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Do you own this ship?

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Do you own this ship? I couldn't find you to proposition you!

Do you own this ship? I couldn't find you to proposition you!

Exploring, Dreaming, Discovering…On my Turkey and Greece adventure, I met wonderful people and  heard their inspiring stories,  painted, studied perspective, (both in drawing and in thinking), hosted a couple of workshops, had some impromptu coaching sessions, reflected on ancient history and mythology (including the muses, of course!) and how it affects where we are today, explored amazing art and architecture, had some really great laughs, acquired a new son-in-law, and had only one injury.  And I have a whole new novel of the magical sort in my head, waiting to be written.
I did not however, find the owner of this ship. 
Nor did I reach the mysterious person by phone in Delphi.
But hey.  Next time.

Yay! I did it! The Nekrymantium of Ashyra.. The Oracle of the Dead

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Since Oracle of the Dead - all I could do was smile here!leaving Crete, the strained wrist event, the magical days at Delphi, and then an extraordinary bizarre day in an attempt to get to the Oracle of the Dead site…    well, I feel like I’ve been on a quest, and I’m ecstatic at having arrived at the Oracle of the Dead!

When I grow up I want to be a storyteller, because the stories that come to my mind as I sit in sites such as this… well, they are .. ummm… different.  And I am writing them down, and will share sometime, somewhere.. maybe soon.   The sketches at these sites also have

strange twists that surprise me entirely as I sketch.  It

 really is amazing how much I have fun all by myself.  (Ya, right.. like I’m alone!)

I do want to share that I invited my family on the other side to explore the nekromantium and I was delighted and amazed that in that instance I noticed so many butterflies on my path!

The Nekrymantieou of Ashyra is also called a variety of other names:  Necromantium of Ehpyra.  Oracle of the Dead.  Entrance to Hades.  That is one of the challenges in Greece is the many names for the same place/ city / village.  Once you know that though, you just pay attention.

Their are various myths and historical ‘philosophies’ of this site…  going back even before Homer’s time…   up to 6- 8000 or more years ago.   Seriously.

The gist is that this site is the entrance to Hades.  Not hell.. but the ‘other side’.. and it is here that souls are guided through on ships crossing waters to the other side.   People could come here to see and talk with their family on the otherside, and would go through quite a process to be prepared for this event, including labyrinths, ….

okay, i’m not going to go into it all here.. because, well, actually, because as I type this there’s a whole bunch of beautiful ships just outside .. and I simply must go see!   Also,  my thoughts on all of this are more of an essay, which I will get to… when I get home… but | will say I could not quit smiling at the Nekromantium…   Do you know how fun it feels at Halloween?  Mystery, humour, and that lovely touch of magic?   ya…. it felt like that kind of smile…

Only a couple of days, and that’s where I’ll be.. home…   with a collection of paintings I’ve done, sketches and a whole new understanding of perspective… in both the drawing medium and the thinking medium (smile)

Athena’s home..

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Sometimes on days like these one must take a moment and say consciously to one’s self:  “I am flying across the Agean in a little tiny plane”   and “I am curled up with Evalee in a hotel in Athens, Greece”   “I am walking the dregs of Athens with my family.  … Cody, watch out for Evalee’s head!”  (She rides in a back pack, and sometimes peeks out the side… buildings so close she could bop her head!)    and “Wow, we are standing on the acropolis in a windstorm … how cool is this?”

The girls at Acropolis

The girls at Acropolis

I am so happy we have this opportunity together! 

And now, I hear it’s my turn to figure out what’s next… so have to find out how to get to an island tomorrow!

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