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I have a cold! and Did you Know Evalee fed me her $45 Wrist Bouquet?

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I never get colds.. but here I am with a cold.  I’m sure the cure is to do whatever I feel like.  Maybe I’m just supposed to relax and re-adjust to the coolish Canadian weather?  So, what I’ve been doing is adding photos, and some ‘addendums’ (in italics) to some of the travel and wedding posts.  I am adoring reflecting on this trip!  

The wedding… really so amazing.  The location had such a beautiful ‘clear’ energy, the Bride, Groom and actually all of the family also had an amazing energy about us.  We’re a good bunch.  (smile)  Especially the wee Evalee! What a joy. And when she wasn’t feeling quite so ‘joyous’ she just added some humour by having a meltdown or two that day.   (Not long after the wedding, she popped two molars!)    I’m laughing as I recall the wee Evalee with her $45 wrist bouquet of roses, in my arms during the ceremony… PICKING the petals off and trying to feed them to me.  She may have ate some herself.   I wonder if rose petals are good for teething.  Sometimes babies know best.

Courtney made good decisions in planning their wedding.. she turned down the option of a bouquet for Evalee, because she knew Evalee would just throw it aside.  I don’t think Courtney foresaw Evalee actually EATING her wrist bouquet… but she did suspect it wouldn’t last long one way or another.  Good thinking.  Worth the $45 for the story, though! 

And on that note of planning a destination wedding with a baby in tow….  Prior to the travels, we did realize that perhaps the reason to get married before having babies is that the whole thing could be much simpler.  You know, I suppose that’s not a bad idea.  But all of us know that our trip and the wedding was made just that much more beautiful with Evalee a part of it all. 

Enjoy the photos if you happen to peruse through the blog.  I’ll get to the Turkey ones right now….

Oh oh. My camera died. How will I go on from here?

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Family who might be reading this are now gasping and saying, “Oh my god, what will she do???”   I’m somewhat hooked on taking pictures.  A lot of pictures.  It’s an obsession/habit/… and it’s gotten so much worse since digital, cuz now I can take a million shots of one scene, knowing that I’ll get at least one nice one… then I keep them all anyway!  (well, not all.  but most..  all, if it’s Evalee in the picture)

My camera has been miserable since I got it.. it’s been sent back, ‘repaired’, and was going to be sent back after the trip anyway.  But now instead of getting photos that happen 4 seconds after the original shot was intended,  I get nothing.  It should have been a good camera, my Optio W30.. waterproof, dustproof, and all… but no, it’s a piece of …….  oops.  that’s not a polite thought.

My cheapest option to buy one in wee Paleohora, Crete is about $150.  hmm.  MAYBE.. WAIT! I’M haiving an AHA MOMENT!  RIGHT NOW! AS I WRITE!  MAYBE I WILL TRY TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A CAMERA ON THE TRIP!  (This is in keeping with the book I’m reading “Yes Man”)  EVERYTIME I want to take a PICTURE I WILL DO SOMETHING ELSE TO REMEMBER THE MOMENT!

That’s crazy.  That could be a lot of ‘moments’ to find alternate ways to remember.  A lot of sketching, painting, writing.  Wait, I could play more with this left brain/right brain studying I’m doing..  Exactly which part of our brain stores memories?  Or better yet, I can soulfully request that I remember.   Hmmm.. Surely there’s something to this plan, though, since it was an AHA moment and all.  And I’ll save myself $150 dollars!

The lambs in my basement… yes, there are two.  I decided to explore myself and as I approached, a lamb came out of the basement to greet me.  Very cute.  And took me back to meet the littlest lamb ever, who was enclosed behind a piece of wood in a dark corner.  The greeting lamb jumped back into their pen.  Isn’t that amazing that he/she doesn’t run away?  I don’t think it’s the mother… but could be, that would explain not running away.   Somebody seems to stop by sometimes, and the lambs look just ‘okay’…  but I don’t see food, or water.

If I can find the hotel owners, I will ask if anyone is looking after the lambs.  They eat lamb here.  (we don’t in Canada, right?  And don’t try to tell me we do, because I don’t want to know)   I kind of want to sneak them out into the wilderness… but I know nothing about lambs and their ability to survive.. let alone what they eat.   Hmm, I can find all this on the internet at only 3 euro’s an hour at this spot!

Today was a hot swimming in the sea kind of day.  Even with eyes open under salty water!  Who could resist looking at the beautiful sculptures of lava stone underwater in the green blue sea?

Off I go..  researching lambs, greece, bulgaria, and cameras….

Did you do something extraordinary for you yet?

OH, what an extraordinary wedding!!

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The minute Courtney walked down the staircase hanging over the Caldera of Santorini,  we all knew  this adventure was worth every second of planning.. and more.  The minute I go to an  internet place where the  keyboard works, and where I can add pictures I will add some.

The wedding was fabulous!  absolutely amazing… this plan of theirs was perfect..  maybe even especially so.. with Evalee crying in the lead! (pretty cute, and she soon walked her way down with Megan!)  They all looked so beautiful.  and  Cody handsome.   (i unfortunately looked like the haggard mother of the bride…  Evalee spilled her bottle on my dress on the way to the wedding.. i never did get my hair done nice…  fortunately i didn’t know how bad my dress was until i looked in a mirror much later.  photoshop, i guess  (smile)
it was such  an extraordinary day… a highlight was the champagne toast Cody made ,  about when opposites attrace…  we all were crying at his toast,   The dinner  was fabulous – more amazing than any restaurant I’ve ever been to, then we hung out on a roof top, under the ‘day after full moon’ moon, overlooking the caldera and sea where Atlantis may once have been…  and we laughed til after midnight.
Court and Cody are so happy.  Evalee was a hoot!

The Bride is healthy again and ate her wedding feast.  The Baby with   spots that are apparently mosquito bites, is not feeling quite so well.    More soon.    But for the moment, all I can say is this wedding on all levels was a most extraordinary event!

The Bridesmaid got home at 7 am.

And soon the rest of the family will be on their  way to other locations, I’m not sure where I”m going.. but I will then tell the story of the  WEdding Dress Trinkets!

Post trip addendum:   Really there’s so much more to say about a wedding held on the caldera of Santorini.. where some believe Atlantis once existed..and the energy definately has an ancient magical feel.  And more can be said about the Traditional Greek Musicians leading the couple to their dinner reception, and the first dance with Evalee being such a joy wrapped in her Mommy’s skirt, and the sunset, a cake that melted in our mouths, and the dinner of our choice.. pigeon, rabbit, beef,  shrimp cocktails, etc etc in the world famous Selene Restaurant…..

Ya, so much more to say.  Like the baby’s bottle spilled all over my dress on the way to the wedding!  And the speech that Cody made that is likely the best speech I’ve ever heard!   And the wedding games… oh, that was good.     hmm..   yes, much more to say!

Photos and Wedding Dress Trinkets are a few posts later.

who knew one could change the date of a wedding with one day notice?

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this will be quick,… cranky, dirty baby with spots on her face in my arms.   today was to be the wedding day, but alas, the bride got very sick yesterday.  who knew a wedding planner could change the entire thing to the following day?  she’s worth her weight in gold.   tomorrow is the wedding day… wed october 15 5pm greek time… send love! 

trip has been crazy and grand… and soon will write more… apres wedding.   baby is now at my feet.  with spots on her face. anyone know good makeup for a 16 month old flower girl?  thank gom for photoshop!  (smile)   okay… we must find somethiing to eat.

Apres Trip Addendum:  HEY I never mentioned in the blog about the other great surprise that we all kept a great secret until 2 days before the wedding….  Cody’s brothers, Jamie and Nick, came to the wedding! Everyone knew except Cody.  And everyone kept it a secret.  But alas, Cody himself discovered the surprise just before their arrival. He went to pick up his parents at the airport.. and be damned if the airline clerk didn’t say “Jamie and Nick Charlton?” when Cody inquired about the planes arrival time!  However, it was still an amazing event having his brothers arrive!

The Matron of Honour’s shoes are purchased, and toilets.

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Megan has shoes… we were a little worried that the best she might fine had a bit of an alien look to them, but she soon found some pretty ones that she might not even want to throw away later!  (She’s not ‘silver dress shoe’ inclined)  A person could plan to come to the Islands for a wedding, and arrive completely unattired (but who wouldn’t want to drag a wedding dress through Turkey and Greece??)  …  and then purchase the ‘goods’ here… but really, who wants to shop the whole time on the Greek Islands?  

I love the magical tidbits I have gathered for the dress…  Since Courtney, I”m certain, will not discover my blog, I’ll mention this:   each magical piece will be stitched inside the dress skirt, and I will write the story and wishes that goes with each one.   I haven’t found anything here in  Greece… but each piece  (which I’m not giving details on yet, just in case)  is more than a ‘travel treasure”… so we will see if something shows itself.

Not toilets or shoes, but this is the Bride and Maid of Honour!

Not toilets or shoes, but this is the Bride and Maid of Honour!

Toilets:   I’m glad that my daughter will be doing a presentation in Kamloops  on toilets of the world.  Although it’s a common practise humanity wide… the method is not.   I don’t really love that we can not flush paper in Turkey or Greece.  So toilet paper has to go in garbage cans.  Good thing girls don’t poo.   (Readers, that’s a family inside joke. )

Farsi toilets (squatters) really are brilliant.  (A hole in the floor with porcelain foot placement steps on either side)  They are all over Turkey, but I’ve yet to see one in Greece.  A lot of toilets don’t have lids in Greece.. Cody thought maybe we are supposed to stand on the edge!   ha!  I think he was trying to convince me so that I would do something terribly foolish.

Nice blog, wedding shoes and toilets all in one.   hmmmm…..

Amazing the difference between Greek and Turkish people.  The Turkish are wonderful, friendly, exhuberant about getting you into their stores and hotels.  { I taught one turkish fellow not to say to women walking by: “You are shiny, come come to my place”  I suggested he say, “We have good coffee, american and turkish, you are welcome to come in”}     The Greeks are on their cell phones and don’t seem so thrilled if you come into their stores or hotels.  It’s a funny place, Greece.. I’ve written much more about it in my journal.    A turkish woman said the turkish men even annoy her with their exhuberance, but I told her that in Canada, one is lucky if a store clerk speaks to you when you go in, although generally they don’t look annoyed that you came in (like some Greeks do.. Not all) ….  so perhaps a midway point would be nicer.

Okay, I’m off to hike up the mountain to our room.   And I think we will research the adventurous things we can do… we all want to go kite boarding, but perhaps after the wedding.   Efharesto for reading this!

Plane, train,bus,taxi…

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We started at 6 am, caught a bus from Secuk to ‘almost’ airport. dropped off on highway, and walked to airport.  flew to istanbul.  metro to our hotel.  dropped off my backpack, emptied megans and took it with us to get the …. drum roll… wedding dress and full attire.  (Have I mentioned the suit, the rings. Evalee’s dress, my dress and all our shoes, etc.. are included in this adventure?)    so then, a bus, metro, ferry, bus, dolmus to pick up the wedding dress and all, and the rest of Megan’s things… then a taxi and dolmus, ferry and metro back to hotel.  I think it took 8 hours on a very warm day.  Megan says 5.  Either way, it’s all worth it… the wedding attire has been safely stored by a lovely family and now is ready to go to athens.  After a night in a dorm hotel.  Gotta love how frugal Megan is… and how many people you meet in these hotels.   It’s late, must go to bed… but do know that there are magical treasure gathering for the wedding dress, and Papa’s pant leg was surrogate dress as we explored extraordinary places in Turkey.  

oh! the day started with a huge tropical storm and ended the same.  but sunny and warm in between!

The Motherhood of the Travelling Wedding Dress

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Yes, that is what it has become…. I’m excited about this. Even if I am writing right now to avoid finishing trying to fit everything into that backpack, which has gotten very heavy! I suspect I should have been working out more. I suspect that Victor will understand how much I’m visualizing that ‘getting in shape’ tonight!

So, I get to take the wedding dress and as it turns out the grooms suit on an adventure. I can’t say a lot about this plan because it’s a secret til the wedding, but I will note.. the magic began today, here in Kamloops.

And the whole research thing??? Yup, well, I was inspired to call a very wise friend.. versed in all ancient history, mythology, and more.. both the traditional and untraditional versions. As the conversation evolved, we realized Wayne and I could stay connected through this trip… he has agreed to be my resource/research assistant/ intuitive idea sharer as I am on my journey. This is another long story.. and I do have to pack… but isn’t it absolutely incredible how the most amazing resources can fall into place. I hope I get to write while away.. this is fun… (I do have a journal!!) and now, off I go. To Pack, To maybe sleep tonight, and to Turkey and Greece!

And one more thing to mention… Oh MY GOM, am I ever going to miss the wee Evalee! It’ll only be two weeks til I see her. Her parents suggested that I take her with me now. (hmm.. it’s the lack of sleep, I think) But we didn’t really plan ahead enough to do that. Although it’s starting to seem that it might be easier to ‘pack’ a baby and all of her ‘things’ than to pack what I’m doing right now.

This is entirely untrue. I know. Which is why I am taking the dress, etc.. cuz they have a booster seat, child tent, child back pack, etc, etc, etc……. They will be lucky to fit any clothes at all for themselves. Oh well.. they’re newlyweds.. they don’t need clothes. Oh I cannot believe I wrote that. ha ha! I’m getting delirious.

ah, I will miss her and her mommy and daddy. 14 sleeps and we’ll get to play together. 2 sleeps and I’ll get to see Megan!!!!

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