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Li’l Workbooks – BIG AHA’s

 Find your answers through humour, doodling, storytelling, and seemingly ‘random’ creative exercises.
Janet fondly calls the ever-growing series “When I grow up I want to be a Novel.”
But, perhaps… that’s more about you, than her series of work(play!)books?

Lately, I”ve been thinking of changing the name of the series to:

Oh f*%k, I bought another d*$m book! But wait.. these ones ARE about ME!”

But it would be wrong to swear, wouldn’t it?

Our ‘self -coaching’ workbooks playfully and powerfully guide a process to help you:~ remove limiting beliefs.(the thoughts that stop you!)
~ experience your own “aha” moments.
~ take steps to achieve your goals.
~ stop the ‘hard on yourself’ self talk.

$9.98 could change your life. And we’re not just saying that because it’s a good marketing line. It’s true. We get pretty excited because .. well, the workbooks are pretty unique and they are making people happy.

~ You get to access the ‘right side of your brain’ to reveal answers that often go unheard.

~ Inspiring and just plain FUN activities that empower and enthuse you to move forward.

~ Downloadable e- books 12 – 20 pages.  Just print and play.

For testimonials and to learn more about workbooks and the author, please go here.

“I can’t believe it! I wrote such a great story, a parable to who I am and my purpose, and I didn’t even realize that right awy!”   Nancy, Toronto (more testimonials )


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