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A good start is ‘beginner’s mind” and “is that true?”

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From my private blog.. the one where I focus on finding ‘funny’ and ‘magic’ in this healing journey.  This post isn’t very funny, though.. but perhaps thought provoking. Written April 14th 2012.

Can’t sleep…  one of those nights of research triggered by people whom I realize really do believe cancer is caused by mammograms. And I suspect, some believe the cancer I was diagnosed with was because I’ve had mammograms every couple of years for 10 or 12 years.

Someone thinking that about me feels creepy. This is a nice occasion to do a major energetic ‘brush off.’  Yes, I physically wave my hands around my body as if I were brushing off dust.

But still.. the conversation sent me into research mode.

My best resource is  Wow.. compassionate women who have been there, or are there, and who, like me, MUST know what’s true, to the best of our abilities, because we are healing from breast cancer.

We are the ones finding the answers most close to truth. We are the ones doing the research on our particular type of cancer.. and I don’t mean breast cancer in general… there are many variables and we are only going to truly learn about the one we have.

If you don’t have breast cancer, or aren’t VERY CLOSE to someone with breast cancer, you honestly know nothing as truth.  You’ve had no reason to go deeper beyond the myths, miscommunications, and yes, the purposeful inaccuracies by corporations wanting to make the massive buck off people who are suffering..  Yet, there it sits.. all that  information in people’s heads, causing fear, making them incorrectly think they are informed.  And they aren’t. Not at all.

{Guess what? A person can eat all the broccoli in the world, be as fit as can be, and even be of the most ‘peace of mind’ kind of person, and oopsy, cancer can drop on them. Do they lower your risk by doing all of these things?  Perhaps for some cancers, perhaps not for others. Who knows.

And I wonder… if their key motivation to eat well, and be fit is to avoid getting cancer, or otherwise dying of an ailment –  that’s living a rather fear motivated life. And I suppose that, as much as anything, can weaken the system’s ability to be strong in the face of whatever – a cold, a disease, a cancer. But that’s all off the topic I’ve intended for this post.}

When you are diagnosed, you realize you really know nothing.  Nothing.  And you go from there, with a beginner’s mind,  to learn what you can about what you have.

We have to quickly learn to dismiss the media reports, the endless cures online, the fear mongering. We can do this more easily because we now know that what applies to one cancer doesn’t necessarily apply to another. We can more easily recognize the ‘resources’ that come with anything from blatant “I have something to sell you!” to the ones with more complex and manipulative hidden agendas to create money out of our fear.

I absolutely love the comment below  from the forum. It relates to the latest media blitz about the hazards of overdiagnosing breast cancer.

“I hate that really complicated issues are presented in basically a cartoon format.  It really makes me wonder about the stuff I know nothing about that I read in the paper, when I see something I do know something about, presented like this.

These woman on the breast cancer site  have done the research on this media blitz.. even reporting that the book by the author quoted in the report,  IS good…  but the media report itself does not tell the whole story. Not only that.. last year same time, the media did the same report.  This wasn’t news. It was.. “what caught people’s attention last year?” when they were shy of new news.

Once again people’s minds are filled with ‘stuff’.. just ‘stuff’ that has no point being there unless you are willing to learn more and get the whole truth. And you’re not. And nor should you be. UNLESS you have breast cancer.

We really ought to be wondering about what we hear in the media about things we otherwise know nothing about.. really.

This reminds me of when I lived in Iran in the 70’s. I’d discover what people in Canada were hearing about Iran, and it was so wrong.  And when I was back living in Canada, the media reported that the town I had lived in in Iran was completely devastated by an earthquake. I was heartbroken for the wonderful people I knew there.

A few years later, an Iranian family came to my garage sale. I asked them about the earthquake.  Turns out that town had never been devastated, people had not died: there had never been an earthquake! They suggested that it may have started as propaganda because the town had been named after the Shah.. who was ousted.  No earthquake at all. It felt great to bring the milkman and breadman and all the lovely people I had gotten to know in the market  ‘back to life’ in my mind.

As a life coach, a question I often ask is, “Is that true?”  and “Do you know absolutely that its true?”  When a person really stops to think about it, they usually end up releasing a lot of limiting beliefs that are stopping them, or at the very  least, that are confusing them or overwhelming them.

Okay.. good…..  I feel better, clearer, stronger in my thinking again.

Okay, so what was funny about that?  Not much I suppose.  Oh! Picture me brushing off dusty thoughts.. that’s kind of funny.  Picture all the Iranian people rising from the dead in my imagination and waving.. that’s kind of funny, too

And it would be fun if those who get to read this, get to notice the information in their heads that may not be true and dismiss the weight of those. And get to let go choices made out of fear, and really focus and play with the choices they make that  feel good and right and passionate and darn it, fun.  Ya, that’s the direction I’d love to see us all heading.

And if, by some twist of whatever, they happen to be diagnosed with cancer or another not so fun illness.. well, at least, they’ll have a good strong base to work from.


About Janet

Artist/writer with a tall ship and mystical twist, Certified Professional Life Coach (ICA), Master Creativity Coach (KMCC), Curator/owner of Writerly Kits, workshop leader and creativity group facilitator trainer. Outdoor enthusiast and Tall Ship sailor. Been through breast cancer and found her own tools of play, lightness, creativity, nature, thinking differently and visualization assisted healing through and after treatments. Ever ever so grateful for all the wondrous people she is surrounded by.

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  1. Well, it kind of ticked me off that someone said that to you because words stick like gum in our hair. In my other life I was married to a family (yes the whole blessed family) that prided themselves on being very healthy and fit and of course I came from a family of overweight, siblings and parents that lived to eat and drink, merrily. They thought exercise could be harmful because you might do yourself an injury. Seriously…for twenty years I bought into this version of how to be. Yes, I was thinner and more acceptable but guess what..his middle brother dropped dead after playing 70 minutes of hard squash at the age of 47 (see you really can do yourself an injury). That very year his younger brother was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at the age of 40.

    I don’t take any pleasure to report this, it was devastating, however, you can do everything right and still experience serious illness. I agree its important to exercise and eat healthy and have fun and meditate and read labels and keep informed etc.etc etc but in the end there are hidden toxins, predispositions, genetics and stored trauma all that affect our health. The last thing anyone needs is to be told it might be something they did….frick!

    How do we know we didn’t design our lives before we came down here (in fact I’m sure we did!) and choose pivotal moments to elevate us and others around us to a higher state of understanding and compassion at the very least. You’ve lived an interesting life so far Janet and still have lots of people to coach and lots of places to go. Feel proud and grateful for all love and support you have conjured. You live a Magical life and that’s all you need to know…..more magic awaits you!


    • Ahhh… I get what you’re saying…. there’s so much more to our lives than we fully know, and I too suspect we did some creative designing prior to arriving.
      I think you share a story that says: do what feels right for you because it feels right, and yes there’s so much that may play a part from genetics to toxins. So, do what feels right for ourselves because it feels good. Too much in our lives is promoted to ‘prevent death’ and too little is promoted to ‘live life.’

      Yes, much more magic awaits.. and I am sooo grateful for the support I have and the support I still get to give others!
      Thanks, Buttons!


  2. velvetbuttons

    I wasn’t intending to be anonymous…its Buttons here with the rant for the day.



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