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speaking of wee ones

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Einstein is good.  The sign language Einstein for Babies movie is perfect for a 9 month old baby who sleeps over at Nana’s (because her Momma needs some sleep,) and baby is cranky and refusing to sleep.  I can’t help but admire those who created this movie that holds the attention and calms such a little ‘un.  Gave Nana the time to think up the next way to try and help baby sleep!     Ya, I only wrote about that cuz movies seems to be a theme.  But really I just wanted to mention beautiful grandaughter Evalee in this blog… Evalee who charms with her smile.. in the way that ‘charms’ means spreading magic!  Makes even her cranky moments adorable.

And then there’s the beautiful 2 1/2 year old grand niece, Avee…. who makes sure that Auntie Janet gets lots of play time.   And who, like Evalee, creates so much wonder and awe for me. 

Considering my passions… isn’t it wonderful I have these little ones to play with?  Makes me much smarter, I think.

Animal School – Raising small souls

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Apparently the obsession to blog after watching movies continues.   Now here’s a very brief movie you can go watch RIGHT NOW.  Go there if you wonder where your passion and gifts have gone.  Go there if you have a child.  (we all know if you don’t do it now, you’re not going to get back to it later. Yup, it’s the way of the internet)    You can read my intro to this brief thought provoking movie…. or skip to end of post to click on the link.. whatever makes you happy!

My passion for rediscovering our passion triggered the writing of “Did you love aliens? – a first step view into your world of passions and gifts.”  And it’s about going to the first place where we knew this stuff – our childhood.   (work/play book is a free download from my website)

The next step will be to notice what stopped us.  Not to beat anybody or anything up over their being the stop sign.  Just noticing, being aware, will break that hidden barrier.  There’s more about that in our next workbook/ workshop available soon.

Animal School, the movie, presents a perspective on this topic that just can’t be ignored.   An ideal message directed to parents and educators.. BUT ALSO, an ideal movie as you consider your passions and gifts; what they are, where’d they go, how are they showing up in your life now, and how can they now play the key role they are meant to play.

Check this out… maybe you’ll find some answers to “what were my passions and gifts?’ and  ‘where’d they go??

And for parents, this is just simply inspirational and empowering.

Now Off you go!  Scoot.  You don’t even need popcorn, this one is so short!  Heck, the popcorn wouldn’t even be popped before the movie is over!


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There is a chapter called, Whatever, in the novel in progress.  I have come to accept that throwing up my arms and saying “whatever” is what opened the door to the faerie realm.

Thus, making ‘whatever’ not such a bad thing.

And then there’s “whatever makes you happy, dear”  or  there’s ‘whatever” as one stomps out of a room. 

Whatever is a powerful concept on all ends of the spectrum.    How’s it fit into your life?  Are there any Whatevers that have caused you to let go of controlling something and instead allow it?  

Or has it stopped you in your tracks?

Love to hear your feedback on whatever….  (snicker)

Into the Wild

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Yes, ANOTHER movie.  Into the Wild.  I am speechless. This true story hit me on so many levels that I’m still reflecting speechlessly.

But that makes a bit of a dull post.  So, okay, One thought does keep recurring.  I’ll skirt around the actual movie, so as not to reveal the story if you don’t already know it.

If you had a book that was so valuable to you that it is one of the very few things you keep in a journey of freeing self completely from ‘things’… and you read in it that something you had done would result in a great loss….   Would reading that make the great loss become truth?  If you hadn’t read it, would your soul and body react differently and the ‘great loss’ not happen?

Put into our everyday life…  how much of what we see and hear and trust as truth creates our truth? 

About faeries, mishaps and joyful whatevers

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From our other blog:

So, it seems there is a change in bloggoling events on this site.  Yes, at this moment, the faeries are cheering.  “oh, she finally got it!”  they exclaim, making me smile at their perseverence inspite of me!  Little monkeys.   

so, hello, it’s me. Janet.   To the faeries I am known as potter, aka writer, aka painter, aka coach.

The faeries don’t comprehend our compulsion to name each of us individually.  They are okay with using a term for me… because they discovered it was a challenge for me to get it, if they were referring to me and all I could hear was a wee little musical sound that could not be put on paper.  Unless of course, we referred to me as ‘wee little musical sound”  but then we’d have to refer to them as ‘wee odd little musical sound of sorts.”   And that all gets very confusing.  Just to keep things clear then:  they are faeries. or lately they want to be referred to as realm travellers.  And I am potter, writer, painter or coach.  Yup good and clear now.

Long story behind this whole connection with faerie.  And there is a novel in progress.  And YES, FAERIES, I WILL FINISH IT!!    At this moment faeries are sitting at the edge of my desktop, just above the keyboard, swinging their feet, some looking doubtful.. but only for my benefit.  Those are the ones who’ve hung around for awhile and have picked up some human traits, merely for my entertainment, I think.  

The novel… tells the whole story… quite a bizarre story.  I suspect some of the stories may appear here.  Or not.  Who knows?  I trust whatever the faeries are planning.  I know they are happy because tonight through a series of events, I’ve learned that the faeries were only doing this coaching blog to get me playing with them in the written area.  Basically to get me to finish the book.   They are particularly fond of the Chapter on Faerie Sex.  And it is perhaps that one that slowed me down.  But yes, we are getting back to it.

Just for now, I’m sharing a story of the mishaps and joyful whatevers.  When I make a pot, I never know what it will be.  I have so many surprises it’s like Christmas.  There  is a chapter called, Whatever, in the book.  I have come to accept that throwing up my arms and saying “whatever” is what opened the door to the faerie realm.  Brats that they were punching holes in my pots and all.  {“Brats?? she’s calling us brats???} With each strange occurrence in the pottery development, comes a story.  

Never mind, not going into the whole novel here… but this pot.  This one today.  I don’t know if I’m going to get a sense of it’s story.  It’s a tough one.  While in the Kiln, it had a mishap. Little faerie changed locations.   It will get a story, I’m sure, as soon as I sit with faeries to write it.   But here’s the people side of this little pot’s story so far: 


“Look, at this, honey”

“oh it’s beautiful, Mom’   I await the response when she looks closer.

“oh, the faerie is dead!”  she exclaims in a way that says, “oh my, this is the first one ever I am not going to encourage her to put it out for sale!”

“hmm, you don’t think she’s doing a triple reverse 360 around the dandelion?”

“no, mom, she looks dead.”

“but faeries don’t die.”

“mom, she looks like she’s dead but her mom is trying to resurrect her.”

(by now we are in hysterics)

“But she’s smiling!”

“she died with a smile on her face, mom”


…. I’m still laughing. 

Dancing Frocks

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The faeries are playing.  We are building dancing frocks.   Oh, how they love to dance and imagine what they are wearing in the imaginations of people!

Perspepolis…hmmm, writing about another movie!

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Who could have guessed that this blog would be all about movies? Not me.  I’m very curious about this.

Persepolis.  A film festival film presentation. I wonder what people, who have not lived in Iran, think of this brilliant animated account of a young Iranian woman’s life.  I was impacted in a huge way, having lived in Iran just prior to the revolution in the late 70’s. I was drawn right back to a time I so loved, but did not entirely understand.  I spoke very   little farsi, but knew enough not to speak the Shah’s name in public.  (I didn’t know enough not to try to nonchalantly wander my way up a road to his palace one night.  Dumb.  Fortunately though I wasn’t shot. I think they recognized I was innocently stupid.)

I recall the stories I heard, after the revolution, of how my Iranian friends could no longer go to a grocery store without the risk of being killed.  Being safe at home in Canada, it was a hard vision to imagine.  And a part of me justified that the information I was getting might be wrong.  I learned very early on about the miscommunication of media internationally.  Any traveller learns this, when their families are home sick with worry because of an event in the news… an event that, in some cases may be true but appears much worse because of media, or, in many cases,  is entirely inaccurate.

Off on a tangent, now of media.  Long after I left Iran the news reported that an earthquake had wiped out the entire population of Bandar Pahlavi on the Caspian Sea where I had lived. I was devastated. I thought of the milk man, the bread man, the mechanics.. those gentle and kind people who welcomed this strange little Canadian girl, who never wore a shador, and didn’t know better than to smile at all the men.  (Women too, of course, but it was ‘wrong’ of me to smile at men) 

Much later again, an Iranian family showed up at a garage sale I had.  They had recently arrived in Canada. Lo and behold, I learned my little village had never been hit by an earthquake at all.  Who knows how this became the news that it did, but I have a theory: The town had been named after the Shah’s family, then changed when the Pahlavi’s were ousted.  Perhaps some communication denouncing the name of the village hit the news here as an earthquake.  Literally.  Perhaps a translation error, or a propaganda statement about the evils of the Pahlavi’s or… who knows? 

 Now I could go off on a major tangent about “what we believe to be true.” … a powerful topic for a coach.  But for the moment,  just for a moment, think of an issue or ongoing problem or conflict… think of situation that has weighed heavily on you for some time.  What if you look at the origins of this weighty event, and imagine that some part of it isn’t true….some part is only what you ‘believed’ to be true.   What if you HAD to find that part. Like, ummm, if you don’t create an answer, then chocolate, all chocolate, would disappear off the face of the earth.   (funny that I’d choose that… I’m allergic to chocolate.  Probably me just being safe. If you don’t find an answer and all chocolate disappears, I’m okay with that.  snicker)   … so, what would your answer be?

Back to movie:  When you thirst for knowledge and you finally know you are getting the truth, you are like a sponge wanting to absorb it all.  This was me tonight at the movie.  Not just a ‘good’ story.. finally an accurate one.  All in an animated french film with subtitles. A touching story, a historical documentary, a cultural impression… all this in animation.  Brilliant.

Now, I am honestly curious, what do the rest of you think about this movie?  How did it impact you?

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