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Writerly – Why? What? What’s next?

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Hello my favourite people who follow the blog I am most likely to keep up!

You may have noticed I’m getting to put all my creative passions into a new project: Writerly Kits.  Coaching, creativity coaching. Writing. Painting. Pottery. Coffee. Ships. Alternate Identity Trading Company. A hint of magic.  Insightful contributions from grandchildren. And especially, supporting others to find their best way to get to the things that truly matter. That matters.

I’m delighted by this project. Only the endless learning around getting the word out there is a bit of an … um… endless learning. Ha ha. But I’m learning.

I’m sharing what’s inside these Writerly Kits. Just thought you’d like to know more about this crazy project.
I’d absolutely love to hear what you think about this concept, and would appreciate any ideas you’d like to share.  Thanks in advance!

September “Imagination Gone Wild”  2018 Kit Reveal

Imagination Gone Wild!

The Theme: Landing on doorsteps now, an  experience that will take your imagination and intuition to a whole new level!  Really, this is a gift for you from your imagination.

As creative folks, I know you already have a good imagination. You already do think outside the box. But, we do end up creating a new box – it’s a weirder shape than the average box  but it, too, can use some wild ways to take it up a notch;  for writing our books, for making it easier to get to our writing, and even more, to enhance all we do in our lives.

What’s included:

Birchwood Kit: Value $40

Writerly Notebook and Planner: Value $44  An unusual twist –  getting to use your imagination to help you get organized and focussed in a way that makes sense to you. Our imagination is everything – including key to making those typically logical left brain functions work better!

For your planner, we’ve included:

  1. Birchwood engraved notebook covers, designed by us and created by Kyle Rankin and Kamloops Makerspace.
  2. Dividers with a pocket, an old fashioned library card,and an oldstyle luggage tag.
  3. Sections:
    1. Weekly planner pages
    2. Creativity and imagination builders
    3. Quality plain paper
    4. Lined paper
    5. Post-it dividers
    6. Art paper
    7. Torn paper (with a purpose!)

Sharpie Fine Art Pens:  Value $5 The best thing Sharpie has made yet, we think!

Alternate Identity Trading Company Cards: Value $12  A collection of wild characters nagged to be included to assist writers as they take their imaginations to a whole new level, or ten.

Character stickers: Value $4  Explore traits, quirks, and even sleeping habits of the characters in your stories, (or even in your novel mind!) Great moveable stickers for your writerly notebook!

Zack’s Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans: Value $5   Locally roasted and loved and wow to kicking your imagination in gear!

Zack’s Costa Rica Blend Coffee Beans: Value $4  A favourite in town!

Imagine Calm Lavender:  Value $5  To calm that wild mind when needed. Grown, harvested and created by children who also sprinkled extra magic on top.

Do Not Disturb Door/computer hanger:  Value $ 6  Fun, isn’t it?

Letter from Indie Author, Dennis Staginnus:  Priceless support and encouragement

Letter to and from your imagination: $3

Green Tea packets: $1

Wood Kit total retail value: $129

Kraft Kit total retail value: $89  (1st and 4th kits are wood, 2nd and 3rd  kits arrive in our beautiful kraft manuscript size box, repeating)

All for subscriber price of $68 (or less if you choose 6 month or yearly subscription options)

This kit is too precious not to make available for a little longer. Check it out here  


What’s Next?

Arriving on your doorstep just in time for
Hallowe’en and NANOWRIMO

Not kitschy Hallowe’eny – this classy kit arrives at a perfect time of year to make friends with your creative monsters and the book that haunts you.
This is the boost you’ll love to get your damn book done!


And this is what was in our first ever Writerly Kit:  “Seaworthy”
July 2018

Item by item reveal, plus a sweet box opening video here.

Sailing in Real Life: Finding Brave Again.

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Hawaiian chieftan

Hawaiian Chieftain

As I considered the title of this blog, I typed “Sailing.” Then I laughed and thought, “Oh they’ll think it’s another imagination technique.” Then I laughed again thinking, “Well, it was an imagination technique that led me to real life sailing!”

Yup, visualizing,dreaming, doodling and painting endless mystical tall ships; these  just spill over into real life in a most amazing way. Huh. I guess imagination and reality aren’t really separate, after all.

Imagining bravery and courage isn’t separate from reality either. Albeit I’ve yet to be as swashbucklin’ and as much of a monkey in the rigs as the imaginary brave and courageous sailor who plays in my thoughts. But the imaginary does get me on the deck of a real Tall Ship, and it gets me climbing aloft – with some anxiousness and trepidation – but still, climbing aloft. The imaginary hasn’t gotten me aloft while feeling seasick, or when it looked like the other sailors would be much better suited to be setting or furling sails in great rolling swells. Ha ha.

But still. Imagining the possibility. Pretending I have a few seconds of outrageous  bravery to commit to such a crazy adventure;  those things have me, today, packing up for a week sail as crew on the Hawaiian Chieftain, granddaughter in tow because it’s a family adventure through the San Juan Islands!!

I am nervous. I’m nervous because I’ve forgotten the knots and I don’t know all the lines on this ship. (Sister ship to the one I trained on, Lady Washington)  I’m nervous cuz I’m really such a beginner sailor and will they have high expectations of me because I ‘made the cut’ in training?  I’m not actually nervous about going aloft, but a little concerned about my strength, given I had an injury this spring that had kept me from getting really fit.  It’s better now. But I’m not super strong.

Oh wait. I’ll imagine super strong.

And I’ll remember how stepping on the Lady Washington last fall triggered a strength I didn’t even know I had.

I’ll think of these things, right now. And feel the energy of that  in my body.

I’ll imagine the swashbucklin’ wild red haired sailor chomping at the bit to get back to the sea and who knows every knot every concocted.

Okay. I’m good.



I can do this. I did it before! Aloft on Lady Washington


Soon to be scrubbing decks, but on the Hawaiian Chieftain. I do love scrubbing decks!

P.S. If you’ve ever wished you could sail on a Tall Ship, Grays Historical Seaport, with their two ships Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain, are the most welcoming organization, dedicated to the education of sailors and children, and to keep the history and spirit of Tall Ships alive.

My sincere apology to creativity, imagination and mystical tall ships

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“I’m so sorry. I am truly at fault here,” I say to imagination and creativity.

Creativity, and it’s biggest player, Imagination,  has spent lifetimes being dismissed, discredited, and at best, something you do when you’ve got everything else done, even though our creative mind is as much a part of our lives as breathing.  Would we give breathing so little recognition for it’s value?  Creativity could even use a new word to help people to pay attention.  You know how ‘God’ –  a tiny three letter word- can evoke so many stories, so much controversy, so much doubt, so much questioning and so much yearning,  that some people have trouble, or might even step right away from, defining and engaging with what God is for them. Sometimes I think God needs a new term. Like, “Universe” or “GOM – (Grand Old Magic)”

Ya, creativity is like that, needing something new.  It’s even easier to not define creativity… all the systems already did that for you- usually with a final touch suggesting creativity is a nice hobby and imagination is for kids.  Eek!

But what is really scary for me is that I’ve played a role in keeping creativity and  imagination in their ‘place’ in the general thinking of the world. This is not true of how I’ve interacted with the process of creativity and imagination on a personal level, nor is it entirely true of how I include it in coaching personal clients….and yes, I know, it’s obvious that I care about creativity and imagination,  but damn, I haven’t shared exactly how powerful, how magical, how therapeutic, how impossible becomes possible, how spiritual and how magical things can be when the creative thinking  and doing and being processes get the time and space they deserve.  And magical. Did I mention magical?

I’m sorry.

I know this stuff. Yet, knowing what I know, I’ve been resistant to share it all, because a lot of people will think I’m crazy.

“Really, Janet?  You think that’s been getting in your way?” asks some part of me.  Yes, I think I’ve been letting that get in the way.

I’m going to change that.

After all, mystical tall ships saved my life, faeries got me through grief, and a  leprechaun changed the direction of my entire career.

They deserve better than they’ve been getting.



Guided Imageries – Not the Woo Woo you might think they are.

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Mental imagery, creative visualization, meditation, journeying– there are many names and varying techniques for this powerful tool that can relax, empower, build confidence, heal and create changes that would have once been considered impossible.

In sport, elite athletes have used visualization techniques for decades.  Science has shown that an athlete who knows his sport meticulously well, can visualize being engaged in the sport and will have the same results physically as if he’d been physically active.  Not only will he develop confidence in his ability and visualize his success, but he will also build measurable muscle strength and blood oxygen levels.  An experienced musician who visualizes being engaged in his music will show the same brain wave patterns as when he is actually engaged in the music… thus making practise possible even when there’s no instrument nearby.

Years ago, I decided to practise this technique. On my last waterski runs of the season, I paid close attention to every detail, action, feeling, smell and sound.  During the winter, I regularly visualized skiing. The following Spring, I skied better on my first day out than I had ever skied in my life. What surprised me even more was that I didn’t have sore muscles the next day.  Already a proponent for the power of imagination, that experience helped me understand the limitless possibilities of our mind.

The possibilities go far beyond success in sport or visualizing a new car.  Visualization can reduce stress, break through barriers, provide inspiration, and clarify an individual’s truths, passions and answers.   Visualizations have been used since ancient times by healers, shamans, and Buddhists as a method of healing and of connecting to spirit. This ability is available to everyone.

So, why aren’t we all practising the art of visualization?  I have come to understand it’s not as simple as the movie ‘The Secret’ would have one think. It can be hard for an individual to stay focussed and we all have unconscious limiting beliefs and barriers that can prevent us from fully experiencing the power of visualization.
One of those limiting beliefs has been taught to us since our childhood. You’ve all heard this and have likely said it yourself:  “It’s only your imagination.” We have a history in our culture of discrediting the power of imagination and sadly, in that process, we have disempowered what could well be the most powerful tool we have.
And that is where guided imageries – visualization led by a ‘guide’- come in.

The guide is there to:

• lead the person to a relaxed and open minded state,

• ease them into a journey of their imagination, encouraging lightness and fun,

• gently keep the person focussed, and

• provide direction towards a discovery.

The person being guided is the one who will create the experience and make the discoveries. In essence, the guide provides the pallet and brushes and helps them stay seated at the easel, while the person being guided is the one who will create the painting and reveal their unique brilliance and discoveries.

Brilliant for adults, yes. But let’s not forget the children. As a child’s trusted parent or caregiver, you have an extraordinary opportunity to encourage and support what children innately already know; before the world confuses and disempowers their ability to imagine and to believe in extraordinary possibilities, and before the responsibility of daily tasks keeps them from giving any time to that powerful tool. Imagine the possibilities if your child never doubts their ability to visualize their strengths and successes– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; if they never doubt their ability to find their own answers within; and if they have the tools for inspiration, connection to the soul, and healing.

Makes it worth giving it a shot, doesn’t it?

Learn More:

Tips and Tools to lead guided imageries for childen:  Read online Kamloops Momma Magazine Issue 8 Page 10/11

Musings and Mud’s Fall Workshops :

  • Guided Imageries and Creative Visualizations for adults
  • Learn to Lead Guided Imageries for Children


“When I grow up I want to be a Novel”.. the series

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“When I grow up I want to be a NOVEL” – a self discovery series

I am delighted to announce I have published 3 self discovery workbooks and more on the way! Each workbook is a collection of unique, entertaining, thought- provoking and empowering exercises and activities designed to help you ‘self-coach’ your way to your answers!  Very affordable, very fun, and very powerful.  Oh, and fun.  (Did I mention that already?)A  great next step towards living the life you are meant to!

 Now Available:

Rekindling Imagination
  ~ You had it once, you can have it again. And it’s the sort of thinking that will get you where you want to be!

Did You Love Aliens?
~ a first step view into your passions and gifts. Bring them into your life!

  “Ya, Whatever”
     ~Journaling (of sorts) for the Journaling Challenged
aka.. I’ve bought way too many journals!
Find your unique way to reflect, re-assess, and go forward. 

  Future workbooks from the “When I grow up I want to be a Novel” series:

 The Demise of Noshud Hafta

 ~ a murder mystery of barriers and blocks.


The Faerie Way
 ~ shifting perspective… in a fantastical way.

The Pirate’s Way
~ How will you seize your tall ship? 
Action packed, crafty, calculated…using only the best of the pirate’s life to get things done.
…and not so much the drinking.

 Soul Whisperings
 ~ Magical ways to get there.

 Nobody ever notices me
~ getting the authentic  you into your small business

Sheesh, self-coaching has never been so fun. 

Intro Offer:
or set of 3 for $16.98
 (before the e-workbooks go on Amazon at regular price of $9.98)

Please come visit!  For more info and to purchase, click here:

Janet L Whitehead is a professional life coach, workshop facilitator, writer and artist. She coaches ‘with a creative soulful edge’ people who are in transition and those who want to make the most out of their lives, dreams and or small business.  Not surprisingly, many of her clients turn out to be right brain dominant thinkers (the creative side)  trying to function in a left brain world;  from business owners, new parents, students and retirees to visual artists , writers, and performing artists.

Janet has had a wonderful time creating this series of workbooks, knowing that they will open doors of discovery for anyone wishing to explore… whether they be an emerging artist, a student uncertain of their future, a mother wanting to access her creative side, a person wanting to get out of their current job, or a small business owner looking for new ways to market and build their business.

*Workbooks and Images by Janet L.Whitehead © 2008 

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