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Interview with Jill Badonsky – everything about her is a “YES”! (you can win a copy of the Awe-Manac!)

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the draw has been done,
the book has been won,
Susanne’s having fun,
being a creative one.    oh, how I love my bad poetry!)

But do read on for the interview!

It is a delightful honour to have Jill Badonsky stop here on her Blog Book Tour! 

Okay, seriously, I’m dancing around the house,  singing “yes! yes! yes!” and the faeries are doing the typing.  (They are getting good at this)  alprpioq * al;sj;f aei  (oops, never mind, now they are dancing on the keys)

awemanac2Jill is the author of “The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder” and “The Nine Modern Day Muses and a bodyguard.”   In my passion for learning and understanding the creative mind, Jill and her works have taught me more than any other person, organization or book.

Welcome wildly funny, brilliant, Jill!  
Here’s the interview!

1.      As I continue to learn and grow in the areas of creative play, coaching play, and spirit play, I’ve developed a concept that ‘Left Brain/ Right Brain’ is the same as ‘Ego/Soul’, and is the same as ‘Mind/ Heart’.  We need them all!  Now it took me until recently to ‘put that together’, but I think you’ve known this forever.  Was there a specific time in your life, or experience that triggered your choice to help the rest of us ‘get it’?
I was blessed with a concoction of DNA that includes teacher-genes, rebelliousness, common sense, eternal kid-fulness, and creative intuition. I think you were too, Janet.

Teacher: The first thing I think of when something works in the creative realm is, “I can’t wait to tell others about this.”  I think that means I’m a teacher.

Rebelliousness: When I sought life coaching, I noticed that the life coach blocked me by providing linear, ego oriented questionnaires like rank your values. How can I rank my values when, depending on the moment they change? Sometimes I want to be creative, sometimes I want to be generous and sometimes I want to hide under my comforter. I had to start telling my coach that she needed to prescribe more intuitive prescriptions.

Back to Teacher: I asked myself “How many other people out there are being told what to do in linear fashion when the development of their soul, heart and intuition could liberate them. I set out to reach them in books, teleconferences and billboards.
Intuition: Trusting the intuition is one of the most joy filled experiences of being alive. The answers are all there in our soul, heart and creativity. Trust is the spiritual part of it.

Eternal Kid-fulness: If it’s not fun.. it’s not very fun and that’s not fun so it better be fun.

None of this came without an obsessional, verging on pathological, preoccupation of self-awareness, solitude and intuited guesses that were employed with on the most part, amazing success.

Common Sense: There are so many people out there advising us what to do who are not coming from a place of common sense or not considering the individual. We have to not only question them, but question our own thoughts that come from being in a society that easily hypnotizes us not to follow the instincts that make sense to us. Some of us have to learn to do that for the first time – when you do you will discover there’s another way to exist that is what being alive is all about.

2.      It’s not easy to be a right brain thinker in a left brain world.  I’m in awe that one page of a book per day can gift us with a gentle, yet oh so powerful way, to be our right brain selves in this left brain world.  How did you do this? Are you magical?

I’m so glad it works for you. I just know I’m easily overwhelmed and putting things in bite-sized portions was more appealing to me. I hear from so many women that they are overwhelmed and wanted to make it possible for them to be dazzled, inspired, and creatively fortified little by little daily.

3.      The hundreds of illustrations in the Awe-Manac are delightful.  Can you describe the feeling when you are immersed in your art?  Does it take you away from any ‘troublesome details in life’, or do you ever find that despite stuff going on, the creations appear anyway?

 I think I channel much of what comes through me creatively because I can’t explain where it comes from and sometimes when I’m in the process, I crack up at what spontaneously combusts! It’s the greatest high of my life and I feel like Dolly Parton when she says, “When I’m inspired, I get excited because I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next.”

4.      Can you come play with me this Summer or Fall?  (Either here in Canada or Australia if I win the $100 000 dream job application (smile) )
YES!!!!! I love your work, your amazingnesses, your creation and your wisdom.  Your readers are blessed to have found you.

 Thank you Jill, for sharing your wisdom and insights!  And now, Readers, here’s today’s page of from the Awe-Manac!   Go play!  (Oh, but don’t forget to leave a comment.  We’ll do a draw and one of you will win a copy of the Awe-Manac.. already packaged and ready to send!)



AWE Manac Fuller Brush Man

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An exercise from the Awe-Manac: a daily dose of Wonder by Jill Badonski . Today is the birthday of Mr. Fuller, founder of Fuller Brush. You might have to be as old as me to remember the Fuller Brush Man’s visits.  What did happen to those great brushes?  But here is my creative exercise.. unedited. I am modelling that poetry can be published, no matter how bad it is, because a blog is considered ‘published!”  How fun is that?  Actually, I am modelling that no matter what form it takes, giving yourself moments to access playful creativity is empowering, brave, and adds precious moments that can easily be appreciated in your day. 

AND this took me back to precious moments in childhood, to boot.

Fuller Brush Man,
             Suitcase in Hand,
Tips his hat to my Mother,
   And off runs my brother,
But I like the nail brush,
   I watch with a hush,
“It’s magic!” he said,
    or was that just in my head?
“Always new! Never falls apart. NEVER!
It will last forever and ever!”
Mom says ‘I’ll take it’, the room fills with laughter.
I know Brush and I will live Happily Ever After.

The New Year’s Eve Wedding Reception with Greek Beings

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A unedited story created as a direct result of an Awe-Manac journal prompt to write about a recent event using unusual beings, science fiction or such..



Unbeknownst to the mortals involved, the Shot Glass Beings of Greek Faerie Origin came to life the moment of their creation. Like all those planning a celebration, they were particularly busy but mostly drinking ouzo, checking what magic lay behind doors and up stairways, and observing the Canadian Way of faeries, magical beings and, of particular note, the mortal who brought them into being in this new place and the little faerie- like being oft beside her.


The Wedding Reception Day, then, the Greek Shot Glass Beings were well prepared and dusted ouzo bottles with laughter; table settings with ‘less spills, more thrills;’ and wine bottles with an extra dose of ‘love, humour and good times be had by all’. That wine! It worked!


The MOST MAGIC, however, the Greek Beings put into dance spells – having had much opportunity to encourage their creator’s creation, Evalee, to dance, dance, dance and learn more dance from her Auntee and Mommy and Nana, and therefore she gave her ‘big booty a slap’ and got Low, Low, Low whenever she felt so inclined.  And if not so inclined, it was because the Greek Beings  and she were far too entertained watching others and forgot to do their steps!


Of course the dance spells were imparted on all of the guests, including drizzling Auntee with orbs, and dowsing the Bride (their creator) with ‘Dance Moves Not Possible in a Full White Wedding Dress’ and whom, with the help of the wine, rocked like no Bride has rocked before.  The Groom was also sprinkled with dance spells, but it seems his occasional making fun of magic turned his spell into Dance Spills and he crashed over a table, breaking things, but not himself, and the Greek Beings laughed shamelessly.


Of course the faerie-like child, Evalee also drizzled her Nana with pee.. but that was simply in keeping with the tradition set at the Wedding of having baby-style spills on her dress.



“The Awe-Manac. A Daily Dose of Wonder” I get to be in awe of me!

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Hot off the presses, this is THE book for all of us souls wanting to live life creatively, and awefully.  oh, wait. That didn’t come out right!   Must be the influence of this very funny and powerful book.


I am in AWE!  And from the looks of things, I get to be in awe every day of the year.   And I don’t just get to be in awe of Jill Badonsky, her humour and her brilliant ways of inspiring…. the person I get to be in AWE of every day is me.  Imagine that!  A ‘creative’ in awe of herself!  Who would have thought?  And it won’t even feel like work because each day  I will be enchanted by whimsical artworks,  and inspired by aha-phrodisiacs, doses of mirth, and journal juju’s.  I am a life coach and creativity coach.. I’m a darn good judge of books that work.  This is one of the best.  The other best is Jill’s too.


What makes Jill’s books stand out in any crowd is well… everything.   Soooo, to focus on one thing only for the moment , Jill knows we are human.  We have our ups and downs and we lose our glasses, and we make ‘mistakes.’    Jill knows how to guide a process that makes us feel darn good about that. 


Seriously… if you are a person who is connecting with my blogs and my work, you are very likely a person who deserves to give yourself ‘The Awe-Manac’ for Christmas.  Now away you go.. have a look at this hardcover treasure!

Get this.. it's too good not to.

Get this.. it's too good not to.

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