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This makes me cry…. let’s get the children back to nature.

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The Amaranteen Theory

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For a long long time now, I have chosen my age just before my birthday. My family has been ever so kind to honour the age I choose – wonderful beings that they are.

The fact is, I’ve been doing this for so long now, that if I do need to know my ‘legal age’, I ask my daughters or I have to calculate!

This is not vanity. This is my way of not allowing my own perceptions of age to affect how I live my life.  I started ‘age choosing’ when I noticed in my thoughts that I was questioning how long I would be able to continue to waterski. (a serious passion!)

I had already experienced the power of thought and visualization for improving sport ability and for healing nasty sport injuries. Okay, the truth is the injury repair also had to do with the rebel in me. (I bet there’s quite a few rebels reading this newsletter!)  Three times I was told I would never ski again. I’m grateful for my rebellion ( and the magic of visualizing) because I continue to ski.

And so I applied the same principles – the power of thought – to my thinking about my age. It works like a charm for me, because honestly, even still when I think in terms of ‘age,’ I am surprised at the chaos of limiting beliefs that have been formed in my thoughts.

Ever think you are too old to write a book, hike a mountain, or start a new career?  Then you understand. I seriously can’t have those kind of thoughts in my head. I’d still be back in the corporate world if I’d allowed those to take hold!

A few years back, my dog’s vet was surprised I still skiied and played hard. He said, “So, isn’t it time you started aging gracefully?”   Excuse me? No! I was a baby still in my 40’s! I was inspired to change vets.

To me ‘aging gracefully’ triggered beliefs that would not serve me well. For you, however, it may be an empowering thought.

This passion for understanding how our thoughts – both conscious
and unconcious – affect our choices, our daily lives, our fears,
our aging bodies, our joy, our creativity, our soulfullness,
and then finding the thoughts that work better is why
I became a life coach. We each have our own very unique
set of beliefs and thoughts – including those that empower us, and
those that take our power away. We are fascinating beings…
I adore helping others with that discovery process.

Now about my amaranteenth birthday..
About six years ago I chose 37.5.  But the next year, I realized I needed to add some years for wisdom, so I turned ‘ageless’, then ‘timeless’, then ‘eternal’, then ‘nana age’.  My age comes to me from an “aha” moment, a daughter, or a thesaurus. Today’s choice was via a thesaurus. When I found the word amaranthine, as a synonym to eternal, I leaped in the air!  Amaranthine means:
eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting, and has been used in reference to an unfading imaginary flower.  “Perfect!” I thought, “what a beautiful age to be!”  And so, I am celebrating my amaranteenth birthday tomorrow!

This should keep creaky bones and cranky thoughts about getting older in check.

I am turning amaranteen tomorrow!

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“hmm, how old will I be this year?”, I wondered earlier today.  Six years ago I turned 37.5. Then I decided I needed to add years for wisdom so I turned ageless, then I turned timeless, then I turned eternal, then I turned ‘nana age’, and … well, I really needed to decide tonight because how will family address their cards if they don’t know how old I am!!! (oh, in case you’re wondering, I choose my age)

And phew, I picked it just in the nick of time as tomorrow is the day.  I am turning amaranteen.  Based on the word amaranthine: Eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting.

Picked a good ‘un, now didn’t I?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I’m happy you aren’t a rock… celebrate Mother’s Day

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A day about Mom’s: saying “I love you, Mom,” missing Mom’s, celebrating being Moms, maybe wishing we were Moms. No matter what our circumstance we can’t help but appreciate that the Universe created such a thing… cuz really, without Mom’s, we’d be .. um.. rocks or something. I’m happy you aren’t all rocks. Celebrate!

to witness such brilliance…

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Same paints, same triggers, same canvas, same group…. and then to witness the extreme differences in the results!  Giving people an opportunity to create is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate how unique each individual is.  No one can deny it, when they look around a room at the results.

Same intro, same brainstorming, same triggers, even the same template to tell a story – and the stories that get told are again so very very unique! 

People, we may have been trained to ‘fit in’ and act and think the same … but it’s impossible.  No wonder people find it hard to ‘fit in’.. we are fighting against our natural selves.  Our uniqueness is amazing. Our brilliance is amazing.  It’s time to honour that uniqueness…

And I am so blessed to be facilitating such events and witnessing that brilliance.

“one small creative expression can change your life”  says I.  Go play!

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