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Writerly – Why? What? What’s next?

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Hello my favourite people who follow the blog I am most likely to keep up!

You may have noticed I’m getting to put all my creative passions into a new project: Writerly Kits.  Coaching, creativity coaching. Writing. Painting. Pottery. Coffee. Ships. Alternate Identity Trading Company. A hint of magic.  Insightful contributions from grandchildren. And especially, supporting others to find their best way to get to the things that truly matter. That matters.

I’m delighted by this project. Only the endless learning around getting the word out there is a bit of an … um… endless learning. Ha ha. But I’m learning.

I’m sharing what’s inside these Writerly Kits. Just thought you’d like to know more about this crazy project.
I’d absolutely love to hear what you think about this concept, and would appreciate any ideas you’d like to share.  Thanks in advance!

September “Imagination Gone Wild”  2018 Kit Reveal

Imagination Gone Wild!

The Theme: Landing on doorsteps now, an  experience that will take your imagination and intuition to a whole new level!  Really, this is a gift for you from your imagination.

As creative folks, I know you already have a good imagination. You already do think outside the box. But, we do end up creating a new box – it’s a weirder shape than the average box  but it, too, can use some wild ways to take it up a notch;  for writing our books, for making it easier to get to our writing, and even more, to enhance all we do in our lives.

What’s included:

Birchwood Kit: Value $40

Writerly Notebook and Planner: Value $44  An unusual twist –  getting to use your imagination to help you get organized and focussed in a way that makes sense to you. Our imagination is everything – including key to making those typically logical left brain functions work better!

For your planner, we’ve included:

  1. Birchwood engraved notebook covers, designed by us and created by Kyle Rankin and Kamloops Makerspace.
  2. Dividers with a pocket, an old fashioned library card,and an oldstyle luggage tag.
  3. Sections:
    1. Weekly planner pages
    2. Creativity and imagination builders
    3. Quality plain paper
    4. Lined paper
    5. Post-it dividers
    6. Art paper
    7. Torn paper (with a purpose!)

Sharpie Fine Art Pens:  Value $5 The best thing Sharpie has made yet, we think!

Alternate Identity Trading Company Cards: Value $12  A collection of wild characters nagged to be included to assist writers as they take their imaginations to a whole new level, or ten.

Character stickers: Value $4  Explore traits, quirks, and even sleeping habits of the characters in your stories, (or even in your novel mind!) Great moveable stickers for your writerly notebook!

Zack’s Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans: Value $5   Locally roasted and loved and wow to kicking your imagination in gear!

Zack’s Costa Rica Blend Coffee Beans: Value $4  A favourite in town!

Imagine Calm Lavender:  Value $5  To calm that wild mind when needed. Grown, harvested and created by children who also sprinkled extra magic on top.

Do Not Disturb Door/computer hanger:  Value $ 6  Fun, isn’t it?

Letter from Indie Author, Dennis Staginnus:  Priceless support and encouragement

Letter to and from your imagination: $3

Green Tea packets: $1

Wood Kit total retail value: $129

Kraft Kit total retail value: $89  (1st and 4th kits are wood, 2nd and 3rd  kits arrive in our beautiful kraft manuscript size box, repeating)

All for subscriber price of $68 (or less if you choose 6 month or yearly subscription options)

This kit is too precious not to make available for a little longer. Check it out here  


What’s Next?

Arriving on your doorstep just in time for
Hallowe’en and NANOWRIMO

Not kitschy Hallowe’eny – this classy kit arrives at a perfect time of year to make friends with your creative monsters and the book that haunts you.
This is the boost you’ll love to get your damn book done!


And this is what was in our first ever Writerly Kit:  “Seaworthy”
July 2018

Item by item reveal, plus a sweet box opening video here.

Debunking Myths of “Real Art” and “Real Life”

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'Realm Travellers' by Janet L. Whitehead © 2006“You cannot add tiny clay pieces to large clay pieces. They will be destroyed in the firing process,”  said my first ceramics instructor. What if I’d believed that to be true and never added the first tiny faerie to one of my pots? Why, I wouldn’t have the most bizarre and magical life story that evolved as a result, and that is now oh so close to publishing!

 “Real writers write on yellow foolscap paper.” said a famous author (who’s name I have erased from my memory for obvious reasons) in a workshop full of hopeful writers.  What if they believed him and now blankly sit with a pad of yellow foolscap paper in a cool coffee shop, wishing they were at home pouring out their words in a blog format that they love?

 “Illustration is not art,” said the university professor, and so the young artist’s dream to illustrate books was instantly squashed, and she finished her degree in fine art, and never picked up a paintbrush or pencil for years. (It’s okay, she’s been coached, realized what had stopped her and is back in her passion.)

 There’s so much myth debunking to do!!

… debunking the myths that cause parents guilt; debunking what the left brain systems have taught the right-brainers about themselves, debunking all that traditional thinking that has people not making the changes they dream of…

“Janet, you can’t use white.. that’s not acceptable in any form of painting,” said the Art Store owner.  I bought it anyway and sulked out, probably mumbling, ‘then why do they sell it?”  I was surprisingly relieved when David Langevin, an expert in the techniques of the old Masters,  announced in a workshop something along the lines of: “Yes, you can use black. Yes, you can use white. Don’t believe anything people tell you about painting.” (Oh! Want to be inspired? Watch the video on David’s home page!)

 ” I have to win the lottery…”  The moment the words are spoken, the dream is shut down. Done. “Real Life” sets in. The ability to creatively think your way past the barriers to living life the way you really want, simply does not happen.  Cure: When you hear yourself speak the words, stop and ask, “Hmmm, how else can I do this?” or get a personal debunker.. er… life coach.

Finding the myths, the limiting beliefs, the unconscious thoughts that play havoc as you work so hard to create the life you want, is often enough to make a shift.

It’s not always easy, though, to recognize that ‘thing’ that’s stopping you. If it were, we’d all be getting where we want to be quickly.  That’s where personal debunking.. er.. coaching is so valuable. I am truly happy to be in my passion of coaching again. Watching the shifts happen for clients does feel so magical and I’m honoured to be a part of that process for others.

If you’d like to know more about personal coaching, please go here! (The 1.5 hour ‘get unstuck now’ copper treasure rocks, if I do say so myself)

In the meantime, you could practise the art of debunking! Notice those crazy thoughts that have you thinking you can’t do something. Just for starts, see if you can find those thoughts. That’ll make a big difference. Honest. (When you find them, you can also ask, “is that true?” and see what evolves)

Kicking in Creative Thought: The Avocado Table

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The activity below has evolved into a contest of sorts.. If more than 10 people post their answers to the questions below, a draw for workbooks or a workshop will be held! (your choice of which prize) 


Now Go. Play. Visualize winning the Draw.  (Hey!  If you all do that… hmmm…  does that mean you are all going to win? Will I have some shift in thoughts and think, “oh heck, I’ll draw all their names!” )


What is an Avocado Table?  No, no, this isn’t a question to plug into Google.  There is no right answer.  There are no rules.  (Isn’t THAT freeing?)  You simply get to think about what an Avocado Table could be.  Imagine that you could win $10 000 for a very creative answer.  What would you come up with?  Would you write about it, talk about it, sketch it?  What would it’s purpose be? Where is it available? Who has access to it?  Are all of the components of an avocado involved?  Does the ‘table’ have to be something normally considered a table?


Next question:  If the human body from the waist down faced backwards, what would a chair look like?  Go ahead, grab a pencil and start sketching.  Is your first thought, “Wait, I need more information or I can’t do this!”   If you want details bout this new human form and how it functions, make it up.  Then sketch the chair. Consider how we would get into this chair. How would we rest our back?  Where would our arms go?


This is a PAUSE while you do these exercises.


Done? How does it feel to access your creative thinking?  Fun? Frustrating? Did your self-talk say “Yay!” or  did it say “I’m not creative”?  Did a part of you think “I’m free!” or did a part think, “Where’s the rules?”  Or was your response something in between or something completely different altogether?


 How you respond to this exercise may reveal how you respond to many choices or options in life.   Simply by doing these exercises and asking yourself the questions above, you allow awareness into your life and you will have insights into… well, those insights will be as unique as the unique individual you are!

Possible thoughts you may have during the day are:  “I loved that. How do I get to do that more?”  “Hmm, apparently I really like rules.  What are my rules in life?”   “Is my thinking preventing me from going forward towards my dreams?”  “How can I apply this creative thought to an issue I’m currently having? ”  “OH.. if I just imagine taking away some of the rules of the project I am working on, maybe I can see a better way.”  Or maybe you simply thought, “Why would I do this?  There’s no money in it.”  That’s worth thinking more about, too!


submitted by Janet L. Whitehead  ©2008


Ever wonder if there’s more to Life?  Is it time to kick it up a notch? Contact me if you want to learn more about how coaching can help.

Janet Whitehead is a certified professional life and business coach who specializes in life coaching creatively.  Her expertise includes using creative coaching techniques that help others access their most empowering ways to move forward quickly and successfully, authentically and soulfully.  She coaches both internationally and locally, facilitates creative workshops, and is the author of a variety of work (play!) books.  She is currently completing her first novel, and working on a solo show in Clay.


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