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Ask and you will receive….

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So.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know…  on all levels one could contemplate this.  But I thought I’d ask the lovely singing Sanya at the Hania hotel if she knew of a nice place in Paleohora..  a small village in southern Crete, that sounded intriguing.. 1. because it might be warmer for swimming.  2. has ancient ruins of sorts for me to contemplate.  Well, not sure how ancient, but apparently it really was the nasty pirate Barbarossa who did the major damage. 

Sanya (who sings so beautifully each morning that I”m sure all guests stay longer just to hear her cheerful “Kaly mara!”  (good morning) and her repertoire of songs as she works),  said it is where she stays on vacation, so phoned her friend.   She said I wanted seaside.  WEll, the people opened their ‘other hotel’ on the sea for me.   A beautiful room, with lots of windows, and the stars shining in all night, and the sea crashing only 30 feet away.   REally.  The hotel was closed for the season, but they opened it, and now I”m all alone in their hotel.. with keys to everything…  it’s a hoot.   All for 25 euro’s a night.  Which might be around 35 canadian, depending on how that dollar of ours is doing. 

Being 'pensive' after the 5 second run to take pic

Being pensive? after the 5 second run to take pic


Paleohora is a lovely village… one side of town is a sandy beach, with a corner that I’ve claimed as my own…  craggy mermaid rocks, but with sand in between….  my feet are happy not to be stubbed on rocks, and I get to paddle and frolick in this quite magical spot.  Nobody else seems to go there.  Nice that tourist season is coming to an end.   Just wait until you see the picture of me as a mermaid on a rock.  (and the one of me in the castle)  I look so pensive.  We’ll forget that I had the camera on timer and raced to pose for the pictures.  Of course, it takes more than one shot to make this work, but hey, I LOOK pensive!   

I’m sorry I can’t get pictures onto the blog.  Internet access, keyboards, and the computers themselves are limited..except at one place awhile back.. guess I should have added more photos there.  But never mind, picture me pensively looking out over the sea from a castle wall, and lulling about mermaid- like on craggy rocks in the Libyan Sea.

On the other side of town… (all of a 5 minute walk) is my side, where the waves crash in on huge lava rocks.  I can also play there, but discovered that as soon as i put my toes in, in front of my hotel, the fish come to see.  umm.  hmm.  This not what I taught my children.  I told them “don’t worry about fish, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.”  Apparently this is not true for Greek Fish.  No wonder the whole quay is full of Seafood Taverna’s.  The fish come to them! 

I’m journalling lots.  I look forward to creating more workbooks and articles.. all related to our accessing our own answers.  I have some cool cool techniques to share!  And for those of you who have experienced guided visualizations with me,  I look forward to sharing the ideas I’m ‘receiving’ here.

Not sure how long I will stay here….  painting, drawing, oh poor me.  OH!  CURRENTLY READING “YES MAN”   toooooooooooo funny!  The sea can hear me laughing at night!

The minute I can find a keyboard that works well… I hope to send out an interesting technique for you to try re exploring, discovering and such.  But for now, I’m just going to have to paint, draw,  hike the Samaria Gorge, and of course, have  conversations with my clothes as I shower, and wash my clothes at the same time.  Okay, I don’t always talk to them, but today I actually debated not sharing my Sense shower gel that I have so little of left with my clothes.  But really, what else could I do?  I have nothing else to wash the clothes with.  So I was ungenerous, and now I have semi clean clothes.  ( that’s because I”m a ‘cup half full’ kind of girl..  others might consider them semi-dirty)

I’m also out of my hair conditioner.  so shaggy hair and half clean clothes… don’t think I”m picking up a man anytime soon.  (hahahahha!)

oh oh timer on this internet is running out……..    do something extraordinary for you.  Remember it doesn’t m;atter where you are, it’s how you perceive it that makes it extraordinary.

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