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Farmvillain Exit

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Ah, yes… the coach who understands creatives has inspired me to leave the topiaries, elephants, ugly ducklings and fellow farmvillains. That coach being me. Me  also being a creative being who can easily be distracted, thus sabotaging my own creative projects – even though I attempted to justify being a Farmvillain by my creative play with it.   Not going into an essay on why creatives do this, but alas, we do.. even we who know so much better. So let’s call my soiree with Farmville a reminder of that.. and although my time there was reduced to once a day or less (because really I only had trees left to harvest), I still was tempted to alter my ever growing labyrinth. 

You too can leave Farmville. Click, sell, click, sell, click sell.  Everything gone.  But darn, there’s money left then! If you are like me, I couldn’t leave the gold in an account so this is my last hurrah:

farmville bye

Off I go now.. to write and perhaps illustrate my next workbook.  Shall I do the pirate themed “change your thoughts about money” one.. or perhaps one ‘how not to be your most creative self – facebook games”    hee hee.

Ps. Unless someone knows otherwise, you still cannot delete your farm. You can block the application, you can block accepting gifts.. but when you type in farmville and go back in, you are still there.  Anyone know otherwise?

Hey, I heard Yoville is a good game…..    (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)

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