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Onion Satire and My Crazy Tiny Heritage Log Cabin Home. How did I get here?

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Some things just must be shared and this is one of them:
Find The Thing You’re Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life
By David Ferguson,31742/?ref=auto

I hope you read it. It’s brilliantly funny. And once you do, you’ll understand when I say this is why I went into recreation and leisure management many years ago… in the hopes that someone might recognize their recreation and leisure time as having potential to be much more a part of their life. Then life coaching came along as a profession and I went there… because snippets of what you love in a week or a month or a year, is just not enough.


cabinAnd so, staying true to what I love…Yes, I’m living in a log cabin. I moved in last week. It’s 160 years old.. the oldest heritage building in our community… cozy and sweet inside with 400 square feet of room for my projects, written works and art works.  It’s on a small farm, near the river where I can paddleboard. And a bonus; it’s a very cool experience for the grandchildren when they visit.

It is a bizarre yet extraordinary thing how visioning can make things happen. I’ve wanted to try simplified tiny house living. I wanted the option to be near water, yet close enough to town that my family and muse friends aren’t far away. And I wanted ‘cheap’ so I could get myself back on my financial feet.  And so here I am.  Even I am surprised I am living here; I was not actively looking, but I was imagining.  A friend heard about it and told me.  Visioning is like that.

A cabin has always been my place to really make things happen.  The timing is perfect; I’m feeling well. I have written works galore from the past couple of years to fine tune and get out there. I have what I hope are inspiring, fun, quirky courses and discovery books just waiting to be shared. I’m delighted to be doing personal coaching again and from this sweet little place. The pottery studio doesn’t fit, but it’s all safely stored for ‘down the road’ but the paints and creative play stuff fills shelves where others might put things like.. dishes, or food.

The last few years have been a knock-down, get-back-up, wild ride… mentally, physically, emotionally, soulfully, and financially.  Wild. Did I mention wild? But being aloft furling sails on a tall ship… well, that will always remind that getting back up includes ‘nothing is impossible.’  And this cabin just happening to be available… reminds me that the Universe is looking out for me.  And now I get  dedicated time in nature to get my creative and career dreams back in gear.  Life is Good. Crazy. Wild. Bizarre. Pretty Amazing.

The whole point of this post? Keep imagining. Make those vision boards. Dream. Trust. Do more of what you love. Take small steps in that direction. Say Yes to opportunities. Know that nothing is impossible.


Creative writing inspired by four random words.

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A voice was coming from the closet, a quiet but intriguing sound.  As I tenuously approached the slightly open door, I could see in the flickering light of a candle, my young daughter stroking a little mutt of a dog. “Do you want something to eat” she crooned and passed him a tidbit from a small plate on the floor. Her old tricycle was right beside her, the pretty handle decorations flashing little sparks of light, reflections of a moment when she had found a great treasure and all was perfect in her world.

by Marilyn Puff

Note from Janet: It’s hard to even remember which of the words were the random words that we concocted for you to write this piece.  Cool.  I love how I can feel that ‘closet moment’ through your words. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Marilyn!

“The higher the salary, the messier the person”

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From Life Learning Magazine, March/April 2007 –  Thank you, Coreena, for sharing!

    “When my office gets particularly messy, I just quote the cliche that a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.  Fortunately for me, there is increasing evidence that disorder is, indeed, “the detritus of a creative mind” as columnist Penelope Green wrote in the New York Times late last year.  In their book ‘A Perfect Mess:  The Hidden Benefits of Disorder,” Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman show that moderately disorganized people and institutions are frequently “more efficient, more resilient, more creative and in general more effective than highly organized ones.”  And probably more successful too.  They cite a survey that found that the higher the salary, the messier the person:  “Sixty-six percent of Americans making $35,000 or less are self-described ‘neat freaks,” whereas only 11 percent of those earning above $75,000 claim the same.”

    Abrahamson and Freedman are at the forefront of what one might call the “anti anti-clutter movement.”  They are encouraging people to invite confusion into their lives in order to be more creative and productive both personally and at work. In an article in Inc. magazine, they advise us to “be inconsistent, pile up, blur categories, make noise, bounce around, get distracted.”  Sound like any kid you know?”

Doesn’t this scream out at you:  “Be more creative, make more money, hire a housekeeper”? It does me.

Interview with Jill Badonsky – everything about her is a “YES”! (you can win a copy of the Awe-Manac!)

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the draw has been done,
the book has been won,
Susanne’s having fun,
being a creative one.    oh, how I love my bad poetry!)

But do read on for the interview!

It is a delightful honour to have Jill Badonsky stop here on her Blog Book Tour! 

Okay, seriously, I’m dancing around the house,  singing “yes! yes! yes!” and the faeries are doing the typing.  (They are getting good at this)  alprpioq * al;sj;f aei  (oops, never mind, now they are dancing on the keys)

awemanac2Jill is the author of “The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder” and “The Nine Modern Day Muses and a bodyguard.”   In my passion for learning and understanding the creative mind, Jill and her works have taught me more than any other person, organization or book.

Welcome wildly funny, brilliant, Jill!  
Here’s the interview!

1.      As I continue to learn and grow in the areas of creative play, coaching play, and spirit play, I’ve developed a concept that ‘Left Brain/ Right Brain’ is the same as ‘Ego/Soul’, and is the same as ‘Mind/ Heart’.  We need them all!  Now it took me until recently to ‘put that together’, but I think you’ve known this forever.  Was there a specific time in your life, or experience that triggered your choice to help the rest of us ‘get it’?
I was blessed with a concoction of DNA that includes teacher-genes, rebelliousness, common sense, eternal kid-fulness, and creative intuition. I think you were too, Janet.

Teacher: The first thing I think of when something works in the creative realm is, “I can’t wait to tell others about this.”  I think that means I’m a teacher.

Rebelliousness: When I sought life coaching, I noticed that the life coach blocked me by providing linear, ego oriented questionnaires like rank your values. How can I rank my values when, depending on the moment they change? Sometimes I want to be creative, sometimes I want to be generous and sometimes I want to hide under my comforter. I had to start telling my coach that she needed to prescribe more intuitive prescriptions.

Back to Teacher: I asked myself “How many other people out there are being told what to do in linear fashion when the development of their soul, heart and intuition could liberate them. I set out to reach them in books, teleconferences and billboards.
Intuition: Trusting the intuition is one of the most joy filled experiences of being alive. The answers are all there in our soul, heart and creativity. Trust is the spiritual part of it.

Eternal Kid-fulness: If it’s not fun.. it’s not very fun and that’s not fun so it better be fun.

None of this came without an obsessional, verging on pathological, preoccupation of self-awareness, solitude and intuited guesses that were employed with on the most part, amazing success.

Common Sense: There are so many people out there advising us what to do who are not coming from a place of common sense or not considering the individual. We have to not only question them, but question our own thoughts that come from being in a society that easily hypnotizes us not to follow the instincts that make sense to us. Some of us have to learn to do that for the first time – when you do you will discover there’s another way to exist that is what being alive is all about.

2.      It’s not easy to be a right brain thinker in a left brain world.  I’m in awe that one page of a book per day can gift us with a gentle, yet oh so powerful way, to be our right brain selves in this left brain world.  How did you do this? Are you magical?

I’m so glad it works for you. I just know I’m easily overwhelmed and putting things in bite-sized portions was more appealing to me. I hear from so many women that they are overwhelmed and wanted to make it possible for them to be dazzled, inspired, and creatively fortified little by little daily.

3.      The hundreds of illustrations in the Awe-Manac are delightful.  Can you describe the feeling when you are immersed in your art?  Does it take you away from any ‘troublesome details in life’, or do you ever find that despite stuff going on, the creations appear anyway?

 I think I channel much of what comes through me creatively because I can’t explain where it comes from and sometimes when I’m in the process, I crack up at what spontaneously combusts! It’s the greatest high of my life and I feel like Dolly Parton when she says, “When I’m inspired, I get excited because I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next.”

4.      Can you come play with me this Summer or Fall?  (Either here in Canada or Australia if I win the $100 000 dream job application (smile) )
YES!!!!! I love your work, your amazingnesses, your creation and your wisdom.  Your readers are blessed to have found you.

 Thank you Jill, for sharing your wisdom and insights!  And now, Readers, here’s today’s page of from the Awe-Manac!   Go play!  (Oh, but don’t forget to leave a comment.  We’ll do a draw and one of you will win a copy of the Awe-Manac.. already packaged and ready to send!)



Creative juices are smlathered on the floor

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Creative juices are smlathered on the floors.
They take the form of spilled coffee, slurried clay,  mud from outdoors.

They don’t count as such if you are just a slob,
But if creation is in process,  _________________________

note: go ahead fill in the blank. I ran out of a last line.. I’m going back to working on the clay, while proudly acknowledging that it is OKAY to leave the creative juices where they are even though people are coming to visit.

Do you own this ship?

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Do you own this ship? I couldn't find you to proposition you!

Do you own this ship? I couldn't find you to proposition you!

Exploring, Dreaming, Discovering…On my Turkey and Greece adventure, I met wonderful people and  heard their inspiring stories,  painted, studied perspective, (both in drawing and in thinking), hosted a couple of workshops, had some impromptu coaching sessions, reflected on ancient history and mythology (including the muses, of course!) and how it affects where we are today, explored amazing art and architecture, had some really great laughs, acquired a new son-in-law, and had only one injury.  And I have a whole new novel of the magical sort in my head, waiting to be written.
I did not however, find the owner of this ship. 
Nor did I reach the mysterious person by phone in Delphi.
But hey.  Next time.
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