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Rockin’ Wisdom from a Four Year Old

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My grandaughter, Evalee, was potting on the wheel again yesterday. Her pot started to collapse but she saved it easily. I commented that that was a very hard thing to do; save a pot that is bending.  She said, “Maybe you could tell people I can save my pots.”

She’s 4. She still remembers that being acknowledged is good for the soul. I hope we don’t take that away from her.

As adults, we can be frightfully independant and constantly insist that being acknowledged is not important. As creative adults, we’ve likely learned this as a direct result of all the really dumb responses we’ve heard from people ‘not -of -like -mind’ (which is at least 80% of the rest of the world)

You know the responses I mean:

Don’t quit your day job.”

I think you should be doing it…. this way, that way, etc etc” –  an endless array of advice that only serves to overwhelm, undervalue, make you feel incompetent, and take the wind out of your sails. Ya, you get the picture.

You’re wasting your time writing.” (painting. dancing, dreaming. even thinking!)

OR how about when they change the topic to something like “oh, and how’s work?” because they think that your wingy right brain thoughts, concepts, and ideas are distracting you from the ‘real meaning of life.’

And especially… the roll of the eyes, because you’ve happened to have a lot of ideas and they doubt you’ll ever bring them to fruition.  Okay, let me say here.. those responding who are uneducated in the ways of the right brain thinker have played a major role in the difficulty in bringing things to fruition.   Support and acknowledgement… it does empower.  Understanding that a creative being HAS many ideas would be one step in educating.  Alas, the poor creative folk have been so misunderstood.

But this is not just about ‘right- brain’, ‘thinking-differently’ folks.  I’m just suggesting that we are less likely than others to seek out acknowledgement because acknowledgement has failed so badly in the past.

There still exists that undercurrent of belief that if you acknowledge any person’s accomplishments, they might get a ‘big head’.  Yes, that myth from way back still lurks.  Big head, my butt.  They’ll get confidence.

And so, learn from my 4 year old grandaughter.  Acknowledgement is empowering. People are meant to have community, a tribe, kindred spirits that support each other. Being empowered by acknowledgement is not being weak… it is an essential part of our being human.

Now,  go tell someone they rock.  Heck, go tell someone you rock. And if you happen to say it to the rolling eye person, laugh out loud, knowing you know something they don’t.

Okay, I’m giggling here.  What if we all went up to anyone who would listen and blurted out our accomplishments?  That would be one heck of a way to find our ‘tribes’!

By the way, I told  Evalee that I posted her accomplishment to my friends on facebook. You know what she said?  “Oh, are you going to write a book about it too?”

Where did that come from I wonder!    She does  TOTALLY rock!!!!  She inspired this post!

ps. Dang, that felt good. My grandaughter knows I’m a writer!

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