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Back Here Again!

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Well, haven’t I been rather absent from this blog??  One of the key things of blogging is to keep it updated. hmmm. Failed miserably. Ha! BUT not beating self up… celebrating all the other amazing things that are happening!  I’ve posted a few articles today, and the free workbook.  Please check out my website at for more about what I do.  For the moment, I will simply say, I am doing what I most love, and am helping others to do what they most love.  I am honoured to be a witness to their huge successes!
Now off I go, am planning a trip to Turkey and Greece, then I will go to the lake for an evening waterski. Life is grand.  Time being Nana is a delight too.  “Living the Dream” and you can, too.


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Free workbook by Janet L Whitehead 2008

Free workbook by Janet L Whitehead 2008

“Did you love aliens?


 a first-step view into your world of passions and gifts.” 


 I’m delighted to announce our  downloadable self-coaching adventure! What fun for you!

 (What fun it was for me to create this!) It’s Free!

  This mini workbook will take you to a time and space where you’ll learn what you are doing, and/or can be doing, to bring your unique gifts to the forefront of your life.

 It’s free. It’s fun. It’s a thank you for letting us know you dropped by our website.
  I must tell you, you inspired this. When you so kindly said “keep me informed” about our antics, I thought,  “what resource or treasure can I give these amazing people?”  and voila, “aliens” happened! Thank you!

Go to to download your workbook. (well, ‘playbook’, really) 

© 2008 janet l whitehead 

Our deepest fear…

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Deepest fear….



Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? …Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory… that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Quote by Marianne Williamson – “A Return to Love”


 This, my friends, is a philosophy that is the basis of life coaching at Musings and Mud. Each and every one of us deserves to shine- in the way that is most empowering and fulfilling to our unique self.  I adore coaching… I get to witness people shining brilliantly!   

Give yourself permission to shine! What is one small step you can do this week that makes your eyes twinkle? If you had no choice but to come up with an answer, what would it be?




Crashed on her Butt

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Note: Crashed made these comments in response to the ‘don’t beat yourself up’ article published a couple of posts before this.

Apparently Crashed-on-her-Butt has % d #peoiupdq-81A987 something to say about celebrating:    

 (I know this because she’s dancing on the keys.)


Crashed-on-her-Butt is a most astounding faerie. *

One day, a rather smashed (but not in the drunk way) faerie showed up on a pot.  Later, when the novel began, I learned much more about this unusual faerie – who actually worried about if anyone would like her (having broken her wing and smashed her face and all).  That’s so unlike the other faeries I’ve gotten to know who really have no sense of that kind of worry.

As it turned out, though, Crashed’s wish was to better understand people.  Sometimes we are such a mystery to them.. they wonder why our people world is so harsh.  Squealing train brakes, catching our fingers in doors, worrying about this, stressing over that, going to a job every day and wishing we weren’t.. those sorts of things.

Since wishes do come true, Crash found herself in the people world.  But not in the usual faerie way.  She happened to arrive in a ‘denser’ form.. crashing smack dab in the middle of the pottery table.  Her butt hurt.  It took her three days to figure out how to lift her now heavy little body up off the table… all the while the other faeries were cheering her miraculous accomplishment of ‘nearly being people-like’.  When she did stand up and try to fly to the pottery wheel.. well, it was good fortune that she landed on the dog, who gave her a ride to where she wanted to be. Crashed was not very happy about all this.

{“Crashed, your story is 25 pages long in the book… too long for a newsletter,” I whisper to her as we type this.

 “Okay, okay” she flitters back, “I just want to say something not in the book.” 

“You sure you don’t just want to leave this for the novel?” I ask hopefully. 

And I receive something somewhat like a scowl in return.

 “That’s unfaerie-like” I think to myself.. not that she can’t hear my thoughts anyway. “Okay, what do you want to say?” I ask}

CELEBRATING!!  It  was all of the other faeries celebrating me, and encouraging me to celebrate, that reminded me that my sore butt was really worth celebrating. I had arrived where few faeries ever get to be!  That sore butt was a sure sign. When I remembered that, (because I also discovered that it’s harder to remember things in the people world!) I celebrated my arrival… and my butt wasn’t even sore anymore!”

(“Good point, Crashed” I tell her.

“Thanks,” she answers and then continues qp95[[a erar  to dance on the keys.aera8a;eia;’’a )





Window Shopping

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You are cordially invited to go window shopping!   (hey, that’s kind of funny!)


I’ve opened two online stores with my images.  This is where a person can ‘print on demand’ a variety of unique and fun products with the unique and fun images I get to paint!   From cards to totes to journals to prints to hoodies and t’s…..     the benefits of this store are the journals and totes, maternity and baby wear, and I think it’s a bit cheaper. This one has a longer shipping time.*    this one ships very quickly and has a better selection of clothing (including organic), purses, bags, mugs.. and for each image, a person can choose the t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, purses they prefer. The brilliant thing about this site is that people can make prints of the artwork in varying qualities including very high quality archival prints / framed.  


Hoping you enjoy Window Shopping

Instead of beating yourself up….

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¯¯Summer time¯¯

July already… more than half way through the year. 

«  What have you wished for this year?

«  How close are you to achieving your dreams?

Instead of beating yourself up for not getting everything done that you think you ‘should’ have done,

I invite you to make a list of what you have….

«  recently accomplished,

«  chosen to do or be,

«  enjoyed,

«  gotten through,

«  moved forward on,

«  lifted the spirits of another,

«  AND be sure to include everything that involved playing, moodling, doodling and pondering.

If you are stumped on finding anything you consider worthy of ‘The List’, pretend that you are a good friend of yours.  What would you tell your friend to put on the list?

And then, I invite you to find a way to celebrate those items on the list. 

We generally haven’t been taught to celebrate ourselves… yet celebrating is one of the most empowering coaching and self-coaching techniques.  When you take a moment to really notice the grandness of you – your perspective shifts, your energy shifts, your ‘self sabotaging’ self talk lessens, and you create space in your thoughts for enthusiasm, confidence, and new ideas.

Coaching clients are often stumped when I ask them for the first time,

“How will you celebrate that?”

It doesn’t take long, though, before the celebrations become an integral part of their lives.  The results are simply too effective to ignore.  Celebrations can be as simple as lighting a special candle for oneself, to going for a hike you’ve been ‘meaning’ to get to,  or getting your toenails painted (this is especially fun for the guys.), treating yourself to a movie with buttered popcorn,  or taking a weekend holiday.

One client who always created goodie bags for events,  had a joyous time shopping for a goodie bag of inexpensive treats for herself. 

As you read this, are you feeling completely stumped? Do you have no idea of what you would celebrate or how you would celebrate?  In fact, do you think maybe you’ll just ignore this and skip through to the end to see how ‘she signs this one off’? 

Aw, come on, get a piece of paper and spend five minutes acknowledging you.  And pretend you have no choice but to come up with a celebration.

You’re worth it.  Notice how the ‘not so necessary’ thoughts diminish when you celebrate you.   This simple step  (albeit not always ‘easy’ at first)  nurtures the energy you need to find the ways for your wishes and goals to become a reality. . .  You know, those ones we hoped for 2008, but haven’t quite been able to get to yet. 

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