder” 🙂

Michael Topic: My favourites have bears on them.

The message: “Mine says that I am strong, kindly, but prefer to remain unmolested. :D”
(click Michael’s name to see his awesome blog “Creative Ideas for Starving Artists”)

Hope Mikal:  I have two favourite mugs. One is inherited from Jordan’s grandfather, it is a piece of art. It looks like a old man with a beard and a fish is jumping which makes the handle. My second one is a to go mug with a special little tea steeping part attached, it is pretty and green. I get excited to use it! =)

The message:  “I am a good friend.”
(click Hope’s name to reach her Hope-Full Universe Artist’s page)

Una Connor:  I rotate mugs often, break them and try not to get too attached. However, I see a theme:  it’s comfort, and convenience, does it hold enough to completely fill my bladder, does it touch my lips just so? Will I end up with yet another coffee stained shirt and lap? There are so many options, and not one can look like the other or I hide them away in the back pantry until it’s mate or sibling gets broken.

The message: Mine says “I like to reinvent myself and strive for perfect imperfection while trying to maintain some kind of dignity in a world that doesn’t often acceprt different.”   (click Una’s name to see her unique artworks and book)

And my mugs’ messages:  “I am full of messages that are simple yet when really heard, magical. I am the pause when fully sipped brings a chance to believe in more. I am the imagination made practical and drinkable.”

Oh, I like my mugs. They are wise.

If you’d like to share what your mug has to say… please do!!!


About Janet

Author and artist with a tall ship and mystical twist, Certified Professional Life Coach (ICA), Master Creativity Coach (KMCC), Curator/owner of Writerly Kits, workshop leader and creativity group facilitator trainer. Author: 'Beyond All Imaginings'- a magical memoir. (on Amazon, if you are keen, or contact me for a signed copy) Outdoor enthusiast and Tall Ship sailor. Been through breast cancer and found her own tools of play, lightness, creativity, nature, thinking differently and visualization assisted healing through and after treatments. Ever ever so grateful for all the wondrous people she is surrounded by.

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  1. My two favorite mugs were given to me by people I love and that love me. The first one says ” I love my Mom” given to me by my oldest son, several years ago. Its the perfect size and weight and has a pretty and colourful design on it. The second is a starbucks mug (I know but don’t let that put you off) It was given to me by a soul sister and it has a beautiful copper mermaid on it. I have four other special mugs that I only use if I have people over. My youngest son gave them to me to match my old decor. They are lovely to look at but not that great fit in your hand that makes you want to reach for them every day. I will never throw them away though. I think what my coffee mugs say is that I like to have reminders that people love me and I like pretty things.


  2. Yes this is true and its an easy affordable thing for my kids to buy for me but its lovely. All I want from my children is small tokens of their love in the form of notes or pictures. My youngest is finally recording with his band in Montreal and that would be the best thing to send his Momma…The best thing ever because even though he is so far away he is maturing beautifully and he has never been so happy from within because he desperately needs this creative outlet.!! Who know the mug exercise would clarify this for me!! Thanks Janet.


  3. Three mugs…Coffee mug to Wake the day(waking needs lots coffee) , Tea mug to spark imagination, and hot chocolate,or hot milk and vanilla or honey to calm for the night.


  4. Three mugs…Coffee mug to Wake the day(waking needs lots coffee) , Tea mug to spark imagination, and hot chocolate,or hot milk and vanilla or honey to calm for the night.



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