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Beyond All Imaginings – Phew!

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bai-front-coverPhew!  Beyond All Imaginings, my wildly magical memoir is published. It’s been a work in progress for quite some time. And some of that work in progress was my mind asking, “Really, Janet? Are you really going to share your story with the world?”

But then, last year, I was nagged/haunted/obsessed with the idea that it was time to put the story out into the world.  It wasn’t easy. After all, there will be some who will think me crazy. Or so I thought, anyway.

So far, nobody has claimed  me ‘crazy,’ though I suspect someone will and that’s okay now because the book is out there, doing more than I could have imagined.  Beyond All Imaginings is just my story, but it is opening doors of possibilities for others. I get teary at the beautiful stories and reviews shared back from readers.

I get teary at the synchronicities that are happening for readers, and for me as I sign personal copies. Magical connections are continuing beyond the story itself, it appears. It’s like the book has taken on a life of it’s own and I get to be a spectator.

I’m not the best at promoting (have you noticed?) – but I am very grateful this story got told and I can share it. Especially right now, when the world needs a little more magic.  Right now, if we can all open that door just a little more, perhaps we can start to make things going wrong in the world right.

What’s the story about? I’ve still not come up with an ‘in a nutshell’ synopsis. So I’m sharing the back cover story…  

This is the true story of magic and altering time and people who died and beings who introduced themselves as faeries… and this is a story of pottery.
It’s about smashed fingers, smashed dreams, smashed faeries and the value of throwing up your arms and saying “whatever.”
It’s about impossible things being possible and Rolling Stones playing on unplugged radios.
It’s about the tragic loss of loved ones and the heart-wrenching grief; and the magic of faerie-like beings showing up in my clay, on my pages, and in my home – which they did very much to my dismay, at least at first.
And a mystery; these same faeries insist on blowing themselves up!
This is the story that blurs your boundaries between reality and fantasy and leaves you wishing you could find your way into my world, albeit without the tragedies.
As you can imagine, this has not been a simple story to write. Hell, if it were fantasy it would have been easy… but this is my life.

Curious? Click here to read ‘inside’ on your favourite Amazon site.  Oh heck, I’ll share some reviews below.

If this story is calling to you and you might like a personally signed copy, please send me a message.



Ahhh, the show is almost open, the books here any minute..

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Random Conversations between the Left Brain and the Right Brain

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Left Brain: “That’s all well and good to dream but the reality is….”
Right Brain: “Reality? Don’t we create our own reality?”
Left Brain: “I know someone who tried that and failed.”
Right Brain: “ If I connect this to that, and adjusted this, and added a bit of colour here, and oh wait, I have another idea..”  and then adds, “hey, don’t we know someone who tried to make a light bulb hundreds of times?”  
Left Brain: “It has to be done by Friday”
Right Brain: “What’s a Friday?”
Left Brain: “It’s a little late to start a new career, don’t you think?”
Right Brain: “oh goody goody goody, something new to connect more of the little synapses.”
Left Brain: “You have to have money to make money.”
Right Brain: “Oh, shut up. How can I create what we need when you are always nagging at me?”
Left Brain: “The books say I should do it this way.”
Right Brain: “Shhh.. I think I’m getting a message from the universe.”
Left Brain: “Who am I to think I can?”
Right Brain: “How are you even attached to me?  I can do anything!”
Left Brain: “I’ve got to get this report done.”
Right Brain: “I’ve GOT TO PLAY!”
Left Brain: “I’m stumped. I’m going to have to think more creatively to get past this issue.”
Right Brain: “Whoooaaaa, did you just ask me for help?”
Left Brain: “Okay, we can do this if we come up with a plan that makes some sort of sense to me.”
Right Brain: “I don’t know what a plan is. I’m busy connecting the seemingly disconnected.”

Imagine the possibilities when both sides of the brain work together!
Do you have a creative idea that you’d like to move forward on?
Ask your left brain (politely) how it can help that idea come to fruition.

(Or Contact me. I can mediate.)
Left Brain:  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”
Right Brain:  “okay, now that’s just dumb.”


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Free workbook by Janet L Whitehead 2008

Free workbook by Janet L Whitehead 2008

“Did you love aliens?


 a first-step view into your world of passions and gifts.” 


 I’m delighted to announce our  downloadable self-coaching adventure! What fun for you!

 (What fun it was for me to create this!) It’s Free!

  This mini workbook will take you to a time and space where you’ll learn what you are doing, and/or can be doing, to bring your unique gifts to the forefront of your life.

 It’s free. It’s fun. It’s a thank you for letting us know you dropped by our website.
  I must tell you, you inspired this. When you so kindly said “keep me informed” about our antics, I thought,  “what resource or treasure can I give these amazing people?”  and voila, “aliens” happened! Thank you!

Go to to download your workbook. (well, ‘playbook’, really) 

© 2008 janet l whitehead 

Our deepest fear…

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Deepest fear….



Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? …Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory… that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Quote by Marianne Williamson – “A Return to Love”


 This, my friends, is a philosophy that is the basis of life coaching at Musings and Mud. Each and every one of us deserves to shine- in the way that is most empowering and fulfilling to our unique self.  I adore coaching… I get to witness people shining brilliantly!   

Give yourself permission to shine! What is one small step you can do this week that makes your eyes twinkle? If you had no choice but to come up with an answer, what would it be?




Crashed on her Butt

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Note: Crashed made these comments in response to the ‘don’t beat yourself up’ article published a couple of posts before this.

Apparently Crashed-on-her-Butt has % d #peoiupdq-81A987 something to say about celebrating:    

 (I know this because she’s dancing on the keys.)


Crashed-on-her-Butt is a most astounding faerie. *

One day, a rather smashed (but not in the drunk way) faerie showed up on a pot.  Later, when the novel began, I learned much more about this unusual faerie – who actually worried about if anyone would like her (having broken her wing and smashed her face and all).  That’s so unlike the other faeries I’ve gotten to know who really have no sense of that kind of worry.

As it turned out, though, Crashed’s wish was to better understand people.  Sometimes we are such a mystery to them.. they wonder why our people world is so harsh.  Squealing train brakes, catching our fingers in doors, worrying about this, stressing over that, going to a job every day and wishing we weren’t.. those sorts of things.

Since wishes do come true, Crash found herself in the people world.  But not in the usual faerie way.  She happened to arrive in a ‘denser’ form.. crashing smack dab in the middle of the pottery table.  Her butt hurt.  It took her three days to figure out how to lift her now heavy little body up off the table… all the while the other faeries were cheering her miraculous accomplishment of ‘nearly being people-like’.  When she did stand up and try to fly to the pottery wheel.. well, it was good fortune that she landed on the dog, who gave her a ride to where she wanted to be. Crashed was not very happy about all this.

{“Crashed, your story is 25 pages long in the book… too long for a newsletter,” I whisper to her as we type this.

 “Okay, okay” she flitters back, “I just want to say something not in the book.” 

“You sure you don’t just want to leave this for the novel?” I ask hopefully. 

And I receive something somewhat like a scowl in return.

 “That’s unfaerie-like” I think to myself.. not that she can’t hear my thoughts anyway. “Okay, what do you want to say?” I ask}

CELEBRATING!!  It  was all of the other faeries celebrating me, and encouraging me to celebrate, that reminded me that my sore butt was really worth celebrating. I had arrived where few faeries ever get to be!  That sore butt was a sure sign. When I remembered that, (because I also discovered that it’s harder to remember things in the people world!) I celebrated my arrival… and my butt wasn’t even sore anymore!”

(“Good point, Crashed” I tell her.

“Thanks,” she answers and then continues qp95[[a erar  to dance on the keys.aera8a;eia;’’a )





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