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Too Much Information is a Good Thing in an Evolutionary Kind of Way

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     Hurray for our crazy information-inundated world for forcing us quickly into our next phase of mortal evolution:

Fully accessing our intuition and inner knowing!

It’s become nearly impossible to know what is credible, what is not, what email would be valuable to open, what one isn’t valuable in that moment…. even photos no longer tell a truth with everyone having access to photoshop.

The advice out there is overwhelming, conflicting, often inspired only by making money, does not require credentials to give out ‘facts’.. and even credentials, scientific research and the written words we once had some faith in, are questionable.

So, of course, the obvious evolutionary next step is for all of us to use our intuition in all that we do; from what we eat to who we connect with to how we live each day.

Phew. ‘Bout time, I say.  Wanna practise?

Short Sweet Questions: Little ways to practise hearing your own wise inner answers.

Give yourself permission to play this way… small and simple… because each time you recognize you have your own answers, you build trust and open the door to the even bigger realm of intuition.

Difficult situation?

Ask yourself “How can I make this fun or funny?”

This ‘absurd’ question leads to a new way of looking at things and can ease the difficulty at least a little.  I’ve asked myself this, almost sarcastically, in very difficult situations.. and something good, something from the soul,  has always evolved.

Can’t break a habit or pattern that seems to be self sabotaging?

Ask yourself “If I had to come up with a value or a reason it IS important for me to have this current habit/pattern, what is it?”

There is an underlying reason that has enough value to keep us from making a change. Only you have the real answer. And once that answer is out in the open, the next steps will become clearer.

Making choices? Weigh each one out by asking yourself, “How does this one feel in my body?”  

It may not be easy to trust the ‘lighter feeling’ answer automatically.. there’s a lifetime of telling you this is ‘flakey’..but it’s a very cool step towards connecting to what you intuitively already know.

Here’s the best question of all

Ask Yourself: “How do I already access my intuition and knowing? What’s worked for me in the past?”

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