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My quantum space – oh, the magic!

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As I create my vision of where I’m going, (with actions and goals attached!) .. I can become ‘crazy’.  This is what I just told my coach.   Crazy full of ideas, inspirations, images, fun, passion… so much so that it can become overwhelming.  Part of this overwhelm is  because words and plans and goals don’t necessarily ‘suit’ what is going on in my thoughts. 

Everyone can benefit from a coach.. me of all people!  Coaching helps me to move forward effectively, successfully, finding the ways that the real me, the most passionate me, is the key player in the process.  Coaching and the actions I choose in between sessions is a powerful process.  It is this that led me to today’s discovery.

I love to write, and I have books, workbooks, books in progress.  So regarding what I’m about to say, please don’t think that I am not able to function in the world of words.

   But, honestly what I do and how I do it,.. who I am and how I ‘be’ it.. um… just not always so simple to put into words.   This is natural, because as it happens, (no big surprise here..) my most empowering energy and knowing comes when I kick in gear the creative side of my brain, the soulful side of my being.   This side is just not as good as the left brain and ego at putting things into words.

Today, something connected differently.   I am excited to have found a term that describes my most magical, empowering place to be.  It’s my quantum space.  It’s the place that allows time to alter, gas to fill up an empty car when no gas stations are available, pottery that evolves that has messages meant only for the individual who acquires it,  and most recently… (I’m still jumping for joy) an offer to stay on an island.. which came right after I wrote a note to myself:  “Janet, you need to decide if you want a lakefront or ocean front home” 

I naturally call this ‘magic.’  Oh, the looks one can get when you talk about magic!  But seriously, isn’t altering time a rather magical occurrence?  And synchronicity, or things appearing just as you wished for, aren’t those magical occurrences?  When visualizations alone can have you get fit and lost weight.. is that not a form of magic?   I’ve been blessed with experiences where the ‘completely impossible’ is possible.  That’s seriously magic.   (I’m almost finished the book that tells more, I am! I am!)

This is also the space/ place that I help others to access.  Now that I have more clarity of what this is to me, and how I get there..   it will move me ‘in quantum leaps’ in all I do.. my creativity,  coaching my clients, further developing the workbooks, etc.  And well, move even further into making the impossible possible….    I do believe my purpose is to help others find their unique magic.. this is not news.  Whether I wanted to or not, it is the way things have evolved and I am thankful.   Being able to present this in terms of a quantum space is a bonus, that once developed will help others understand. 

Okay, so the planning for that begins.  And all I’m going to do is play in the clay and know that ‘things’ happen magically.   Does this mean the faeries will go in and revamp the website to better explain this?  That’d be nice.  hmmm…

It’s so nice to be credible and still be ‘allowed’ to believe in magic, faeries, Santa Claus.

I have a cold! and Did you Know Evalee fed me her $45 Wrist Bouquet?

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I never get colds.. but here I am with a cold.  I’m sure the cure is to do whatever I feel like.  Maybe I’m just supposed to relax and re-adjust to the coolish Canadian weather?  So, what I’ve been doing is adding photos, and some ‘addendums’ (in italics) to some of the travel and wedding posts.  I am adoring reflecting on this trip!  

The wedding… really so amazing.  The location had such a beautiful ‘clear’ energy, the Bride, Groom and actually all of the family also had an amazing energy about us.  We’re a good bunch.  (smile)  Especially the wee Evalee! What a joy. And when she wasn’t feeling quite so ‘joyous’ she just added some humour by having a meltdown or two that day.   (Not long after the wedding, she popped two molars!)    I’m laughing as I recall the wee Evalee with her $45 wrist bouquet of roses, in my arms during the ceremony… PICKING the petals off and trying to feed them to me.  She may have ate some herself.   I wonder if rose petals are good for teething.  Sometimes babies know best.

Courtney made good decisions in planning their wedding.. she turned down the option of a bouquet for Evalee, because she knew Evalee would just throw it aside.  I don’t think Courtney foresaw Evalee actually EATING her wrist bouquet… but she did suspect it wouldn’t last long one way or another.  Good thinking.  Worth the $45 for the story, though! 

And on that note of planning a destination wedding with a baby in tow….  Prior to the travels, we did realize that perhaps the reason to get married before having babies is that the whole thing could be much simpler.  You know, I suppose that’s not a bad idea.  But all of us know that our trip and the wedding was made just that much more beautiful with Evalee a part of it all. 

Enjoy the photos if you happen to peruse through the blog.  I’ll get to the Turkey ones right now….

Oh sooo much I didn’t say! The Intentions List worked…

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Hmm.  With my good old Canadian-style Coffee in hand, sitting at my computer with a keyboard that actually works, I perused my blog quickly.  Wow.. there’s so much I didn’t say!!! 

Like, did I even mention how expensive coffee is in Turkey and Greece?  And that when I did find a Starbucks in Hania… the coffee was cheaper than the Instant Nescafe being sold elsewhere!  And that on this round of being overseas,  I did not bond with Greek or Turkish coffee –  Little cups of gritty coffee pudding just wasn’t as appetizing as when I was 21, I guess.  So, this home brewed coffee in hand is appreciated now much more than it was 7 weeks ago.

Prior to leaving on this trip I made a list of intentions.  One of my intentions was to learn more about a question that plays in my mind often: “When did we give our power away?”  At what point in history did we as individuals give our power away to gods, goddesses, world leaders, religious leaders? ”

I am delighted to report that my journal is quite full of thoughts that came to me, (‘the rewritten history’ I have mentioned in this blog), and there’s much more in my head not yet on paper.   I’m fascinated by the story, that not only revealed itself in my thoughts, but surprised me in the sketches I did.  Ya, there’s a lot more to goats than what history says there is.  (Who knew I could even draw a goat, let alone a flying goat!)   I think the whole story is worth sharing one of these days… just as soon as my coach coaches me into making time to finish these books in progress!   I feel a bit of overwhelm at the amount of stories I have that are anxious to be told.  This can be a problem for the overactive right brain dominant creative person!  I’ll call on my ‘muses’ to help me with this!

Another intention on the list was to paint… and I actually have quite a collection of paintings finished,  The Cretan days were all about nature, seaside, ships, craggy rocks, a meal in town, and painting.  A tough life, that.

The Wedding Attire, Art Supplies, and Me.How impressed are you that I packed art supplies, a wedding attire, and what I needed for travel in a backpack and a small suitcase?  You can guess that I brought very few clothes.  That’s why my clothes and I became friends in the shower.  But that’s another blog post further down the list. 

Would I recommend packing all of this to others?  ya. no. In fact, on a day prior to me having to pack all of my goodies for a long day of travelling.. I wrote the recommended list of ‘things to pack’.  It’s pretty short.   And is pretty good.. considering it was being written in the middle of a trip, at a moment when one was thinking… “seriously, what does one really need?”  Of course, I don’t think a lot of people are going to pack a wedding dress and wedding party attire around a couple of countries.  If you are considering it..My advice? Budget for the extraordinary costs of shipping priority.  BUT THEN… you’d miss the opportunity to gather the magical energies, now wouldn’t you? 

On my list of intentions was to be aware of potential retreat opportunities.  Well!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the most exciting ideas for travel retreats!  I look forward to offering these to you in the not too distant future.  Travel that allows you to discover your most creative, gifted soul; that allows you to let go of fears and discover your independance and strength; travel that results in you finding a clarity about yourself and your future that you never thought possible.  And it will come with a really short list of ‘things you need to bring.”

Ya, I’m excited.    

If you want to be notified of the future retreats and are not currently on the newsletter list, please do stop by my website.. and sign up for the newsletter.  Or simply click here  and ask me to put you on the newsletter list.  Newsletters come out on a rather random schedule (or an ‘inspired schedule” one might say) – usually about once a month.

Ships, Mermaids, and of course strange buildings

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Funny.  The architecture of Hania is not all that unlike my storypaintings.  I have several paintings done..  including a mermaid on a rock in the crashing sea that I sit beside and paddle in for hours at a time.   Okay, the mermaid painting is not really well done… but it’s simply got to be full of magic!

Currently planning my next stop…. southern crete to a beachfront room, I think.

Have I mentioned that I have rewritten ancient mythology in my head?  Ya, it’s not at all like what I read in the books.

And because I am passionate about passions and gifts.. I’ve also been reading “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain”    When I realized that this book is more about accessing right brain thinking..  than simply drawing, I was intrigued.  I love this book… it affirms so much that I’ve believed, and inspires more ideas for including in workshops.

A second book I’ve read in Brida by Paulo Coehlo….  Later I’ll check if I wrote about this in the blog.  There are some powerful quotes I’ll add if I haven’t already.

Okay, now to check bus schedules.   Find some cash, because much to my amazement most hotels etc only take cash payment!!!!!!    So much for Visa.   Oh, I could Visa some cash.  (ouch!)

It also becomes okay to cruise the seaside on a motorcycle with a greek man… and a ride home with the police.

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Wild and Free Motorcycle Ride

Wild and Free Motorcycle Ride

hmmm… first writing of this post disappeared. Maybe I’m not supposed to tell everyone about the handsome young greek man with long hair? WHATEVER! Of course you want to know!

It may be a bit odd to relate this to the toilet paper post, but it’s the same ‘spirit” that had me saying Yes to an invitation to cruise the coast with a stranger. Not exactly a complete stranger.. I’d met him the night before. And well, you know, he had dreamed about me and all…. Okay, I’m laughing! The whole previous evening and day could be a perfect movie scenario.. but I won’t go into all that detail.

I couldn’t help but say Yes… Remember I had mentioned wanting to go kiteboarding? Imagine my disappointment when I learned there is no kiteboarding available. I think the universe offered me a motorcycle ride, helmetless, instead. That’s fair… it’s something I’m a little nervous about and required me to be brave to do it. Manolis drove like I would.. safe but fast. I felt so free and relaxed cruising the roads long the seaside hearing the waves pound into the shore even above, the roar of the motor and the songs Manolis sung. oh my gom, this really does sound like a movie.

In the manner of “I create my day” I had decided I would meet someone magical that day. With magical meaning ” exploring the visible and the invisible” .. and so the conversations were quite extraordinary really. Of course I had to say Yes to the invitation, and the octopus and squid and beer lunch, (who is this madwoman? Okay, the beer isn’t that odd… I’ve always enjoyed beer in tropical/mediterranean countries… I passed on the moonshine raki though) and of course, I had to say yes to the playtime at the edge of the crashing waves. My playtime. Manolis is greek. He wears a coat because he thinks it’s cold out now. He thinks I was crazy playing in the waves.

Manolis went to work later in the day, hoping I’d stop to see him later. But instead I got trapped in Starbucks. This is when it is good to see a Starbucks in a foreign country: when you are being followed by a man, who will not leave no matter what turn you take. So I went to Starbucks, where I knew someone would speak English. I had a lovely caramel macchiato while we waited for the man who was ‘waiting for me” to leave. But he didn’t go, despite the waiters trying to make him feel uncomfortable, by letting him know they were watching him. Finally they called the police. It was a total of 2 hours I think waiting for the man to leave or the police to come. Just before the police arrived, the creepy man left… but the police drove me home in a round about way, just in case he was watching for where I lived.

Ya, quite a day. Jeanette, I thought of you.. being one whom I’ve enouraged to feel safe to travel on their own. I thought, “hmm, now what do I tell people?”” My ‘make myself invisible” trick failed miserably… in fact, the creepy man appeared to be able to see me through a shelf full of starbuck mugs

Now I have asked locals (woman) and police if this is a common concern in the area, and they have assured me that it is generally quite safe.  Usual precautions for women…  keep a starbuck’s nearby and such.  (hee hee)

next post.. wedding dress treasures.

When toilet paper goes in a can…

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When each toilet you come across doesn’t function in any way that you have come to expect toilets to function;  when toilet paper no longer goes in the toilet but in a garbage can;  when coffee no longer comes in cup sizes you are used to, nor does it taste like coffee that you savour each morning;  when the shower is a hose that sprays the entire bathroom and you have no idea  how you are supposed to keep  the toilet paper, (and the garbage can) and the towels from getting wet, too; when you wash your clothes with your shampoo while you shower and feel like you’ve got clean clothes again;….. well, that’s when driving in a car with no carseat for baby becomes totally okay, even through incredibly windy narrow mountain roads.  That’s when eating from a roadside restaurant that happily takes 2 hours to cook you ‘something’ up.. (but serves you raw chestnuts while you wait) also becomes okay.   (Especially when you are having lunch with three elderly greek sisters.)   That’s when one can let go all the expectations of daily routines and ‘proper’ ways of doing things, and be free to simply respond to each moment without any expectations.

I think this is why I love travelling soooo much.  It is so freeing.  Maybe I will paint tonight.  I wonder what might evolve!

If you had a couple of weeks….

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If you were sitting in an ancient port in Crete and had two weeks or so completely unplanned… what would you do?  Where would you go?  It’s an interesting experience to be in this extraordinary energy of ancient times combined with a rather loud internet cafe… and so many opportunities to consider.  I suspect I will allow a little magic into my life to direct me.  How would you decide?

Consider this… Two weeks.  (Keeping in mind that you have been exploring for a full month already)  No responsibilities.  None.    Foreign country.  When you look back on those two weeks, what would make you say.. “I am soooo frickin’ glad that I ___________”  ?

Okay… I guess I just coached myself into a good question.  First thought is to go Kiteboarding!  ha!  Next is to go Whitewater rafting.   Hey!  Where did the painting and contemplation time go?????

I’ll be darned.

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