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Tucking Unboxed Thinking into a Box.

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I’m boxing up unboxed thinking! Like magic, this idea found its way into my thoughts and it has me so inspired. I’m soon launching ‘Writerly Kits’; a subscription box service for writers, emerging writers and wanna be writers.

For the writers here, my vision for you…
Be the bold, brave, kickass, sometimes doubtful, often procrastinating, writer that you are…. but be the one who has all the tools to master the bold, brave and kickass, and who has the techniques to quiet the parts that are getting in the way. That’s what Writerly Kits is bringing to your life. That, and organic specialty coffees or teas to drink only while writing, chocolate to celebrate even getting to one paragraph, and other treasures to remind you that you are truly a writer.

We have a mailing list to keep writers updated. Go here to sign up.

Why this? People can justify personal coaching for life changes, and for that I am grateful, but few writers can justify private coaching to get their written works rolling. Yet, in my coaching practise, more often than not my clients (who arrive for other reasons) reveal a secret wish, a hidden agenda, to write.

On the street, among friends,and posting online, I know of so many people who are haunted to write, but they simply do not get to it. Perhaps you are one of those people. If you and I happened to have a conversation about wanting to write a book, do know that a little piece of me feels sorrow – knowing that without some kind of support, you might not actually get to it.

I know the contentment of completing a book that has haunted me – it’s a rare feeling, like it only belongs to those who finish their book. I want writers to feel that feeling.

If this is you, (a person wanting to write/ finish/ share that book) you’ll know how much holding a story in our mind takes up so much thought energy. Not getting to it at all causes so much regret. And these stories that are not yet told? Our world needs our stories – fiction, memoirs, self-help, poetry, songs, screenplays. Stories are the way we best hear, learn, and process our own thoughts.

And why now?   My blog followers and friends know that I’ve had a challenging number of years. Not too long ago, I finally finished years of medications – important meds to prevent a recurrence – but that played havoc mentally and physically (and damn it, financially.)  I am delighted to be free of pain, and have my usual thinking energy back. I’m thrilled I can enthusiastically get to the things that have been on hold. This project, Writerly Kits, screams “YAY!” to me.  It allows me to play in all my realms of interests and expertise, and that feels so good. From the imaginative process used for Novel Mind clients, to scheming up exciting themes, to creating content (written, graphic, and even, yes, there’s a clay project in the works ), to building a community, this box is like ‘living the dream’ of the unboxed unboxing others with a box!

It’s a pretty box, by the way. Just wait until you see what’s inside.


Muse Cruise, Shamans, Rapunzel

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Just a little link to the latest newsletter! 

The world of creative understanding is bursting wide open.  Phew. One of these days, everybody is going to dicover their right brain and left brain can work / play together happily ever after! 

Okay.. we still need some leaders in this evolution… Read on my friends

Once upon an imperfect pot…

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“Zen for me is a misshapen pot.”  That’s a favourite line in my novel.. which is – woo whooo! – getting completed.  A crazy bizarre novel… but more on that soon. I like the line, though.. because it reminds me that I’ve come a long way from a time long ago….

My pottery:
Misshapen, carved, tiny details, faerie hands, heads, hair, bits of clay flying everywhere, porcelain sails, torn to look like sails, and more carving … this is NOT like throwing a series of symmetrical bowls for cereal.

And one time at a show, another potter -a production potter-  took me aside and showed me the bottom of his pots. “See?” he said, “the bottom of your pots have to be smooth and perfect.”

Well, I wasn’t as wise as I am now, so I didn’t come up with a witty remark.  I might now have said,

“Uh, huh… so once I’ve built the pieces with 40,oo0 bits of carved clay scattered everywhere over the work space, and once I’ve attached tiny little people.. I”m supposed to squash them entirely as I put the pot upside down on the wheel to spend time re-smoothing the little dints that occurred as a result of the highly creative one-of-a-kind process for each pot?  Is that what I’m supposed to do?  Hello!  I clean up the bottom the best that is reasonably possible… given what I do, do you not see you are being ridiculous by suggesting my pots be  PERFECT like yours on the bottom?  My bottoms are perfect in being one more sign that they are different.. in a good way.”

But no, I didn’t say that. I walked away feeling like my pots were not very good.  I knew it was impossible to have perfect bottoms unless I quit carving frantically, quit adding details like a madwoman, and of course, if I stopped listening to the call of intuition, the zone, the higher self, and all those little faerie-like spirits that always bossed me around. 

Even though my pots started with a nice smooth bottom…. they were never going to stay ‘perfect’ unless I simply made a series of cereal bowls.

BUT still I felt bad.   The production potter’s  comment probably meandered around haunting me for awhile.  I probably even wondered if I should change what I do so I could have clean perfect bottoms. 

I’m so glad I’m over that. I’m so glad that my imperfect break-the-rules pots evolved despite that part of me thought I SHOULD be following rules of symmetry and clean bottoms to be considered ‘good’. 

But then, I can’t take credit for this… it was that crazy inspiration of spirits who first introduced themselves as faeries who pushed me past my perceived concept of perfect. 

Whoaaa, I just connected a previous disconnected:  I guess they were my coaches.  And now I coach people to get past their own perfectionism, and the influence of others,  that stops them dead in their tracks.  Well, I’ll be darned.

Here’s to less and scapes and tiny feets

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Here’s to movies and mindless
Painting and timeless
Storytelling and escape
Nature and starscapes

Heres to tired, and to flying
Showing up and to sighing
And to each miniscule move of a child..
The tweek of their cheek,
Big stairs and tiny feet

Here’s to mud and it’s call
Here’s to good news
Here’s to voicelessness not mattering,
Here’s to more mud and it’s splattering.

Janet L. Whitehead.  Nov 2010

(OH MY GOLLY GEE, I AM a poet!! Who knew!!!  Okay, I really tried to post this here like a proper poet might, but people, i’m so excited.  I am known for bad poetry.. it’s intentionallly bad because then it’s funny, but good poetry never ever ever. But look what I did?  This is good, right?  THIS is what happens in Muse Groups… a little trigger and one discovers one’s brilliance, amongst other things.   Wow, I rock, right?    Sheesh, one would think I’d never written a good poem before by this rant of celebration!  What makes this even funnier is that I’m the facilitator of the Muse Groups. ha!)

Deadlines cause creation

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There is a cure for all of the barriers we, the creatively inclined, have.  It ends procrastination, percolation, self sabotage, and avoidance.  Excuses will stop. You know the ones:  “I have to clean the house’, “I have to feed the baby” (okay, that’s a pretty legit one), “I have to do my taxes”, “I have to just check these emails”, “oh, Grey’s Anatomy is on.”  It’s amazing what a creative can do to not create.  

The cure?  Book yourself an exhibition.  Book an art show and sale.  Book a book signing.  You may still procrastinate.  And you will rightfully percolate the thoughts, ideas, techniques, concepts for quite some time. But eventually, you will look at the date and say, “Oh shoot, I have to do it now.”   Yup, deadlines stop all the self talk, tests, and general meanderings.  If you leave it too long before you start, you’ll even miss Grey’s Anatomy willingly.   Because once you give yourself permission to just get it done, you immerse yourself in the process of creation that you love, and you wonder, once again, why did I leave it so long?

Sure, there are other ways to get creating or doing whatever it is your heart truly desires.  Coaching helps to find your best way to be creating or moving forward in any area of your life with less stress, more gentleness, less self sabotage, more joy…  But, if coaching is not an option right now –  a surefire cure is to book the event where your work will be shown.

Be audacious.. book a show.    Trust me, I know all about this. Have you noticed I haven’t sent out a newsletter this month?  Yup, working on a deadline!

Bumper Car Adventures

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From my journal.. a little story inspired by today’s “Journal Juju”  from The Awe-Manac by Jill Badonsky. 

“In my teal blue bumper car armoured with thick gloss black rubber, I crash mercilessly into Lacka Financy in her pompous little goody two shoe car covered in tiny martyrs and tidbits of rust.

Oh! She crumbles, bumper car and all!

The kindly custodian sweeps her away so I can crash playfully, joyously and with all the glorious adrenalin rush of waterskiing, smack into A.Bund Dancing who cheers enthusiastically “You win! You win!”

Buckets of financial freedom, including good old $1000 bills sprinkle down on me. The kindly custodian sweeps them up and places it all in an enormous bucket labelled “Janet’s” so that I may  continue to crash into FREinD Famly, Ide Ahs and Adven Chures.. having so much fun laughing that tears pour down my face, my tummy muscles hurt (nicely) but I don’t pee my pants.”

Hmmm.. is this going to be a book? My friend Heather thinks so.. hmm.  Okay, please consider it copyrighted.  (smile) Oh, and by the way, for the Creatives out there… I believe our creations are copyrighted the moment they are created.  I think there might even be something about ‘the moment the idea is conceived’.   Definately don’t take my word for it.. Check your country / state/province legislation… but generally we creative sorts are protected! Somebody in politics knows how special we are!

Back to bumper cars:  Feel free to write whatever you are inspired to write based on: If you were a bumper car, who or what would you be bumping into? …. and then go buy The Awe-Manac for more inspiritional triggers!

More about Jill?  
Share your Awe-Manac journalling treasures and insights:

Faeries! I procrastinate!

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Note from Janet:  a little crossover thing is happening.  This will introduce you to the faeries’ blog.  Occasionally posts from here goes to their blog, but for the most part they are different.  The faeries are rather special. And in an odd sort of way they coach… from a faerie perspective.  You can write to them there for coaching. It’s a bit of a Dear Abby thing, but faerie style.  But don’t blame me for what they have to say.    Here’s the post:

Dear Faeries!  I procrastinate.  I never “get to things.” The days putter by.  Sometimes it’s like I’m spinning my wheels.  Help!
Sincerely, wheel spinning do nothinger


{“OHHHHHH, LOOK!  498-_)(KEddee;a   Someone found us, again!!  A MORTAL!!  They found us again!” Faeries jump for joy all ove rpqiu4234  all over the keyboard}

Oh, hello Mortal.. er.. Wheel,

We are here for you, buddy.   Here are definitions of procrastination:
Procrastination 1: not getting around to doing the things you don’t like doing,
Procrastination 2: not getting around to doing the things you like or even LOVE to do.

Soooo, why even bother trying to get to the things you don’t like doing? 
         (“umm, faeries, in the people realm, sometimes people have to do things like pay bills when it’s not a fun thing for them to do.” whispers potter/coach/writer or whatever faeries choose to name Janet on this particular day.   Faeries look at Janet in a “well, there’s a simple answer to that, now isn’t there” kind of way.)

Soooo, why don’t you get someone who likes to do the things you don’t like to do to do it for you?
That solved, now Procrastination 2.  This is much more of a challenge for you people types. Oh, the history of people not letting themselves do what they love is soooo convoluted!!  But here’s a start for your thoughts.  Put this in your thoughts.  Let it simmer.  IF I ALLOW MYSELF TO BE DOING WHAT I LOVE, I WILL MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE THINGS I DON’T LOVE.

Now get back to us in 3 sleeps and tell us what you are thinking, oh wondrous Wheel.

Magically, Faeries.

{“I think that’s pretty good, don’t you” one faerie smiles at another. “of course it is. We’re so good.” and off they go to celebrate.  Because faeries are always celebrating. That’s probably why they are faeries and not people.  “Excuse me?  Who said THAT?” potter/janet questions as she looks about the room full of faeries and such.  hmmph. It wasn’t any of them.  Odd.}

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