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Part I: Instead of Full Sail Ahead, Today the Masts and Sails do Nothing

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Today the masts and sails do nothing… the sails will remain furled, the masts merely a space for them to rest. And just in case I forget that, tonight I painted an image of the way my ship is meant to be for the next couple of days.
Why would I do such a thing?  Let me explain.  I have believed in the power of visualization for 20+ years. In this crazy adventure of healing from breast cancer, I’ve held a vision of a Tall Ship. I am the Tall Ship. On the ship is a crew whose job it is to keep the ship in tip top shape. Sometimes they have to use things they normally wouldn’t, as a preventative wash, one that gets into those tiny places just in case there’s ‘sumpin’ a foot’.

It’s a very talented and unusual crew. Very unusual.  Includes many beings from Fae. And all along, the sails have been fully set… full speed ahead.

In the visualization, it’s a very detailed Tall Ship – rigging, ladders, embellishments, railings, decks, and an exquisite captain’s quarter.   It is alive with extraordinary hues of gold and turqoise and rich dark mahogany woods, silky teaks, and many golden sails supported by the three tall Masts.

I happened to paint a ship (below)  a few weeks  ago. It’s titled “Ships Gone Wild.”

I had no idea, really, how fitting that is until now.     Skip on past the image to see why the sails are now not set.

“Ships Gone Wild”
Janet L. Whitehead © 2012

What’s been happening with chemo is that on the day of chemo, I’ve become the entertainment committee and not for reason’s you might think. All day, lights are flashing above my head, doctors and all nurses come running, because I keep having allergic reactions to each part of the chemo. Imagine! All that despite my singing a happy kemo kimo song. All that despite my belief that this chemo is a worthy part of my healing. All that despite steroids and anti-histamines galore prechemo. Sheesh. But then, you see, I do have some strange allergies long before this… which include things like being analphylactic to wasps.

Sooo, I asked my doctor at InspireHealth a question. (Inspire Health is integrative cancer care..where western and eastern philosophies and treatments meet.  I highly highly recommend anyone going through this in B.C, to get in touch with Inspire HealthI asked him to explain in physical terms exactly what my body was doing that was triggering the allergic reactions.  He explained that the Mast Cells within my blood normally play a protective role. However, my mast cells are overeacting and releasing excessive histamines and thus triggering the allergic reaction.

I said to him, “Mast cells as in M. A. S. T.?”  He said, “Yes.”  And I started to laugh.  Have a peek at that ship above again. Ships Gone Wild?  Ya, pretty much describes my mast cells.  And look at the Mast.. look at the extreme it’s gone to support that sail.. bent so far that any minute it could snap!

And so, I have changed the visualizaton for the next few days.  The masts will sit quietly simply supporting the unfurled sails. Quiet. Not doing anything much. Peaceful. Calm. Oblivious to unusual occurrences and allowing the crew members to take care of what needs to be taken care of on this fine ship. Even if a strong wind happens by.  I just painted the ship below to make sure my masts understand. I’m sure the crew are grateful for the help.

“Sails Not Set” Janet L. Whitehead. © 2012

Imagine a ship with Masts and Sails that aren’t going wild.  If you are so inspired, imagine it is me as my magical mystical ship.

The power of visualization is a strong one. Even if just one of you imagines this.. on Tuesday Aug 7th and Wednesday Aug 8th, it will make a difference. That I know for sure.  (I specified the dates, because after a couple of days, this ship is ‘full sail ahead’ again.. with good strong straight Masts supporting the sails in a good way)

Thank you… in a thousand different languages from many countries and many realms.

At the start of this healing time, I said, “I will use creativity.”  This story here today is why I used creativity. The first ship gave me messages… with a little help I got what it was saying.  The second ship ‘cements’ the intention I have for my body. It may reveal more to me, but for now, I know creating, imagining, and visualizing are my best ways to create changes. I don’t always know what that will mean, I just know that if I show up to creating, magic happens.

(Part II.. “The Tall Ship Visualizaton took a Strange Turn” is here)


About Janet

Artist/writer with a tall ship and mystical twist, Certified Professional Life Coach (ICA), Master Creativity Coach (KMCC), Curator/owner of Writerly Kits, workshop leader and creativity group facilitator trainer. Outdoor enthusiast and Tall Ship sailor. Been through breast cancer and found her own tools of play, lightness, creativity, nature, thinking differently and visualization assisted healing through and after treatments. Ever ever so grateful for all the wondrous people she is surrounded by.

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  1. I am on board as a hard working crew member!! I love you, Janet. I will be sailing tomorrow and wednesday with you. Always

  2. My thoughts are always with you I’ll just give them some extra umph over the next couple of days. Make sure these ships stay with you always. I want to see them hanging on your wall.

  3. I’m aboard Janet! Sailing with you from Quesnel…

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