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The Muse A-Fairian Interviews: Meet Una – a tribalmusekin rocking her creative soul

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The Muse A-Fairians Interviews:
Real people, magical people, inspired people, people I have the blessing of getting to know through my work, people just like you.   In this series, they will be sharing their trials, tribulations, creative passions and reminding you of your wisdom, wonder, and even ‘normalness’.. for a creative soul, that is.

Una Connor,

Kamloops BC

Where does your inspiration come from?
I am inspired by the journey and Love of life. Every time I turn a corner I am inspired by nature, other people, and of course the universe…… that is such a great mystery. Sometimes I even go deep enough into my own vortex that I inspire and a-muse myself. Music lights the fires of inspiration deeply, and as I create and listen and dance in between projects and drum to the beats that move me, I hope that my art can inspire the same joy and healing for others.

Do you easily consider yourself an artist?
It’s really apparent that I am an artist, and if I were to say that I am not would be pure denial or loss of self. Every day, even when I don’t want to, my brain somehow transforms everyday life to art somehow.

I can’t look at a crab apple tree without wondering if the star in the middle is a teeny tinny version of an apple, If I cut it in half, can I make cute little tiny stamps for some kind of miniature art project?

Or, walking  I see a weed growing out of a crack, and feel compelled to photograph it, cause you just never know, that could make a really cool tshirt iron on if I decide to make tshirts one day…….

Inspired? Music inspires me! I make art to music all the time and even sing out my frustrations by making up a good venting session to the tune of say, You are my Sunshine.

Every day is an inspiration to see the world through my artists eye. I believe everyone has this within themselves. I consider everyone to be an artist in their own right.

Projects you are working on now?
My most current projects , involve power tools . I have been learning about and using a reciprocal scroll saw, dremel tool and drill, for preparing shells, bone and antler, or tiles and wood for designing and incorporating in home decor designs, sculptures, and jewelry.

I am also currently working on self publishing and promotion /distribution of my  art book called, “My Vision of Energy Healing.” Copies of the book and prints of the art work will be available to order on line soon!

One of the most exciting up and coming events in my current life is The 2nd annual  *Muse a Fair*,along side some of my “Tribalmusekins”( my new favorite add to dictionary word)

We will be showing and promoting and /or selling our creations and ideas and services from Friday Dec 2, 12 – 9 pm to  Dec 3rd 10 am to 4 pm at The Pavillion Theatre, Kamloops BC.  Learn more here!

If you would like to know more about my art, contact me at (web site coming soon!)


Thank you, Una! Grateful to know you! 

What is Life Coaching? Your right brain will love the experience of this answer!

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And now the answer that the right brain part of you will enjoy…

What is Personal Life Coaching and How Can It Help You?

Life Coaching is a process that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

But what does that mean???” you might be saying, perhaps having read that statement often enough in your research.

WHAT IF … we do this a little differently.

Let me take you on an imaginative journey, with YOU as the key character, to
help you get clearer on how coaching works:

1. Imagine an ocean. Off to the right is
“The Island Of Pure Potential and Possibility”

2. Imagine how amazing this island is. (I mean, really do imagine. You’ve found your way here, you might as well enjoy
an experience.) Imagine what it feels like living your purpose; feeling inspired, playful, significant, energized, motivated, soulful, balanced, healthy, safe, strong and supported.

3. Imagine there’s a whole treasure chest of wonders there.

4. Choose a name for your island.

Maybe it’s like one of these:

“The Island
of My Book is Published”

“My Business Rocks

“My Travel the World

“I AM an Artist After
All Island”

“I’m Making a
Difference Island”

“The Island of Knowing
I got Through my Loss.”

“Wow, I found
my voice Island”

If you don’t know exactly what you’d be ‘doing’ on that island, simply call it

“The Island of Dang, My Life feels Good.”

  Really..  just imagine.. even just a little bit.. the possibility of you truly living an inspired life and  that even when an occasional storm comes in, (because islands are islands and oceans are oceans, after all) you have what it takes to weather it well or even bask in the adventure of it.

Got that island pictured?

5. Okay, now off to the left of the ocean, imagine an Island of Where You Are Now.

6. Give it a name. People have named their island things like..

“Island of
Chaos, Yearning, Stuckedness, Overwhelm, Trying and Trying to Get to Where I Want to Be but Not Getting There”

“The Island of Unexpected Loss and Sudden Transition”

“The Island of
the Inner Critic and Procrastinator and
Never Getting to My Creative Stuff.”

“I want Out of
the Cubicle and into my Life Island”

“Good Island,
but I really want to take it up a notch or ten.”

 7.  Okay. Two Islands. Many ways to get from one to the other. 

a. You could swim, but don’t start because you’re not confident of your swimming skills or you’re afraid of sharks. Or you don’t start because if you can’t do it perfectly, you’re not going to do it at all.

b. You could start swimming, but it seems a long ways and you might feel safer going back than going the distance.

c. You could wear a life jacket and bob along, but the path might go strangely off course, what with currents and storms and such, and who knows what island you’ll end up on.


d. You could get a ship.
Not just any ship. A well-equipped solid ship that can handle any weather and
take you on the truest  course to your Island of Pure Potential.  You are the captain. Your ship is the means of getting there.

~ And that ship? As your coach, I get to be that ship – dedicated to your success, a partner and  support on your journey from here to where you want to be.

8 Let’s imagine more.. now in the case of Musings and Mud Ships, imagine your ship is enchanted and particularly attuned to understanding its creative, soulful and adventurous captains.

We know they captain their ships differently than 80% of the population might.

a. When you spot a pretty island off to the side that you insist you must explore “because it’s pretty!” .. the ship gets that you are ‘multi-passionate’ and collaborates with you to determine if that island happened by as an opportunity or new idea, or a necessary place to pause and percolate ideas, or if that island might merely be a distraction or a place to procrastinate.

b. The Musings and Mud Ships wisely know that ‘straight course’, ‘straightforward’, ‘linear timelines’, ‘strategies’ and ‘traditional goal setting’ might not just be boring for you, they might bring out the rebel in you.. you might abandon
the ship!

Musings and Mud Ships are particularly attuned to the individual unique ways of empowerment for their extraordinary captains.  They know that compassion and laughter and chocolate and imagination and
creative thinking  are key to inspiring the best in their captains.

 Musings and Mud Ships
are no ordinary ships,

because YOU are no
ordinary captain.

My “Lizzie Wann” poem

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Inspired by Lizzie Wann’s poem “the Declaration”  this is my version created while leading Muse Group Facilitator Training (based on the work of Jill Badonsky)
This is a day of dish soap and yucky paintings washed away
There is 3 panicky creative beings – is it still full moon?
This is a day of 8 pounds of squirming and 30 pounds of a ‘dog’ named Evalee sitting on my lap
There is forgetting to share and oddly sad
This is semi rebelliousness in winter coat and sockless sandals
There is chill and damp and hot coffee
I think the other dog is pouting and Jill is lost
This is a day of writing and rebelling and dish soap and dancing on a persian carpet

Fire spinning, hula hoop, poi.. okay, I’ve finally got my exercise routine!

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MUCH LATER:  okay, I wrote the title quite a while ago.  Then it went to draft.  s000… to update.

Okay, apparently I am not big on routine.  I blame the hhhhhhhhhhhooooooootttttttt  weather,  smokey air, and stuff.  But really, I’m just not ideal with routine. HOWEVER,   the poi, the hula hoop, the firestick are all waiting for me in the shady spot of the yard.  I give myself credit for that step.  AND sometimes, I use one or two.  GOOD for me.  The bike, well, it’s tucked safely waiting, but lately unused. I’m a baby in the heat. I only like to be near water and in water when it is this hot.  Watersports are great exercise… so getting some of that!

The firestick?  No, not lit.  Nobody in their right mind would light a fire stick in hot dry Kamloops.. especially when ones home is surrounded by a hedge.  So lit stick will wait til Fall.

Point is:  tiny steps are underway to develop some sort of routine. I’d like one to fill in when water or winter sports aren’t available.   Tiny steps.  Take a tiny step in the right direction and cheer yourself on…  it gets you to the next step.  But no step doesn’t.

Deadlines cause creation

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There is a cure for all of the barriers we, the creatively inclined, have.  It ends procrastination, percolation, self sabotage, and avoidance.  Excuses will stop. You know the ones:  “I have to clean the house’, “I have to feed the baby” (okay, that’s a pretty legit one), “I have to do my taxes”, “I have to just check these emails”, “oh, Grey’s Anatomy is on.”  It’s amazing what a creative can do to not create.  

The cure?  Book yourself an exhibition.  Book an art show and sale.  Book a book signing.  You may still procrastinate.  And you will rightfully percolate the thoughts, ideas, techniques, concepts for quite some time. But eventually, you will look at the date and say, “Oh shoot, I have to do it now.”   Yup, deadlines stop all the self talk, tests, and general meanderings.  If you leave it too long before you start, you’ll even miss Grey’s Anatomy willingly.   Because once you give yourself permission to just get it done, you immerse yourself in the process of creation that you love, and you wonder, once again, why did I leave it so long?

Sure, there are other ways to get creating or doing whatever it is your heart truly desires.  Coaching helps to find your best way to be creating or moving forward in any area of your life with less stress, more gentleness, less self sabotage, more joy…  But, if coaching is not an option right now –  a surefire cure is to book the event where your work will be shown.

Be audacious.. book a show.    Trust me, I know all about this. Have you noticed I haven’t sent out a newsletter this month?  Yup, working on a deadline!

On Feb 24, Win a copy of The Awe-Manac: A daily dose of wonder.

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You’re invited to Win a copy of The Awe-Manac!

Just plain fun for the Creative Soul!


Join me here at my blog on February 24,
when Jill Badonsky,
author of The Awe-Manac stops by on her Book Blog Tour.

 Know that I will have some unique questions for Jill in this interview
AND that one person commenting that day will get a free copy of
 “The Awe-manac – A Daily Dose of Wonder.”
by Jill Badonsky. 
Just plain fun for the creative soul.
Aha-phrodisiacs and all!

Remember: Leave a comment on Feb 24th  to be entered to win the Book!

check out Jill’s blog:


Too fun, I created a POLL!!!

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