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Do you own this ship?

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Do you own this ship? I couldn't find you to proposition you!

Do you own this ship? I couldn't find you to proposition you!

Exploring, Dreaming, Discovering…On my Turkey and Greece adventure, I met wonderful people and  heard their inspiring stories,  painted, studied perspective, (both in drawing and in thinking), hosted a couple of workshops, had some impromptu coaching sessions, reflected on ancient history and mythology (including the muses, of course!) and how it affects where we are today, explored amazing art and architecture, had some really great laughs, acquired a new son-in-law, and had only one injury.  And I have a whole new novel of the magical sort in my head, waiting to be written.
I did not however, find the owner of this ship. 
Nor did I reach the mysterious person by phone in Delphi.
But hey.  Next time.

ps lambs and camera update

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ps.  The little lambs both got out of pen and became my friends.  Sort of.. at least they always ran over to see me, let me pat them briefly then snubbed their nose at me because I didn’t have food.  They were free to go, but apparently liked their home.  So that made me feel better, busy body that I was.

The camera after one day of demise .. a day of small village parades and seeing a car called a “Megane!” , and a nude beach plastered with signs ‘no nudism’ and naked bodies….  .. anyway, the camera recuperated and is now working again.. inasmuch as it has ever worked.  The cameraless day I did try to sketch the things I couldn’t take a picture of.. including 4 year old style drawings of nudes…  but in the end, I think being cameraless is what triggered a cranky day,  which made me want to ‘get on the move’ again,  which may or may not have triggered a badly strained wrist which led to the egyptian man, which led to Delphi.   (see previous blog)  See?  Look how one can realize a crappy day may have been meant to get you somewhere else.

Who knew I had fears to overcome?

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New job? Snake Vendor

New job? Snake Vendor

Ha!  Briefly…  yesterday, I sat with Cobra wrapped around me.  I have a photo but can’t scan it.  I was practising to see if this might be a good job for me….  coaxing people to have their picture taken with a snake  for only 5 euro.  (more in summer, of course)    I’d be good at this. I could talk to people about fear – and if they let go this fear, it allows for other exciting adventures that are simply waiting until there is ‘room’.

And then I remembered that I am afraid of snakes.   I guess not so much anymore.  It was a bizarre experience…  especially the strength of the snake and the fact that he/she  kept bringing her face closer and closer to mine.

And of course, there’s the motorcycles… which I am not longer afraid of.

And who knows why I got to have those moments of fear with the creepy guy waiting for me? Or perhaps not fear as much as extreme caution?   I got over that quickly.. in fact forgot to be ‘concerned’ at all the next night.

And so I get to contemplate fear….   It is such a big energy that can keep us from moving forward, or perhaps sometimes propels us forward….   but hey, that’s a whole article I could write.  And now, I”m going to play in the waves.

Ships, Mermaids, and of course strange buildings

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Funny.  The architecture of Hania is not all that unlike my storypaintings.  I have several paintings done..  including a mermaid on a rock in the crashing sea that I sit beside and paddle in for hours at a time.   Okay, the mermaid painting is not really well done… but it’s simply got to be full of magic!

Currently planning my next stop…. southern crete to a beachfront room, I think.

Have I mentioned that I have rewritten ancient mythology in my head?  Ya, it’s not at all like what I read in the books.

And because I am passionate about passions and gifts.. I’ve also been reading “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain”    When I realized that this book is more about accessing right brain thinking..  than simply drawing, I was intrigued.  I love this book… it affirms so much that I’ve believed, and inspires more ideas for including in workshops.

A second book I’ve read in Brida by Paulo Coehlo….  Later I’ll check if I wrote about this in the blog.  There are some powerful quotes I’ll add if I haven’t already.

Okay, now to check bus schedules.   Find some cash, because much to my amazement most hotels etc only take cash payment!!!!!!    So much for Visa.   Oh, I could Visa some cash.  (ouch!)

Hania, Crete

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Couldn't find owner to proposition him!

Couldn't find owner to proposition him (or her?)

My Hania home and studio

My Hania home and studio

Soon to book a quaint hotel in a Hania old town port.. with space to paint… balcony to sip coffee and watch the ships come in.   Allowing plenty of time to find fishermen or other sail boat captains to take me out on their ships!   Still with most the family, although all are about to go their own ways.  (Okay, Megan has gone her own way .. .. more inclined to find a beach to camp on.   We had a hug, and ‘maybe we’ll see you soon’ and ‘if not, happy birthday and I”ll see you at home!! Love, you”

Evalee is doing well for all this adventure, so adorable, even with spots on her face.  I bought her a jumping spider today.  She likes that. But both mommy and her are tired.  Court still recuperating from sick time, but enjoying the sites anyway!

After 30 years, I got to swim into cave!

After 30 years, I got to swim to my cave!

And I swam to the cave in Santorini that I tried to swim to 30 years ago, but there were too many jelly fish on the day I wanted to so long ago.   The harbour has changed, but I stripped down and swam amongst the fishing boat ropes and into the cave.  I am so thrilled.   And besides it felt good after the long hot donkey ride to get there!.

And that’s my brief  update for the moment….  must go soak in the magic of this place… so many stories to tell, and will write those as soon as I am settled into my little paint studio.

Life is good.  And pics are hard to upload.  soon soon.

Kathleen, are you reading this?  Hello!  Thinking of you

lots!  I know you’d love pics soon!

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