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Home and everyone is dancing.

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This morning the stereo blared with Indian Music… we all danced.  Megan and Evalee danced continuously,  Cody and Courtney cooked breakfast, and I took videos of the wee dancer… in between dancing myself.   This is what people do when they get home from being away, right?  This is what people do when they have had 2.5 hours sleep in 44 hours – isn’t it? 

Well, apparently we do.   It was lovely.  Lovely to have Cody, my best son-in-law ever, cooking breakfast.  Lovely to listen to Bollywood music and dance and enjoy Evalee’s interactions with Casper the dog and with her toys, now that she is a full 7 weeks older and a world traveller.  Lovely to have Megan home after her 28 months of travel.  Lovely to see that Casper the dog is now relaxed, having apparently been quite a whiny, unsettled dog for the past 7 weeks.  Lovely to look at Courtney and think “Wow, You’re married!  Last time we were here we were still frantically planning a wedding!”

Lovely to see that my daughters ‘getting along’ continues even back home!  I know. I’ve never mentioned that …  but one of the most glorious parts of the trip was that my daughters got along so well.  This has not necessarily been true throughout their lives, so if nothing else had happened on this trip, that alone would have made me a very happy person.

My own bed felt fabulous. It’s great to have my own shampoo and conditioner again.. I no longer have to look like a face with a fuzzball around it.  And I don’t have to debate with my clothes about whether they can share my Sense body wash.  Not only that, I don’t even have to share the shower with them!  I probably don’t even have to have conversations with them at all! 

I am sooo tired.  Grama is coming over for tea, and then I will see how far into the evening I get before ‘just having to go to bed’!   I am also feeling quite ‘disoriented.’   Even putting the toilet paper into the toilet instead of a bin nearby feels weird. 

I’ve always been quite adept at ‘being on vacation’.. as in: after weekends or weeks off work, (when I worked a ‘day job’) I’d have to entirely rethink what my job was on the day of return.  I called it “Re-entry Syndrome”.   Now, being away for seven weeks from home, I have to ‘remember’ the details that need remembering… like paying bills, and laundry, and feeding the dog, and oh.. what’s that thing?  oh Ya, a vacuum!..  that sort of thing.   I like to give credit to my ability to ‘immerse’ in where I am at the moment as my reason for ‘forgetting’ things back at home that will eventually need to be ‘dealt’ with.   It’s so much nicer than telling myself I am an airhead or something not quite so brilliant as a person being capable of immersing in the moment.

The point is, while away, I was very much away from the everyday details of Canadian Life.  And now all the details of running a home, car, dressing for winter, etc seem very foreign to me.  Do I seriously have to wear shoes and not sandals now?  And what do I even own for shoes? 

Granted, a good part of this disorientation could be the lack of sleep recently. Topped with jet lag.

The good fortune, for me and those I work with, is that this time my ‘job’ didn’t get ‘set on the sidelines and forgotten’ while I travelled.  It’s an amazing feeling not needing to rethink my ‘job’ now that I’m back.  Coaching and creating, exploring, dreaming, discovering… it’s just who I am.  It feels so good to recognize this… I’m just ‘being’ who I am, ‘doing’ what I love!  I don’t have to tune out my job to be able to enjoy vacation anymore!  In fact, the trip was enhanced by the fact that I was learning and discovering so many things that relate to how I do what I do.   

Just wait til your next guided visualization, those of you who share this experience with me!

And now, I think I’ll dance a bit more!

Halloween.. a most special time of year, and where shall I be?

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Halloween is even more magical, since it is Cody’s Birthday, and also the anniversary of my dad’s death.  I’m back in Hania, taking a ferry to Athens overnight, while choosing a place to be on Halloween that speaks ‘magic’ to me.    Maybe the Nekromantia of Afyra, or Egypt …..


Happy Birthday, Cody!!!!    where ever you are!  Portugal?

Oh oh. My camera died. How will I go on from here?

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Family who might be reading this are now gasping and saying, “Oh my god, what will she do???”   I’m somewhat hooked on taking pictures.  A lot of pictures.  It’s an obsession/habit/… and it’s gotten so much worse since digital, cuz now I can take a million shots of one scene, knowing that I’ll get at least one nice one… then I keep them all anyway!  (well, not all.  but most..  all, if it’s Evalee in the picture)

My camera has been miserable since I got it.. it’s been sent back, ‘repaired’, and was going to be sent back after the trip anyway.  But now instead of getting photos that happen 4 seconds after the original shot was intended,  I get nothing.  It should have been a good camera, my Optio W30.. waterproof, dustproof, and all… but no, it’s a piece of …….  oops.  that’s not a polite thought.

My cheapest option to buy one in wee Paleohora, Crete is about $150.  hmm.  MAYBE.. WAIT! I’M haiving an AHA MOMENT!  RIGHT NOW! AS I WRITE!  MAYBE I WILL TRY TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A CAMERA ON THE TRIP!  (This is in keeping with the book I’m reading “Yes Man”)  EVERYTIME I want to take a PICTURE I WILL DO SOMETHING ELSE TO REMEMBER THE MOMENT!

That’s crazy.  That could be a lot of ‘moments’ to find alternate ways to remember.  A lot of sketching, painting, writing.  Wait, I could play more with this left brain/right brain studying I’m doing..  Exactly which part of our brain stores memories?  Or better yet, I can soulfully request that I remember.   Hmmm.. Surely there’s something to this plan, though, since it was an AHA moment and all.  And I’ll save myself $150 dollars!

The lambs in my basement… yes, there are two.  I decided to explore myself and as I approached, a lamb came out of the basement to greet me.  Very cute.  And took me back to meet the littlest lamb ever, who was enclosed behind a piece of wood in a dark corner.  The greeting lamb jumped back into their pen.  Isn’t that amazing that he/she doesn’t run away?  I don’t think it’s the mother… but could be, that would explain not running away.   Somebody seems to stop by sometimes, and the lambs look just ‘okay’…  but I don’t see food, or water.

If I can find the hotel owners, I will ask if anyone is looking after the lambs.  They eat lamb here.  (we don’t in Canada, right?  And don’t try to tell me we do, because I don’t want to know)   I kind of want to sneak them out into the wilderness… but I know nothing about lambs and their ability to survive.. let alone what they eat.   Hmm, I can find all this on the internet at only 3 euro’s an hour at this spot!

Today was a hot swimming in the sea kind of day.  Even with eyes open under salty water!  Who could resist looking at the beautiful sculptures of lava stone underwater in the green blue sea?

Off I go..  researching lambs, greece, bulgaria, and cameras….

Did you do something extraordinary for you yet?

It also becomes okay to cruise the seaside on a motorcycle with a greek man… and a ride home with the police.

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Wild and Free Motorcycle Ride

Wild and Free Motorcycle Ride

hmmm… first writing of this post disappeared. Maybe I’m not supposed to tell everyone about the handsome young greek man with long hair? WHATEVER! Of course you want to know!

It may be a bit odd to relate this to the toilet paper post, but it’s the same ‘spirit” that had me saying Yes to an invitation to cruise the coast with a stranger. Not exactly a complete stranger.. I’d met him the night before. And well, you know, he had dreamed about me and all…. Okay, I’m laughing! The whole previous evening and day could be a perfect movie scenario.. but I won’t go into all that detail.

I couldn’t help but say Yes… Remember I had mentioned wanting to go kiteboarding? Imagine my disappointment when I learned there is no kiteboarding available. I think the universe offered me a motorcycle ride, helmetless, instead. That’s fair… it’s something I’m a little nervous about and required me to be brave to do it. Manolis drove like I would.. safe but fast. I felt so free and relaxed cruising the roads long the seaside hearing the waves pound into the shore even above, the roar of the motor and the songs Manolis sung. oh my gom, this really does sound like a movie.

In the manner of “I create my day” I had decided I would meet someone magical that day. With magical meaning ” exploring the visible and the invisible” .. and so the conversations were quite extraordinary really. Of course I had to say Yes to the invitation, and the octopus and squid and beer lunch, (who is this madwoman? Okay, the beer isn’t that odd… I’ve always enjoyed beer in tropical/mediterranean countries… I passed on the moonshine raki though) and of course, I had to say yes to the playtime at the edge of the crashing waves. My playtime. Manolis is greek. He wears a coat because he thinks it’s cold out now. He thinks I was crazy playing in the waves.

Manolis went to work later in the day, hoping I’d stop to see him later. But instead I got trapped in Starbucks. This is when it is good to see a Starbucks in a foreign country: when you are being followed by a man, who will not leave no matter what turn you take. So I went to Starbucks, where I knew someone would speak English. I had a lovely caramel macchiato while we waited for the man who was ‘waiting for me” to leave. But he didn’t go, despite the waiters trying to make him feel uncomfortable, by letting him know they were watching him. Finally they called the police. It was a total of 2 hours I think waiting for the man to leave or the police to come. Just before the police arrived, the creepy man left… but the police drove me home in a round about way, just in case he was watching for where I lived.

Ya, quite a day. Jeanette, I thought of you.. being one whom I’ve enouraged to feel safe to travel on their own. I thought, “hmm, now what do I tell people?”” My ‘make myself invisible” trick failed miserably… in fact, the creepy man appeared to be able to see me through a shelf full of starbuck mugs

Now I have asked locals (woman) and police if this is a common concern in the area, and they have assured me that it is generally quite safe.  Usual precautions for women…  keep a starbuck’s nearby and such.  (hee hee)

next post.. wedding dress treasures.

If you had a couple of weeks….

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If you were sitting in an ancient port in Crete and had two weeks or so completely unplanned… what would you do?  Where would you go?  It’s an interesting experience to be in this extraordinary energy of ancient times combined with a rather loud internet cafe… and so many opportunities to consider.  I suspect I will allow a little magic into my life to direct me.  How would you decide?

Consider this… Two weeks.  (Keeping in mind that you have been exploring for a full month already)  No responsibilities.  None.    Foreign country.  When you look back on those two weeks, what would make you say.. “I am soooo frickin’ glad that I ___________”  ?

Okay… I guess I just coached myself into a good question.  First thought is to go Kiteboarding!  ha!  Next is to go Whitewater rafting.   Hey!  Where did the painting and contemplation time go?????

I’ll be darned.

Hania, Crete

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Couldn't find owner to proposition him!

Couldn't find owner to proposition him (or her?)

My Hania home and studio

My Hania home and studio

Soon to book a quaint hotel in a Hania old town port.. with space to paint… balcony to sip coffee and watch the ships come in.   Allowing plenty of time to find fishermen or other sail boat captains to take me out on their ships!   Still with most the family, although all are about to go their own ways.  (Okay, Megan has gone her own way .. .. more inclined to find a beach to camp on.   We had a hug, and ‘maybe we’ll see you soon’ and ‘if not, happy birthday and I”ll see you at home!! Love, you”

Evalee is doing well for all this adventure, so adorable, even with spots on her face.  I bought her a jumping spider today.  She likes that. But both mommy and her are tired.  Court still recuperating from sick time, but enjoying the sites anyway!

After 30 years, I got to swim into cave!

After 30 years, I got to swim to my cave!

And I swam to the cave in Santorini that I tried to swim to 30 years ago, but there were too many jelly fish on the day I wanted to so long ago.   The harbour has changed, but I stripped down and swam amongst the fishing boat ropes and into the cave.  I am so thrilled.   And besides it felt good after the long hot donkey ride to get there!.

And that’s my brief  update for the moment….  must go soak in the magic of this place… so many stories to tell, and will write those as soon as I am settled into my little paint studio.

Life is good.  And pics are hard to upload.  soon soon.

Kathleen, are you reading this?  Hello!  Thinking of you

lots!  I know you’d love pics soon!

Megan’s travel rules

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1. buy nothing.

2. eat yogurt

3. no coffee

4. taxiis only if we have way too much stuff to carry.

5. do not spend money

6. BUT when you get to the airport to leave a country, you gather up all your current currency and spend it all on chocolate, fancy coffee and icecream!   Ha! Who knew!

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