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If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what would you regret not having done in your life?

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Now there’s a somber thought.  I know.  But that question, “If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what would you regret not having done in your life?” is the question that led me to finish and publish my memoir, Beyond All Imaginings.

In my life and creativity coaching practise, I have, on occasion, asked a client that question. When I asked myself the question, the answer,  “FINISH THE BOOK!” screamed in my head.   THE book… not the first, not the only, but THE book that is a memoir of a very strange and magical time in my life.

Sure, I was procrastinating. It’s a strange story to tell. What would people think?

BUT, the moment I asked myself the question and heard the answer, I knew it was essential to my soul to publish the story.

There are no words to describe  the feeling of publishing a book that means so much to you. I’m a writer and I don’t have the words. Satisfying, contentment, peaceful, relieved, a purpose completed, frightening and fulfilling, honouring the loved ones, honouring the magic.  These words don’t say enough but if I bundled them into a new word and sprinkled them with magic, that might do it.

Because it has always been a constant in my life, coaching and otherwise, to know of people who truly want to write, but who just can’t seem to get to it,  I suppose it’s been a natural progression to take my passions and find a way to support more writers to get to their writing.  Nobody else can tell the stories that are haunting them to be written. And the magic of writing and sharing the stories? It matters. So much.

But back to the question. Step away from my answer about writing my book.  Ask yourself:

If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what would you regret not having done?

Take a moment, listen to your answer.  Might you honour that answer?


Here’s my book, with a little excerpt:

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bai excerpt art better

Curious? If you’d like to read more about it, pop over  here

If you’d like a signed copy, please let me know. I love the synchronicities and connections that seem to happen when I’m signing a book for someone!  (


Questions often unanswered; but with imagination.. they might be.

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I’m inspired to write about this right now, because asking myself constantly,  ‘what gives you energy or lifts your spirits or feeds your creative soul?” is supporting me hugely in my healing. I’m practising “Extreme Feed Your Soul” these days. But this doesn’t come easy to people…

When I ask someone what they have planned in their day that will give them energy, (or lift their spirits, or feed their creative soul..) way more often than not, I will hear a sigh and a list of what their day looks like with work, responsibilities, errands, chores, tiredness, lack of sleep, lack of support…. etc etc. And a comment, “There’s no time today.”

The next questions might be ‘What can you let go?”  and/or  “If you could fit something in, what would you fit in that gives you energy?”

When the person is being coached, they know the questions are important and they do find answers. They are already committed to finding their way to live life more fully.

When this happens in a non-coaching conversation, those same questions usually won’t get an answer – except sometimes if I add, ‘Imagine you’ll win a million dollars just for finding those answers.” More often than not, though, that just elicits thoughts that lead only to dreaming of a lottery win that will save them.

Why won’t people generally take a moment to find those answers? Because they are already blocked from thinking of those possibilities by their realistic vision of what their life looks like.  Apparently reality really does bite if it stops people from living more fully.

So. Imagine some cool person you respect…  alive or dead or mythical.. calls you up and says “Hey I’m doing a documentary and I’d like you to answer these questions because who you are and what you say matters in the universal scheme of things, whether you think so or not.” They add, “Please don’t dig for something you think is  media worthy. Your real answers are the only important ones.”  (I do mean imagine: Picture that person, their look, voice, demeanor.. on the other end of your phone, or showing up at your door..)  They ask:
1. “What can you let go?”
2. “If you could fit something in, what would you fit in that gives you energy?”

If you aren’t finding answers, think small. Small. Small. Small.
– Tiny things you can let go of.
– Tiny energy giving things you can fit in.

Keep in mind that tiny actions are the ones more likely to be acted upon right away, anyway. Promises to ‘do lots’ weigh heavy. So, whether you found small things, or big things, I invite you to break them down into ridiculously small first steps and take that step. It’ll feel good, honest.

If it helps to imagine a million dollar gift being handed to you just for answering, go ahead and do that. ~smile~

Finding answers now?

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