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Muse Cruise, Shamans, Rapunzel

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Just a little link to the latest newsletter! 

The world of creative understanding is bursting wide open.  Phew. One of these days, everybody is going to dicover their right brain and left brain can work / play together happily ever after! 

Okay.. we still need some leaders in this evolution… Read on my friends

It’s a bit like a party.. this life thing

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LIfe.  It’s a bit like showing up at a party.  It might not be what you expected, but since you’re there anyway, you might as well make the best of it.

Or you could leave. 

But even if you’re not sure why you’re at the party, you did choose to show up.   Curious, isn’t it?  There’s probably some good reason to hang around. 

So, you could entertain yourself, rather than expect to be entertained…

Like maybe some of the people at the party seem so nasty you’re sure they have devil horns…  you could imagine turning their horns into sprouting daffodils. It may not affect them, but it can make you laugh. 

You could also pretend you are a magnet and see if there are other magnets of kindred polarity that you might gravitate towards.

In a particularly dull moment, you could go clean the kitchen. Like maybe put the dirty dishes in the fridge, wipe the counters, and congratulate yourself for your brilliance.  I highly recommend not using the oven for this purpose.. too often stinky things happen when the oven is turned on because the oven hasn’t otherwise been opened for .. say.. a month.

Yup, imagine it’s your party.. and even tiny silly actions and imaginary moments can lighten it, brighten it, turn devils into daffodils, and get the kitchen cleaned.  Okay, not cleaned in the traditional sense.  BUT that could evolve into something amazing… like someone feeling sorry for your breakdown and washing the dishes.. or… someone opening the fridge and the two of you laughing until you cry…or…  well… who knows what might evolve…but in the moments, you can be having a lot more fun at the party.  And aren’t moments what it’s all about?

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