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Messy Bottoms and Breaking the Rules

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I’m talking about the bottoms of my pottery pots… sometimes messy. The more intricate the design in the pot, the messier the bottoms.  That’s against the general rules that the critics would believe makes a good pot:  MUST. BE. PERFECTLY. Smooth.  Bottoms.

Ya, whatever.   In cross-stitch it’s ‘important’ to have the back side look as clean, almost, as the front side. But what if the front side had some wild and amazing intricate design, but the only technique to do that was to have a lot of knots on the backside?  Do you not bother to create the new and wondrous and wild design to save ‘face’ for the back side?   I hope that wouldn’t be true.  Something stunning wouldn’t happen.   (I know squat about cross stitch.. just creating a scenario here.)

What if a pottery piece was wildly designed with extensive detailed carving, and handbuilt additions? DO YOU KNOW HOW INSANE IT IS to keep a bottom perfectly clean as a billion tiny pieces of clay, while carving, fly like Edward Scissorhand trimming a hedge? Or what about flipping over  that odd shape pot for a final cleaning on the wheel, when the rim it sits on is not symmetrical, and the added pieces would be damaged in the process? Sure I’ll trim the bottoms beautifully before carving begins. But keeping them ideal just doesn’t work.  A wipe, afterward,yes.. but “proper” cleaning, no.

So, I have messy bottoms and dang it, I’m proud of them.  The rules of proper bottoms have had to be broken for the rest of the piece to evolve.

Have you  broken any rules lately?  Ever noticed how ‘must do’s’ in art actually stop you?  Or is the rebel in you inspired when you see a possibility of breaking the rules? And what about ‘rules’ in the rest of your life? I personally have given up on “House must be clean for guests” and trust me, this took many years evolving. Now I figure it’s my job to model imperfection.  ~smile~

What rules would you like to break? Noticing them is a trick in itself when we live by them but we don’t ‘notice’ them consciously.  Once noticed, once we ask ‘do I have to adhere to that rule?” we can usually find some way to justify our breaking the rules that serves that part of us that does appreciate rules.  Like I just justified my messy bottoms and sometimes messy home.  Works for me. What works for you?


Go, groundhog – shaking her bootie as she shakes up myths.

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One day spring appears to be sprunging;  the next day the temperature
drops to minus 10.   The next- the sun is shining and the grass almost looks like it’s getting a tinge of green. And the next morning we wake up to a snow covered wonderland.

Everywhere you go people are commenting that the groundhog got it all wrong this year.  Apparently myth has it that by not seeing her shadow we would have an early Spring, at least on my side of the country.

 I think the groundhog (the one that affects my geographic location, at any rate) collaborated with the weather faeries to debunk myth, shake up limiting beliefs, and show us the possibilities when you think outside the box. 

The groundhog said, “Sheesh, I’m getting bored with this dull game; I pop out on February 2,  and they pretend that I’m predicting the future.  They continue to insist on this even though the accuracy is 37%.  I want more out of life.  I’m way cooler than that. ”

Being way more brilliant than the humans gave her credit for, she connived with weather faeries, power of thought, and all sorts of other brilliance to recreate weather into the completely unexpected. She did this because she could. Because she hadn’t actually learned that she couldn’t.

And she, with all her collaborators,  devised a scheme of completely wonked out weather patterns.. one day winter, one day spring… and now she sits back giggling at the world who watches in wonder. 

People, the groundhog finally got it right.  She’s  shaking  up the myths  and shaking her bootie in celebration.  She’s removed the limiting beliefs and I hear she’s conniving to hold a permanent position in the weather making station.  Yup, she called in the power of her brilliance to create the unexpected.  

I wonder if I could convince her to lead a course on this?

Marketing out of the Right Side of the Brain. Profoundly magical, it is.

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So, for all that I do to coach others to discover and fully use the amazing, soulful, magical right side of the brain, I forgot.

I forgot when it came to marketing.  I love all that I do, except the loop tape that plays in my head constantly discussing marketing strategies.  Somehow I got caught up in all the research, social media, and ‘how to’s’ being plastered all over the internet, and started doubting what my more magical side was saying.

It’s okay, don’t panic.  The magical side exists in my coaching, art, writing, and heck, even my waterskiing and travelling. 

It just wasn’t being easily heard over the yelling from the Left Brain saying “advertise here”, “post there”, “send out newsletters regularly”.   Even though, my little business is doing well, Left brain kept saying: “Janet, dear, keep marketing.  Twit, advertise, articles, .. keep it going, keep it going.”

Of course, now that I think of it, I haven’t  followed it’s screeching instructions – but the loop tape kept playing anyway. 

 I refused to market by ‘telling  people what their problem is and how you can fix it.”  I rebelled by putting the following front and center on my webpage: “There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing. Isn’t that a Relief?” 
But the loop tape kept playing  anyway.

I don’t send out regular newsletters – even though I know that people apparently need constant reminders that a business exists.   The  left brain loop tape probably has some value in it’s constant reminders to do something more regular.  That darn “linear thinkin’, strategic plannin’ ” part of the brain.   But.. well, here again, right brain has won. The little rebel.  Yet the left brain loop tape continued taking up space and weighing heavy.

UNTIL the other day, when I decided to retire the marketing inclined  left brain.  Really.  Retired. Period.  Damn that felt good.   Instead, I didn’t give any thought to marketing. 

That evening I had an ‘aha’.. (oh this is going to seem so dumb coming from me..)  I had an ‘aha’ to simply visualize what I want to happen.  Okay, Okay, I teach people this!  I help people get rid of the ‘limiting beliefs’ that have stopped them from having success with this.  I help people experience the magic that comes from the right creative soulful side of the brain.  But, ya,  like I said, I’d forgotten to do this for myself in the marketing area.

  • And so I visualized gatherings of magical people – with ‘magical’ meaning ‘making the impossible possible.”
  • I visualized people who would be most empowered by my services and products to simply find me.
  • And I visualized that whatever was supposed to happen around me ‘keeping myself out there’ would just happen.
  • And I simply played – over the next two days, I coached, coloured, went to a performance,  watched a movie, and went to a meditation.

NOW HERE”S WHAT HAPPENED  out of the blue (aka out of the magic) within those couple of days:

  • Two new clients with very magical issues contacted me. 
  • I had a blast of orders for the work(play!)books.
  • A profound connection with kindred spirits happened at the gathering.
  • I got an unexpected cheque from an unlikely source.
  • AND the NEW YORK TIMES contacted me for an interview.

Let me tell ya, that right side of the brain sure knows how to market.  And left brain is kick butt happy to be given permission to retire.  Imagine that.

Revolutionary Road: Being ‘realistic’ is the end of the dream

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I wrote a research paper when I was studying to be a coach, called ” imagination vs. reality”.  I won’t go into depth here, but the simple fact is:   The moment a person says, “I have to be realistic” – they have allowed cultural and personal beliefs to stop them dead in their tracks in the pursuit of their dream, passion, and true purpose.  

Coaching ‘limiting beliefs’ is what I do.   ‘Being realistic’ is so ingrained in our society’s perceived values, that it takes some creative coaching to help the client skip past that limiting belief, peer into the possibilities, and find the ways to reach those possibilities.  It works.. it always works.  It’s a tough one to get past on your own – get a good coach to help you.

The movie, Revolutionary Road, is extraordinary on many levels – Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance is so deserving of an oscar, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t even nominated.  The story is one that every person who yearns to make changes, who is certain they are not living to their potential, or who have a dream that so far seems ‘unrealistic,’   will want to see.  Fair warning.. this is not a happy movie.  It is however, thought provoking with a very powerful message.

And it might just make you reconsider living realistically.

2:54 am. Glazing the evil one

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Glazing, gold firing, immersed in the story ….   I LOVE this project!  Soon to be revealed.  It began with a  story “The Demise of Noshud Hafta” I wrote in 1994.   Although I didn’t realize it’s power at the time, this story was the beginning of getting to where I am now.  It’s a story of an artistic little ‘leprechaun of sorts’, and the evil Noshud Hafta.   The current project?  Each page of the story is being created in clay. .. then photographed and published as a book.   Yup, each page is a sculpture.

Back at it.  or gee, maybe I ought to go to bed. But I LOVE this project!

{Book, title, artwork copyright Janet L. Whitehead 1994, 2008, 2009.}

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