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Self-ignition.. a sure sign of the Center of the Universe?

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We were a gathering of kindred spirits.. aka the turtle hikers.. spending a weekend at Vidette Lake Resort. Being of magical mind and body, we chose this place, of course, because of the Center of the Universe and the wildly wonderful Deadman Falls.  (Who came up with a name like that for something so universally alive? ahhh, wait, did the namer sense spirits?)

Since life happens to be somewhat crazy right now, it looks like I”m not ‘getting to’ writing all the details.. but this I am going to share:

As I walked by tall grasses at night, the top of one lit up like a flame on a matchstick. Unlike a usual flame, the outline of this strange little miracle was smooth. This occurence, as you can imagine, stopped me in my tracks. The flame went out, and another tall grass near it lit up.  And another, and another.  These little flames were only a foot away from me, and I watched in awe.

When I have bizarre experiences I will deduce the scientific possibilities. Fireflies?  In Kamloops?  I think not… and this did not look like the fireflies I saw in Costa Rica.

Which takes me off course a bit here as I talk about fireflies. I am so certain that I saw fireflies as a child.  But I was a Vancouver girl… where the heck would I have seen fireflies?  That answer still remains unknown.

Back on track… I was able to quietly call Nicole over to witness.  Alas, the close by ‘flames’ stopped, but within the bushes a little further away we continued to see ‘lights’.

I have no answer for this.  Which is something I truly love about magical things. I will tell you though that apparently one of the qualifying qualities of the Centre of the Universe is ‘self-ignition.”  I wonder if I got to witness that.

Like I said. Life is crazy right now.. and those moments watching small perfect flames light up the top of tall grass, then just as quickly ‘be extinguished’ was something that fed my soul and assured me of the ‘more than what we can see’ workings of the universe. Although I saw this very clearly.. ha!.. just no logical scientific reasons.. unless, of course,  the science we are talking about is quantum.

You can learn more about the Center of the Universe here.    (plus I have a couple of other blog posts about it)   When you go, and if you are a more magical thinker, ask Ray, the owner, lots of questions.. he has many stories to share.

Sitting on the top of Deadman Falls

The Deadman Falls.. also astounding.  Standing in the middle of the creek right near the edge of the 200 foot drop off of water is a very empowering experience.  I do not recommend you try this.  Well.. I hope that you get to, and that you wisely pay attention to the strength of the current, the slipperiness of the rocks, and the dryness of the center large rock you can stand on, before you choose to do this. Should you decide to do this, you’ll discover how NOT scary it is.  But if you feel overly frightened, maybe avoid doing this.. Fear throws us off balance, you know. Video of Deadman Falls in a post just a post or two before this one. Third video down.  Last few seconds of the video is the best!

There was more amazingness too.. but I”m sleepy.. and since it’s been a month since I actually got to wrting about this weekend with amazing women, I’m just not going to guarantee I’ll get back to finish this soon.  But really, isn’t self igniting grass tops enough anyway?

UPDATE TWO YEARS LATER: Tonight Aug 22 2012, I was telling someone about the flames on the grasses. She wondered about Will o’the  Wisps.  If you pop on over here, you can read about the folklore and attempts at scientific explanations of Will o’ the Wisps..  What makes me so curious is the similarities in the stories, particularly, as you move closer, they move away, which is what happend when my friend walked over.  I, however, do not think my encounter-beings were trying to lure me into the bog.. although there was marshy water nearby!


Deadman Creek Waterfall, near Kamloops BC… Peace on earth, Center of the Universe

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Life is good. Photo by Sherry Robinson

Life is good. Photo by Sherry Robinson

Peaceful at the top of 200 foot falls. Photo by Sherry Robinson
Peaceful at the top of 200 foot falls. Photo by Sherry Robinson

To sit on top of a 200 foot waterfall, and feel like it is the most peaceful place in the universe is quite an extraordinary adventure.  So much so,  that it seems I don’t have the words for the post. Alas, it’s been well over a month and I still don’t have the words.  It’s  okay, though,  because my co-hort in adventure, Sherry Robinson, wrote a beautiful inspiring post.

When you get there, do peruse her blog “Notice quiet nature.”  It is profoundly peaceful, yet wisely informative on the secrets of ecology, environment, spirit.

Deadman Falls is near Vidette Lake, near Kamloops BC Canada. It is also within walking distance of the  location deemed by  Buddhist Monks to be the Center of the Universe.

Pretty sure I wrote a post about THAT spot a little while ago…

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