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On Feb 24, Win a copy of The Awe-Manac: A daily dose of wonder.

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You’re invited to Win a copy of The Awe-Manac!

Just plain fun for the Creative Soul!


Join me here at my blog on February 24,
when Jill Badonsky,
author of The Awe-Manac stops by on her Book Blog Tour.

 Know that I will have some unique questions for Jill in this interview
AND that one person commenting that day will get a free copy of
 “The Awe-manac – A Daily Dose of Wonder.”
by Jill Badonsky. 
Just plain fun for the creative soul.
Aha-phrodisiacs and all!

Remember: Leave a comment on Feb 24th  to be entered to win the Book!

check out Jill’s blog:


“The Awe-Manac. A Daily Dose of Wonder” I get to be in awe of me!

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Hot off the presses, this is THE book for all of us souls wanting to live life creatively, and awefully.  oh, wait. That didn’t come out right!   Must be the influence of this very funny and powerful book.


I am in AWE!  And from the looks of things, I get to be in awe every day of the year.   And I don’t just get to be in awe of Jill Badonsky, her humour and her brilliant ways of inspiring…. the person I get to be in AWE of every day is me.  Imagine that!  A ‘creative’ in awe of herself!  Who would have thought?  And it won’t even feel like work because each day  I will be enchanted by whimsical artworks,  and inspired by aha-phrodisiacs, doses of mirth, and journal juju’s.  I am a life coach and creativity coach.. I’m a darn good judge of books that work.  This is one of the best.  The other best is Jill’s too.


What makes Jill’s books stand out in any crowd is well… everything.   Soooo, to focus on one thing only for the moment , Jill knows we are human.  We have our ups and downs and we lose our glasses, and we make ‘mistakes.’    Jill knows how to guide a process that makes us feel darn good about that. 


Seriously… if you are a person who is connecting with my blogs and my work, you are very likely a person who deserves to give yourself ‘The Awe-Manac’ for Christmas.  Now away you go.. have a look at this hardcover treasure!

Get this.. it's too good not to.

Get this.. it's too good not to.

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