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Being Genie.

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“Being Genie” by Janet L.Whitehead © 2012

I put on hoop earrings. Instantly, I felt like a genie. I want to grant wishes.

And so, inspired by friends on facebook when I commented about feeling like a genie, I played with the concept of sharing my genie-ness.

Which was perfect because I needed something to play with. In the morning, I was rather sad that my weekend plans couldn’t happen, due to low blood counts.  I had to pass on a long awaited opportunity to go the Sechelt Writers Fair with Richard Wagamese and Debra Powell.  I was a bit surprised that my blood counts were that low, but knowing the risk – because I’ve seen first hand how dangerous infection and low blood counts can be by watching my daughter go through several critical situations while she was on chemo – this was not a situation where my optimism and somewhat risk-taking spirit would say, “Oh I’ll go anyway.”    (Low white counts happen during each chemo cycle, and will rebuild on their own by the next cycle, but when low, a person does not have the ability to fight viruses, bacteria or anything that may cause an infection.)

At the time then, I thought “Fine, thenb. How can I make today fun?” (Hmmm, I think the extra ‘b’ came from the way I talk with small sores in my mouth? )  It’s a question I ask often these days. It’s one thing right now that I can usually find an answer to.  Doing even the smallest thing that feels fun, creative, playful  lifts my spirits.  I can’t seem to get to doing my taxes. Or even remembering important appointments. But I can usually  find something, even a little thing, that feels good.

Because my adventurist spirit had also been squashed by not being able to go to Sechelt (I was even hoping for a little paddleboarding on the ocean!) I asked my adventurist self, “what is one thing you could do today that scares you?”

I  soon forgot about the questions, but then I randomly thought, “Wonder what you’d look like with hoop earrings?”  and voila! With this bald head, I actually feel like a genie with those hoops.

Creating the image I’m sharing here was fun for me.  (Image began with a pottery sculpture I made, that also turned into Page 2 of my book, The Demise of Noshud Hafta)

And let me tell ya, it’s scary.  It was scary taking photos of me in my genie-ness. Well, the scary part was looking at the photos. Of course I see myself constantly in the mirror, but a photo? Hadn’t happened.

It was so scary sharing my bald.. I mean.. my genie look on facebook.  I was shaking as I pressed ‘post.’  Seriously.

(Isn’t it delightfully curious how my original questions of the day evolved into being answered by a ‘random’ thought about hoop earrings? It seems questions like to have answers… especially if we get our logical selves out of  the way)

The comments from friends have been so heartwarming!!!  And sharing my genie-ness, has felt soooo freeing.  I even answered the door last night without running to find something to cover my head.  Phew.

In gratitude for all the support and encouragement by so many of you,  (and because it’s what genies do) I decided, wishes are being granted.

Feel free to share a wish.  The whole thing, or a whisper “I have a wish.”

I’m tossing those wishes in my wishpot. Heck, I’ll even toss in wishes in the wishpot that are wishes you want wished for you, that may have been left unsaid.

In they go.. Genie now at work.

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