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Li’l Workbooks – BIG AHA’s

This collection of workbooks are not online right now.  A complete redo of what I do has happened, and these haven’t gotten their redo yet!
The page is still here, because it reminds me to get to this.
Meanwhile, please feel free to check out for my coaching ‘thinking differently’ site, or for my creative stuff, or for my subscription box service for writers!  ps. I’m very glad you are here. That’s kind of cool.


Find your answers through humour, doodling, storytelling, and seemingly ‘random’ creative exercises.
Janet fondly calls the ever-growing series “When I grow up I want to be a Novel.”
But, perhaps… that’s more about you, than her series of work(play!)books?

Lately, I”ve been thinking of changing the name of the series to:

Oh f*%k, I bought another d*$m book! But wait.. these ones ARE about ME!”

But it would be wrong to swear, wouldn’t it?

Our ‘self -coaching’ workbooks playfully and powerfully guide a process to help you:~ remove limiting beliefs.(the thoughts that stop you!)
~ experience your own “aha” moments.
~ take steps to achieve your goals.
~ stop the ‘hard on yourself’ self talk.

$9.98 could change your life. And we’re not just saying that because it’s a good marketing line. It’s true. We get pretty excited because .. well, the workbooks are pretty unique and they are making people happy.

~ You get to access the ‘right side of your brain’ to reveal answers that often go unheard.

~ Inspiring and just plain FUN activities that empower and enthuse you to move forward.

~ Downloadable e- books 12 – 20 pages.  Just print and play.

For testimonials and to learn more about workbooks and the author, please go here.

“I can’t believe it! I wrote such a great story, a parable to who I am and my purpose, and I didn’t even realize that right awy!”   Nancy, Toronto (more testimonials )


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