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Sailing Wishes

christmas ship copyright jlwSailing wishes your way on a ship that happened a few years back.

Perhaps painting this one was the extra kick that brought the pieces together that resulted in me training as a tall ship sailor the following year.

The creative process is that kind of amazing place. It’s the place where we let our whole minds start connecting all the dots. It’s not as much about what we create, it’s about giving our minds, hearts and souls the tools to make things happen in a better way than if we were simply using left brain logic and making choices based on external factors.

Like… well, training as a sailor, just out of chemo, doesn’t appear to be a logical move. But when logic and creativity and passion come together – we find ways to make things happen.

And so, the wishes! Yes, I started out sending wishes! And here they are…
Wishing you many precious moments as we head into the holidays; moments that lift your spirits if things are crazy;  that peeks in and says, “all is well – breath;” moments that help you know the fun and love and joy that can be a part of it all. And wishes for kindness to yourself if all doesn’t feel great, because that can happen, too.  So many struggle with Christmas – maybe all of us in some way or another.

Wishes, of course, for you to have creative time – whether it’s making, thinking, or imagining – simply space that opens doors in your mind and heart.   AND Hang on!  One more wish!  May there be magic that sails in unexpectedly, giving you a shiver of awe, letting you know there really is more than what we can see with our eyes in this world – including mystical ships decorated for Christmas and the Spirit of Santa.

Merry Christmas!



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