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Muse Cruise, Shamans, Rapunzel

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Just a little link to the latest newsletter! 

The world of creative understanding is bursting wide open.  Phew. One of these days, everybody is going to dicover their right brain and left brain can work / play together happily ever after! 

Okay.. we still need some leaders in this evolution… Read on my friends


Marketing out of the Right Side of the Brain. Profoundly magical, it is.

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So, for all that I do to coach others to discover and fully use the amazing, soulful, magical right side of the brain, I forgot.

I forgot when it came to marketing.  I love all that I do, except the loop tape that plays in my head constantly discussing marketing strategies.  Somehow I got caught up in all the research, social media, and ‘how to’s’ being plastered all over the internet, and started doubting what my more magical side was saying.

It’s okay, don’t panic.  The magical side exists in my coaching, art, writing, and heck, even my waterskiing and travelling. 

It just wasn’t being easily heard over the yelling from the Left Brain saying “advertise here”, “post there”, “send out newsletters regularly”.   Even though, my little business is doing well, Left brain kept saying: “Janet, dear, keep marketing.  Twit, advertise, articles, .. keep it going, keep it going.”

Of course, now that I think of it, I haven’t  followed it’s screeching instructions – but the loop tape kept playing anyway. 

 I refused to market by ‘telling  people what their problem is and how you can fix it.”  I rebelled by putting the following front and center on my webpage: “There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing. Isn’t that a Relief?” 
But the loop tape kept playing  anyway.

I don’t send out regular newsletters – even though I know that people apparently need constant reminders that a business exists.   The  left brain loop tape probably has some value in it’s constant reminders to do something more regular.  That darn “linear thinkin’, strategic plannin’ ” part of the brain.   But.. well, here again, right brain has won. The little rebel.  Yet the left brain loop tape continued taking up space and weighing heavy.

UNTIL the other day, when I decided to retire the marketing inclined  left brain.  Really.  Retired. Period.  Damn that felt good.   Instead, I didn’t give any thought to marketing. 

That evening I had an ‘aha’.. (oh this is going to seem so dumb coming from me..)  I had an ‘aha’ to simply visualize what I want to happen.  Okay, Okay, I teach people this!  I help people get rid of the ‘limiting beliefs’ that have stopped them from having success with this.  I help people experience the magic that comes from the right creative soulful side of the brain.  But, ya,  like I said, I’d forgotten to do this for myself in the marketing area.

  • And so I visualized gatherings of magical people – with ‘magical’ meaning ‘making the impossible possible.”
  • I visualized people who would be most empowered by my services and products to simply find me.
  • And I visualized that whatever was supposed to happen around me ‘keeping myself out there’ would just happen.
  • And I simply played – over the next two days, I coached, coloured, went to a performance,  watched a movie, and went to a meditation.

NOW HERE”S WHAT HAPPENED  out of the blue (aka out of the magic) within those couple of days:

  • Two new clients with very magical issues contacted me. 
  • I had a blast of orders for the work(play!)books.
  • A profound connection with kindred spirits happened at the gathering.
  • I got an unexpected cheque from an unlikely source.
  • AND the NEW YORK TIMES contacted me for an interview.

Let me tell ya, that right side of the brain sure knows how to market.  And left brain is kick butt happy to be given permission to retire.  Imagine that.

Right Brain / Left Brain Creativity Test

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From The Arts Institute of Vancouver, an online test that determines your left/right brain dominance

Simple to do, instant results, good commentary that helps understand what ‘left brain/ right brain’ is all about.  And you don’t have to sell your soul to get the results, or your cell phone number… you don’t even have to leave an email address!  Whoooaa. Nice of them.

Random Conversations between the Left Brain and the Right Brain

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Left Brain: “That’s all well and good to dream but the reality is….”
Right Brain: “Reality? Don’t we create our own reality?”
Left Brain: “I know someone who tried that and failed.”
Right Brain: “ If I connect this to that, and adjusted this, and added a bit of colour here, and oh wait, I have another idea..”  and then adds, “hey, don’t we know someone who tried to make a light bulb hundreds of times?”  
Left Brain: “It has to be done by Friday”
Right Brain: “What’s a Friday?”
Left Brain: “It’s a little late to start a new career, don’t you think?”
Right Brain: “oh goody goody goody, something new to connect more of the little synapses.”
Left Brain: “You have to have money to make money.”
Right Brain: “Oh, shut up. How can I create what we need when you are always nagging at me?”
Left Brain: “The books say I should do it this way.”
Right Brain: “Shhh.. I think I’m getting a message from the universe.”
Left Brain: “Who am I to think I can?”
Right Brain: “How are you even attached to me?  I can do anything!”
Left Brain: “I’ve got to get this report done.”
Right Brain: “I’ve GOT TO PLAY!”
Left Brain: “I’m stumped. I’m going to have to think more creatively to get past this issue.”
Right Brain: “Whoooaaaa, did you just ask me for help?”
Left Brain: “Okay, we can do this if we come up with a plan that makes some sort of sense to me.”
Right Brain: “I don’t know what a plan is. I’m busy connecting the seemingly disconnected.”

Imagine the possibilities when both sides of the brain work together!
Do you have a creative idea that you’d like to move forward on?
Ask your left brain (politely) how it can help that idea come to fruition.

(Or Contact me. I can mediate.)
Left Brain:  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”
Right Brain:  “okay, now that’s just dumb.”

Let the children play

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My passion since the beginning of time has been ‘let the children play’ and ‘bringing play back into our adult lives’.  I didn’t know years ago that this passion would direct me to careers that incorporate this passion; that it would lead me to learning so much about mind/heart, left brain/right brain, soul/ego;  and in this process I would come to understand more fully the value that play has beyond just a leisure activity.  Accessing our creative playful side leads us to answers about our gifts, our true purpose, our best ways to move forward.    And I am happy to say that this weekend I honoured playing.  And Evalee?  Well, so far she only knows that play is her job.  I hope to help her stay that way.  (smile)


The blur in the photo? Yes, it’s flying cookie dough that hit the camera

Enhancement.. aka.. Survival tip for Christmas

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Survival/Enhancement tip for Christmas:  “Find the magic.” 

1.      Notice synchronicities, odd occurrences, warm thoughts, even unusual scents.  Try not to over analyze their occurrence. Try saying this: “Oh, a Christmas miracle!” EVEN if you are faking it at the start. This convinces yourself to be open to noticing even more.

2.      “Believing is Seeing” – the new adage for exploring higher consciousness.

3.      Grab a tea or hot chocolate and give yourself some quiet time to reflect on these questions:

      For the first two questions, do a ‘quick list’ of 20 -30 items..  That means writing down answers quickly, and if you run out of ideas, keep writing. Write anything.  Write “I don’t know what to write”, but keep writing.  Don’t stop when you run out of ideas…  it’s the last ones you get to that might be the most valuable.

       ~ What don’t I love about Christmas time?

       ~ What do I love about Christmas time?


4.      Now ask yourself, “Can I do more of the ‘love’ ones, and less of the others?” What would it take for these changes to happen?  Would it take a conversation with the family? Or perhaps you just need to give yourself permission to do more of what you love?

5.      It’s that right brain of yours that knows best how to celebrate the miracles and magic of Christmas… so let it play.  Write a paragraph or paint a picture about a time in your life when you believed in something magical.  A time when you knew “the impossible” was possible. Perhaps a time when you believed in faeries, or dragons, or flying or..?    A time when you heard Santa’s bells on your roof?  A time when imagination was as real as reality?

Write about what you felt like. Remember the feeling and smile.

6.      Now simply give yourself permission to feel the magic again.


There….  the enhancement will begin.   Good for you

Left brain Right brain quiz- clearly I’m doing some research today.

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A little quiz I wandered off to while working on a workshop. My results are below. Some of my answer choices were … well, me creatively influencing the results! .. but still, a good little quiz.   Glad 35% of me loves dogs.  No no, wait, all of me loves my dog! You can take this quiz by clicking on the link at the bottom of my results. Enjoy!

You Are 35% Left Brained, 65% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you’re left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you’re right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Are You Right or Left Brained?
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